Benchmarking made easy for BlackBerry 10 with Geekbench 3

By James Richardson on 6 Feb 2014 05:31 am EST

Benchmarking phones has been all the rage on other operating systems for quite some time. In fact, if you watch many Android unboxing videos then running a benchmark test is all part of the procedure. We already know that the BlackBerry 10 browser kicks butt, but benchmarking takes things a little deeper. 

Geekbench 3 for BlackBerry 10 offers up pretty much the same experience as its Android counterparts. As you will see in the video it's just a case of running the test and the results will be displayed neatly for your analysis.

If you've not come across the term before, benchmarking essentially allows you to measure the performance of your BlackBerry and you'll be given a score at the end. With some Android benchmarking apps you'll also see a list of other phones so you can compare against yours. We don't have that yet here with Geekbench 3 but maybe in the future? 

With the app being available for iOS and Android as well as BlackBerry 10 it's a quick way for you to get together with your buddies and see who's smartphone is giving the best performance. Yes, it's a bit geeky, but if you don't want it - don't download it. 

Geekbench 3 is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download - unlike on other platforms where it costs $0.99. That makes a nice change! 

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Benchmarking made easy for BlackBerry 10 with Geekbench 3


it's not native it's an android port not optimized for blackberry hardware. in that alone it isn't capable of scoring Blackberry devices properly.

For some reason, I can't download it. Just says it's not available for my device. Sprint Q10 running 10.1.

The easiest way to check it's native or not is to check on Application Permission. If you could toggle it on/off the permissions, it's native. If can't it's Android port app.

Also the android ports will ask for permissions before the install is even complete. Native will wait till you actually open the app.

native apps have the 'built for BlackBerry' logo which this app doesn't have. permissions can be added to any port!

Built for BlackBerry is a certification you have to earn, hence all Built For BlackBerry apps are native but not all native apps are Built For BlackBerry.

any developer can earn Built for Blackberry as long as it's not a port! How difficult is it to understand this simple thing!

I'm a dev with three Built for BlackBerry apps, I know how hard it is to get the certification

Via my LE Z10.

You wrong. A native app won't get built for BlackBerry certification if it doesn't make use of the BlackBerry features available to it.

Ports will never get Built for BB

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

Quite possibly.

Optimizations in codes and libraries have a significant impact on performance.

Posted via CB10

Finally a benchmark app. It is great to see new apps everyday that are being added to BlackBerry world. Thanks to crackberry we know when these apps are available

Testing this against older gen BlackBerry 10 devices would be good.

Testing against android devices.. not so sure.

I know mine BlackBerry 10 device is good when you put it up against in built and native apps :)
Everything is better

That was a bit defensive innit: "If you don't want it, don't download it"!

Cool app though. Even if it's not an essential one for me.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Only 796 on Rogers Z10,
= core two core ranking.

Not sure why the author is so negative. Good basic app. Hope dev adds built in comparison.

Be nice not to have to ref a web page, why not have the app pull down the text baseline data or add base data to the app download.

Posted via CB10 didn't say who has the best bench mark? I think some research is needed here. You could do the tests on both the z10 and z30 comparing them to the apple and Samsung. :)

Posted via CB10

Power is not everything on a platform though is it, the quality of the software environment can make a less powerful device perform better.

Windows Phone is a good example being able to run on practically archaic devices.

Posted via CB10


Single core- 466
Multi core- 907

Via CB10 from Scotland while pretty stoned using Z10STL100-2/

I don't understand Geek Bench 3 really.....the scores are LOWER on it than GeekBench 2.....whats up with that?

As hardware improves benchmarking tools become more strict or create more intensive tests to help show a distinction between new generation components and those that came before.

Posted via CB10

The numbers are interesting. If you like your blackberry 10 don't worry about numbers. This program doesn't factor horsepower to weight. Price, keyboard hdmi screen size z10 z30 best OS custom options, fast browser that goes to 99% of all sites. Just glad to have the option to buy BlackBerry phones. Because a world with only apple and android would be my nightmare

Vtecberry Z10

I understand benchmarking a PC which has many different components each with a wide array of options and grades. Hut everyone has the same hardware in these devices. Wha- the point?

Posted via CB10

I really don't see the point in a benchmarking app for mobile phones, there is no where near as much diversity as there is in the personal computer.

If anything benchmarking tools are reserved for those who build or tune their own machines, not to test prebuilt handsets straight from the manufacturer.

Posted via CB10

How's this different from GeekBench 2 besides GeekBench isn't available for Q10SQN100-2/

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Why haven't I been able to down this app and the past one they've been talk about like whine and that dungeons game? It's says they're not available for my device. -_-

Posted via My Awesome Z10

Not sure how this compares to other phones etc. but got a score of: 460/868

Of course, there is no way I would give up my z10 for another phone no matter the score unless it was a z30!

I've been benchmarking electronic stuff ever since things with microprocessors started coming into my house. It certainly has its uses at the hardware level but the fact is many people use them incorrectly when comparing things. You should certainly never buy a phone based on benchmarks.

James, you might update the article to mention that 10.2 seems to be required. I'm on from T-Mo US and get "not available for this device"

I wish all app entries in App World would state the minimum OS version that's required. Same with reviews.

Posted via CB10

This is a complete waste of time. It's how my z30 performs while doing what I ask it to do. Not some bench score. I compare my level of frustration with my z30 with others on their devices. Guess what, I have none. I know android users that just want to throw their phones. Iphones, well seeing them all huddled around power outlets says it all. Or holding the little tiny device at arms length because they can't read the

Posted via CB10

I got 369 single core. 677 dual core on my Z10STL100-1/

That's a lower than everyone of you. Why's that?

Posted via CB10

My stl100-1 with 10.2.1 has similar numbers. Seems non-LTE Z10 version is less powerful than its LTE counterparts.

Posted via CB10

Everyone's numbers are correct for Z10 and Z30. The highest numbers of all phones I have are in a iPhone 5S 1750/2900. LG G2 next then note 3.

This Geekbenching thing is starting to look like an untenable mess. What's the value of these benchmarks if they're not measuring user satisfaction?

Interesting, what made the author think that the Z30 would beat the iphone in multicore? Does it have more cores? No. Are the cores better? No. Now benchmarks suddenly don't matter. But if it had beaten it just by a single point, the headline would be "Z30 SMASHES IPHONE!!!!" and the fanboys would be shouting "TAKE THAT APPLE!" at the top of their lungs. Good thing this was the iphone 5 with A6, not the A7, then it would have been a massacre and the painful truth that the Z30 had outdated hardware when it came out would be even more obvious. Still benchmarks don't matter, as long as blackberry is not winning, right?

Weird.....where does the author say anything about test results and how they compare with other platforms? It's not there...and enough of this whining about "last year's specs"......OMG....come up with something original..

Posted via CB10

You are right, it's now "2 year old specs", we are 2014 already. And if you watched the video, which you apparently didn't, the author said he expected the z30 to beat the iphone, when he an the test on all 3 phones next to each other. So yeah, it's there.

Yep, sure is. My bad....I didn't realize there was a video...that's what I get for popping off. I apologize. Anyway I'm not sure one can get a good cross platform comparison with something like this anyway. Unless one knows how to decipher the wealth of information given. My understanding is that optimization is better than an all out spec race. Which Apple seems to do the best with how they run their architecture, but I'm no expert. All I know is that the Z30 is virtually the same, specs wise, as the Droid Maxx/ Ultra and have comparable results if you check out the GeekBench me, I would not expect the Z30 to be at the top of the charts in this type of comparison with quad core devices. To me, what is the point of "bigger and better" specs if real world performance is virtually the same?

Posted via CB10

The droid max is not exactly a speed demon either, and the Z30 lacks in single core performance as well. Sure, benchmarks are not that important, but that doesn't change the fact that if it beat the iphone, even the 5 and not 5S, it would have been a breaking news with blackberry fanboys jumping for joy. When the Z30 costs the same as a galaxy S4, which is a generation ahead in terms of cup, display and so on, it is no wonder it's not selling well. It's definitely not the only reason, but it is a reason nonetheless.

Yay! Let's download this app to see how slow our BB10s are in comparison to iPhone 5S and top Android phones! I already chucked my brick Z30 into the Don River.

BB please. It's 2014, not 2004.