Gary Krakow on the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2008 01:22 pm EDT

Remember our pal Gary "the-BlackBerry-Trackball-Hater" Krakow? Turns out despite the trackball bashing RIM invited him down to that BlackBerry Storm Press Event held on October 1st in NYC. I just came across this video now, so figured I'd toss it up for your viewing pleasure. You can post your reactions in the comments (and YES he says it has WiFi and NO it does not).

I actually stumbled onto the video yesterday when browsing the homepage over at (from time to time I do actually open up other BB sites in another tab!). And I wouldn't be doing my job of reporting to the BlackBerry World if I didn't make mention of the contest they just launched. They have a whack load of prizes up for grabs - grand prize draw is for a new Bold or Storm, and after that they have 1000 $100 prize bundles to be won. Visit and refer a friend to purchase a new BlackBerry. If they purchase via the referral form, you both will receive a $100 prize bundle and be entered into the grand prize draw. You can check out the site for full details.

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Reader comments

Gary Krakow on the BlackBerry Storm


Yea i heard wifi too, i don't think he was thinking when he was talking, he just listed a bunch of features

That was a very positive review...but that guys voice is just horrible. He also doesn't seem to know too much about Blackberries in general. "The famous Blackberry two-letters-on-one-key keyboard." Why? Why did this guy get to play with a Storm and not me?

Gary Krakow is's senior technology correspondent. I've lost all respect for The Street when this moron is their senior technology correspondent. This guy knows less about cell phones & technology in general than my dead grandmother. Even she knew about SureType.

Look through Gary Krakow's reviews on everything and you will be amazed at his lack of understanding. He reads from marketing literature and takes really bad notes (thus thinking this has wi-fi).

Even Walt Mossberg (WSJ) does rings around Gary Krakow when it comes to technology knowledge. And Walt isn't the pinnacle of technology correspondents. should fire Gary Krakow and replace him with a monkey. They'll get the same quality of tech reporting and people would actually tune in to see what the monkey will do with the device.

Kevin you need to get us some solid answers about the Storm. We all want to know - :P

They need to get people that know about BB to use the Storm. I will gladly do that for them - :P

Somewhere in a main CB post Kevin said WiFi on the 9500. Don't know if he's retracted that. :) But I agree this guy need a lesson in BBs. (remember how many scroll wheel versions were in the box of "bad trackball" berries?) Anyway, he obviously likes it which is a step in the right direction...

Posting this from my Bold! Sweeet!!

Will get some handson time next week at developer conference. Will report back with my opinions.

Yeah - geez you guys read this site too fast. Did have that posted (wifi on 9500) briefly on a main post but quickly retracted. Got some wires crossed - source was talking Storm 2 already. No wifi on 9500.

I'm not really a fan of that guy, but did he say Wi-Fi? Can't trust a guy who does not use the "word" Suretype...

This was a loathsome video to watch. It left me despairing. How do you not know what Sure Type is? Looks like he didn't do his research!

He listed wi-fi as a feature in this video. Im assuming it was just a mistake on his part since every other source says no wifi. Although I would be extremely happy if by some miracle is was wifi since i have no service in my house.

I spoke with a Verizon Wireless store manager yesterday and he told me the Storm will hit stores on November 9, 2008, and November 10th for stores that aren't open on Sundays. Hope this is good news for everyone.

He made the comment that it has Wi-Fi? I dont think it does. Also, I could not tell if the docking station is included. I hope so, but if not, I gotta have one of those too!

What makes this douche nozzle so special that he gets to play with cool stuff while we have to wait months, stewing in our own gadget geekdom. Besides, it sound like he just had to finish off a half bottle of cheap scotch before the voice over.

I also received confirmation from a Verizon Rep that I know that the Storm will be released on November 11th. She said she had it in stock but couldnt show it to me :( haha. Said the screen is very responsive and the browser was wonderful. (hope she knows what she's talking about :P)

I was also told that if it did not hit on the 9th, it would be there the next day or two. Seems pretty consistent with what i have been seeing.

Is the 9th the official release date yet? It's been seeming pretty official too me. Of course, they could always delay it a week or two if they needed to work on kinks but still wanted it out in time for thanksgiving.

Do not use the Pinstack promotion unless you are familiar with the purchase process. Unless I am completely missing something (which I highly doubt), they employ a bait and switch process. In sum, the phone is listed at one price (e.g., "FREE"), but is actually much much more (e.g., $109.00). There is no explanation for the price increase, and the price increase does not reveal itself until the last step.

I've tried various combinations of plans and the price is listed as "FREE" but jumps up to over $100 at the payment step. If it requires some reading of some fine print somewhere, then that is also scammy.