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Free gas up for grabs with the latest update to GasBuddy for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Jan 2014 01:02 pm EST

GasBuddy for BlackBerry 10 has been updated to version 4.7 and to celebrate, the company are giving away free gas every day for the rest of the year! Of course this isn't for everyone - you'll need to enter a prize draw but someone has to win. 

In addition, there are a bunch of improvements to make life easier for you when using the app. If you've missed our previous coverage of GadBuddy the app is essentially community based to ensure you have the ability to seek out the cheapest gas around. You find cheap prices - you upload the info to the app - simple. 

GasBuddy is another app that has regional availability I'm afraid - As the word 'gas' is used I presume it is North America only. I would love to see this one rolled out to other parts of the world. I'd use it for sure. 

New features in version 4.7:

  • Daily Prize Draws: We are proud to announce that we will be giving away $100 of FREE gas every single day in 2014. To enter the prize draw, earn points by reporting gas prices near you, then visit the prizes tab and tap the "Enter Prize Draw" button.
  • Edit Stations: Users are now able to suggest edits for any gas station in GasBuddy. Let us know what fuels, features and details that a station has to help us improve our data and everyone's experience.
  • Advanced Search: You are no longer limited to searching by location, city & state or zip. Our new advanced search allows you to search by city, state, zip, county, street, airport, stadium and almost any other point of interest that you can think of.
  • Upload Station Photos: Users can now upload station photos from within station details. You'll find "Upload Photo" in the overflow(more) menu at the bottom right.
  • New Station Photos Page: The new station photos page loads faster and has a similar feel to that of BlackBerry World.
  • GasBuddy Blog: We have included a new tab called "Blog" which contains news, insight and analysis from our expert petroleum industry analysts.
  • Optimizations: Improved tap logic to ensure fewer erroneous taps and clicks, the list scrolling is smoother, pull to refresh is improved, images load faster.
  • User Interface: We've touched up a number of images, colors and fonts throughout the app to provide a more consistent BlackBerry 10 feel and look.
  • Settings: New sections have been added including Permissions, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous small bug fixes as reported by users and beta testers

More information/Download GasBuddy for BlackBerry 10


Anthony Roberts5

Nice one I love this app :)


Great news! Haven't tried the update yet but hope it's now easier to report if a station doesn't exist anymore. Sounds like

Posted via CB10


Lol..."PetrolBuddy" sounds a bit daft. :-P

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...



Posted via CB10


That is a good one, some one should market that

Posted via CB10


I checked this app out its pretty accurate and if you submit information you can get gas!

Posted via CB10



If you submit information, you can then "enter a draw for a CHANCE to win 100$ worth of gas"

But that was covered in the article.



use this app at least once a day, nice to see a good update like this and also some incentive! prices here around Toronto are insane!

jojo beaconsfield

Try $1.39 in Montreal and that's regular ,add another dime for high test. this app is excellent,had it and never used it.I buy my gas on the Res.It's legal and I save Money.They should sell gas much cheaper in Canada!!


ok so maybe Toronto doesn't so bad lol We are about $1.25 at most stations. Closest res for me is about 120km away, so so not worth my time, since I'll spend more in gas driving to get a savings than I would getting it where I live (outside of the GTA)

The Me

How much is gas there? Aproximately

Posted via CB10

The Me

Approximately * my bad

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Well in Mtl.it was $1.49 for medium at the Shell,but they are always more expensive,Air Miles,I paid $1.35 on the RES.65L X 14 cents,I saved $9 bucks and change.

jojo beaconsfield

One thing ,when the Mercier Bridge falls down I won't be able to get there anymore,HAHA,not to mention the Champaing Bridge.


3.89 over here in Stockton, CA

She says I'm always on my phone...

jojo beaconsfield

that's a gallon,we're talking Liters here,LOL


Oh ok! I was like what the hell are they crying about!? LOL!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

jojo beaconsfield

WE should be crying,it works out to,$5.63 per gallon of high grade.*_*


Haha what the hell? :p

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


This app works great, I use it regularly

Posted via CB10


I've been using 4.7.1 since weeks. How old is this news?

Posted via CB10


Love this app. I use it always when it's time to fill up.


Wonderful marketing idea. :)

8310 >> 9800 >> Z10 (Forever BlackBerry)

Mr Donut

Does it list non-ethanol stations yet?

Posted via CB10


Nope but should be easy to implement with the EDIT features

Posted via CB10

Mr Donut

Maybe I'll try it out again then.

Posted via CB10


One of two apps I rated as five stars. This app saves you money.

BB Proud


Decent app, but at least on Android it asks for some scary permissions: phone calls, storage, system tools...yikes. Compare that to Gas Guru, a competitor app, which just asks for network access and location (but is a PITA to work with.)


To all you people who think there is a difference in octane level. Think again. There isn’t three trucks that go to your station to fill the in ground tanks.

There is only one truck. :)

Posted Via Z10


And that truck has multiple compartments in it.

It is how a small town station can get both diesel and gas from a single trailer.

As for octane, there are multiple levels. Try some research without your tin-foil hat on.

(and no, chances are you do not need premium, if you drove a car that needed it, you wouldn't use GasBuddy app at all, you wouldn't even look @the price -at all)


jojo beaconsfield

There's a dirty little secret about gas at the stations,most of the time Medium is High octane because the refineries only produce 2 types of gas,Low and high,so when they sell medium it cannot be low grade as this would be cheating the consumer ,so they sell you High at the Medium price and they are covered,I drive a Lexus and have always used Medium and have never had any problems with that grade,99% of the time it is Super octane.


One of my first jobs was pumping gas (fudge, I just aged myself!)

Our station would get premium, and reg delivered. The driver would put both into the mid tank mixing 1:1

Speaking of dirty little secret, no one would buy mid -well, almost no one. The mid tank was the oldest, most stale fuel on the lot. Sure, we tested the tank for water every time we dipped the tank, but it was ancient fuel. That tank would only get topped off about every 3 months -it sold so little.

So, if your car needs premium, buy it. (check owner manual, it will say to use 91+ octane). And if you drive a car that needed premium, you wouldn't need GasBuddy, or care about price per L or Gallon -at all. Unless you're all flash, and lack the $ to back it up.



Haven't seen the update yet, great app, saves me money.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.


You're only about two weeks too late telling people about this update, lol.

Posted Via Z10


They should call it

Or even.
EthanolEnemy :)


You do realise this app updated January 9th right? You're quite slow. Lol

Posted via CB10


Love it! Works well.

Posted via CB10


I use it every now and then when I'm at unknown locations, it comes in pretty handy

Posted via CB10


This is a great app and I use it whenever I can! Very useful!


I love this app, it really helped me out when I was looking for gas stations on areas I didn't know very well, unfortunately their draws are not available on the province of Quebec, anyways, it's not their fault but I will keep using it and reporting gas prices, especially because the app is certified "built for BlackBerry"

jojo beaconsfield

LOL,I can get prices for Quebec,I just can't understand Quebec,Haha.


I like GasBuddy.

Sent from my white hot Z10 Rocking Leaked 10.2


I use the app often when i drive across the country. It helps to find gas stations in northern Ontario. I find gas is usually the cheapest at Costco when available.

Posted via CB10


I use this app all the time. I have 3 gas stations right near my house so I submit a lot of current prices. $100 of free gas would be sweet.

Posted via the incredible BlackBerry Z10