Gear up your BlackBerry for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2013 01:33 pm EDT

The BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes AMG Petronas team will be hitting the pavement in Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. I've never been a big fan of F1 before, but of course now that BlackBerry is sponsoring a team, how could I avoid it?

Also, the Monaco Grand Prix will be the first time an F1 race is broadcast live on network TV here in the US (NBC).

I'll be up bright and early on Sunday morning at 7:30a EDT to take in all the action. I've honestly never watched a live F1 race before so I'm sure it will be a great experience. Planning a bit ahead, I've already started loading up my devices with F1 goodies. 

First off, I obviously went for the F1 2013 Timing App CP. I know it rings in a bit high at $29.99, but from what I've heard if I want to be a real F1 fan then this app is where it's at. It gives real-time track positioning, live leader boards, live timing data and much more. So far it looks like money well spent. 

If you're not ready to drop $30 on an app, the free version provides some basic data that will keep casual fans happy as well. Though no live stuff to be obsessed with. 

F1 Connect 2013 is also a great app for keeping up on the latest F1 news. It packs a lot of info in a small package and for just $0.99 it's a great buy.

Also if you're a Twitter user, you can also follow both @BlackBerry and @MercedesAMGF1 for updates all weekend long. 

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Gear up your BlackBerry for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix


Wow on nbc that's a first. Since speed channel is gone now hopefully nbc will keep showing it. In Canada we also have tsn good to have a new channel on hand.
Go Vettel go, sorry have to stay with my German buddy.

Posted via CB10

F1 Live 24 is definitely the best of the free F1 apps for BlackBerry 10, was worth a mention in this article for sure.

Good to see Mercedes putting some strong results together so far this season, love seeing the BlackBerry logos adorning the car. Hoping for a first BB branded win this weekend :)

Enjoy the race guys!

Posted via CB10

Of course, waiting for Sunday makes you late to the party. Practice sessions 1 and 2 already in the books from yesterday, Practice 3 and Qualifying Saturday, then race on Sunday. So far, BB cars are 1st and 2nd for lap times. Let's hope the race ends up similarly!

Not the first time they have been in the first row this season. This race is going to be won in the pits. The infernal Pirelli tyres have perform well for Mercedes in qualification but have failed to yield them podium positions in the race.

I have followed F1 for years and it had gone quite stale.... in the past 3 years with a few changes, it is now a real spectacle each race and it is much more interesting than before... you will love Monaco! European Opulence at its best!!!

Posted via CB10

OH THE HUMANITY. The first F1 race to be broadcast on network TV is Monaco. Yes it has all the glitz and glam but the RACE SUCKS. The track is outdated and there are zero overtaking opportunities.

So, BlackBerry fans, if this is your first taste of F1 here are two tips.

1. Watch qualifying Saturday morning. That will be more interesting than the race itself.

2. Give F1 another shot. Monaco isn't representative of F1 racing.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, been watching F1 for years and Monaco is not most exciting as overtaking is almost impossible, but will still have some special moments. But still F1 is one of the best sports to watch but only if you pick a driver and support. Go Mercedes and BB.

Posted via CB10

Nah man ... Monaco is a drivers race! If you've seen the last 2 generations of race drivers you'd know that ... seeing Prost & Senna overtake and battle was absolute harmony; along with the magnificent angered crashes ;) . There are some spots where drivers can overtake but I wonder if the skill level has dropped with the advances of technology.

Speaking of F1 technology, I cannot remember the year ... or the right track (maybe Spa Francochamps/Hockenheim ?) but for several laps on Speed/TSN they highlighted 2 drivers ... 1 having the last manual shift gear box and another (not in a low ranking team/car btw) racing out of corners side by side and seeing just as amazingly quick and skilled a real driver with manual shfting could be ... only to be beaten in each straight after 3rd gear ... seeing the acceleration increase by the driver with sequential auto gear box.

There are other advancements or even rules that change F1 racing competitiveness over the years ... but I've always loved watching Monaco. There is just something about that seaside semi open tunnel accentuating the massively addicting crescendo of engine roar ... gives me the chills :D

Agree with supafly! It's a drivers race... only skilled drivers are able to overtake: if they succeed, it looks spectacular... if not, they'll crash... in any case, the show is ready!

Posted via CB10

This weekend is the premier F1 race of the year IMHO . Go Mercedes! Go Lewis! And Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers

F1 Live 24 app is fantastic. You can switch the update sound off in Notifications.....unless your font is too large for the slider to be visible!! :D

Posted via CB10

I'm a bit annoyed with F1Live 24 waking me up as well. Should be able to turn that off. A notification in the HUB is enough. If Mercedes can repeat their qualifying successes there is a chance for a win but who knows with these tires.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the tip on switching the sound off. Didn't know about this area in Notifications. You learn something new about the Z10 every week it seems

Posted via CB10

Coming to Montreal real soon,I might try and get a picture with Hamilton on fan appreciation day, then submit it to Cb community,I guess I won't need a waiver from him.HA HA.If any of you are around MONTREAL you should definetly make the trip.Cresent street is the place to be and don't miss out on, PEEL St., with all the Ferraries,come on down!!How do you spell ferraries?

I love formula one racing!!! What a bonus blackberry is a sponsor! Lets go Lewis and Nico!!

Bring home the first win!!

Watched the Monaco gp on ABC wide world of sports in 81. Gilles villeneuve won that race with the god awful handling 126ck. Ferrari

That was an impressive drive

Posted via CB10

Huge F1 fan since I was in diapers. Even better now that BlackBerry is involved. For you first timers, enjoy the atmosphere and vibes of Monaco, but understand that the nature of the track does not lend itself to passing. It's a throwback to the start of F1 steeped in tradition, a huge challenge for drivers and 1 of the 3 crown jewels of motorsport. Can't wait!

Used to watch live F1 at all hours of the night, back when Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, and so many old favorites were racing. I also use F1 Live 24, as mentioned above.

Use F1 Live 24. FIA App too rich for my blood.
Listen to BBC 5 Live Extra for practice. Great commentary. Too bad it goes to 5 Live for qualy and race which the Beeb won't allow us to listen to outside of the UK.
On my way to Montreal in 2 weeks. Sitting at hairpin. Best photo ops and passing. The cars have to be seen and heard to get full appreciation.
If I were in the USA I would be making plans for Austin. Fabulous course.
McLaren and Hamilton fan. Hopefully one will make me happy!

Posted via CB10

Considering Austin for my first ever F1 race in person, maybe this year, or maybe next. Have a friend whose son races AMA (tier 2z whatever it's called) so he knows all the tracks and does the motor home on the infield thing, or in Austin's case, RV row.

F1 Live24 FTW!

Posted via CB10

I'm pretty sure F1 has been on network TV back when it was on speed.. they showed a few races on the Fox network

From zeTEN

Don't forget to watch qualifying Saturday morning. That's very exciting! Check your local listings

Posted via CB10

I don't have a Z10 or Q10 so anyone know of any F1 apps for the 9900 please?

Also, Monaco GP makes me fall asleep, seriously! I always record it and then watch what I missed later. It just seems to go on for too long for me. And if NBC are going to continue to show the races live then do watch more as there are much better tracks than this street circuit. Enjoy though.

The Texas track is awesome. Been to Albert Park 5 times and I'd kill to watch that in person.

Posted via CB10

Hi Adam,

I am happy that you are going to watch F1, but I want to warn you that this race, while glitzy and fun and full of celebs, is not the best race to watch. We have been blessed with a great few seasons of late but Monaco has always been a slight let down. This is for two reasons, 1 it is an old narrow street track that doesn't leave much room for overtaking 2 it is early in the season and people know you win this race on Saturday during qualifying due to the difficulty of passing. So the teams not well placed wont push.

Take in the sights this weekend and watch the Montreal race for the excitement.

It is really hard for me to believe that this will be the first time that a F! race will have a live broadcast in the US. Thats crazy man!!

watch live here free>>
Just copy n paste>>>

watch live here free>>
Just copy n paste>>>