GelaSkins Custom Protective Skins for Your Device - 50 To Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2009 09:15 am EST


GelaSkins dropped me an email to let me know that they are offering up 50 free skins for the CrackBerry Nation. Their skins are customizable protection for your device, featuring stunning graphics from artists around the world. The skins offer a totally unique way to customize your device, and offer all-around protection that is easy to install. The skins will provide you will scratch protection and can be cleanly removed when you want to try out a new design. There is a huge line of skins to choose from, and BlackBerry skins even come with a matching wallpaper. GelaSkins also offers custom options for you to promote your brand or to get your design on. The skins range in price, but most devices can be covered for about $14.95. Check out for more info.

Contest: We have 50 $25 GelaSkins Gift Certificates to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest will end this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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GelaSkins Custom Protective Skins for Your Device - 50 To Give Away!



I already dropped my phone once, I need something like this bad! Thanks for the opportunity Crackberry, you are the BEST!

It would b awesome if I won 1!!! I need a new one cuz this one I got dnt work rite, and I gotta have my bb lookin pimpin! Cuz my gf always hatin on my bb sayin android and sk is better! So I gotta beat hers!

I could show everybodey how much of a crackberry addict I really am... It would look great on my storm 2

I am a construction worker who cant seem to find a case that is able to keep my blackberry from getting covered in dust and other stuff. i have a hard case now, but small stuff still gets in it and i have to clean it out daily!!!

I've used other skin products that are impossible to remove or leave a residue in doing so. Hope this is different!

This is a good idea and very unique. I would love a gelskin for my blackberry. I mean it is time for a change.

I'd love to win the GelaSkins contest! I think they are very cool and would love to protect my Storm with one!

Sounds awesome. I would love to try it out.. I change themes and cases all the time and would love to add Gelaskins in the mix... Hook a gurl up.. Thanks Tammy

I do believe one of these would look great on my new BB. Thanks GeleSkins and Crackberry for another excellent contest.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this 9700! It's so much better than my 8310 (THATS RIGHT! I SAID IT!), and I would really be grateful to be considerred for one of these GelaSkins to help protect it.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

So tired of dropping my 8900 and seeing the little gashes and scrapes on it. This site always has the best give-aways. Great job!!

would really really love 2 have one
started to get bored of my BB
and love it to be uniq always so i don't mix it up with someones els:)

This is my first Blackberry. I would like to try on a skin to help protect my phone. I'm usually pretty rough with my phones. A little protection like this could help me out.