Genius Medical Diary Keeps Track of All Your Important Medical Info

By ObiGeorge on 8 Feb 2010 09:22 am EST
Genius Medical Diary

I recently came across a very interesting application called Genius Medical Diary by Gurparit Chand. It stood out to me, seeing as I have not really seen an app quite like this before. The app acts as a database for all of your pertinent medical information. It stores such data as name, social security number, blood type, medications, diseases/conditions, immunizations, contact numbers, emergency contacts, and insurance information. With this app, you can store as many medical profiles as you wish, making it great for qucik access to your entire family's medical info. The application also features backup/restore to device, which is nice with any app. Genius Medical Diary is on sale for $1.99 until March 1st for all Blackberrys running OS 4.5+. You can also try their free version BerryMed, however it does lack in features when comparing to Genius Medical Diary, which is to be expected.

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Genius Medical Diary Keeps Track of All Your Important Medical Info


Finally an app that has a backup feature, etc.
I have been using this app since BerryMed was introduced and it is great when the mrs has me take the kids to the drs, etc.

Personally, I don't see a need to have yet another program to store personal information. There is nothing in the description that says I can secure this data with a password. I like limiting how many of apps I store personal information that can be potentially stolen.
I use Ascendo Datavault to store information like this and other sensitive information all in one application (what a novel idea).

enter info that would be too personal.
I use ewallet for SS numbers, etc.
This good for me as to when my kids had their last shots, etc.
I had to fill out my oldest son's paperwork for kindergarten and it would have been nice to have this app last week instead of looking through file folders for when he got his shots, etc.

I have bought MyCart Pro from the same developer and LOVE IT! My G/F and I have 6 kids and this would be a godsend!

have MyCart Pro and love both that app and this one! I only enter the last 4 of the SSN into Genius Medical Diary for security purposes. I have found both apps very useful on more than one occasion...

I have an elderly parent that has a LOT of health issues. Have landed in the E.R. more times than I care to count. I keep a neon wallet card handy, medical problems on front, medications on the back, keep it updated every few months. It has absolutely expedited processing in the E.R.

This would be nice too, in case of an accident for instance (we take her with us on trips). Most EMTs look for ICE #'s in phones now, so if medical info were in the phone as well, I can see how it would be handy in just such an emergency. (And if it's a life threatening emergency, medical personnel are going to look for medical info to treat injuries/save a life before they look for SS#.)

Based on my experiences, I wouldn't even put a social in there. Nor would I password lock it.

If the home screen icon is red medical symbol, all the better to catch a first responder's eye and access info.