Gary Klassen, Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger gives a BlackBerry 10 keyboard and flow demo

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2012 06:16 pm EDT

Yes, we already saw one BlackBerry 10 keyboard video today but this one is special. The folks over at Engadget got to sit down with RIM's principal architect, Gary Klassen for a quick video demo of the keyboard in action. As some CrackBerry readers certainly already know, Gary Klassen is the inventor of BlackBerry Messenger so it's interesting to see someone there from the start going through and showing us the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones.

All in all, you get a good look at the keyboard but there is more than that happening here. Gary shows off plenty of the BlackBerry flow experience, while sharing the details of how app screen "widgets" are actually minimized running apps similar to how the BlackBerry PlayBook minimizes them on screen.

Also noted in the video, something that hasn't been clarified in the past, being, that you can indeed have more than four apps end up there. You just have to slide down in order to view any others that may be running in the background.

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Gary Klassen, Inventor of BlackBerry Messenger gives a BlackBerry 10 keyboard and flow demo


So, the biggest takeaway on that is that if you have more than 4 running apps you scroll up and down to get to them. Interesting.

I think demo'ing the keyboard and other features of BB10 is a huge mistake. These are beta devices; there will be hiccups and glitches. These poor demo's with poor presenters don't do anything good for the new BB10. When you look at how bad RIM's reputation is these days, they don't need any more negative publicity.

Put the sheets over BB10. Come out with some great commercials that "hint" at the exciting new features. Make us want it and yearn for it. Market it properly. Get us excited. Release a truly polished and finished product and surprise me with all it's incredible features and Apps on launch day.

What's interesting is that if you look carefully, everytime he does a "peak" the time changes 4:46pm and when he releases it does back to 13:37. strange really

the 13:37 is a joke by rim's nerd coders. It's supposed to spell "leet", an internet/gaming abbreviation for "elite".

As for the time change, it looks to me like the demo's that are shown seem to be almost like a "demo app" that's being run on their personal devices, whenever they wanna show it to the media. Almost like a miniature version of bb10 that has all the UI gestures.....that's why when he peaks at messages, it shows his actual homescreen, and the time changes for a brief second.

The thing about miniversion of bb10 and demo apps I agree with. I think the keyboard, flow, guestures is the only thing we're aloud to see.

Given RIM's inability to deliver more than a handful of something so simple as the PlayBook keyboard, one wonders if they will actually deliver any BB 10 devices at all. My guess is that they will not. I can think of nothing they would do differently if they were *trying* to go out of business.


Then why are you here then if only to troll around and be a general douche?

Please, let the door hit you on the way out.


Iphone5 is coming out in fall, so is Windows Phone 8. BB10 is really cool but RIM needs to come up with a specific date instead of coming soon. I wish we can have BB10 before september to stall the sales of competition.

For a guy who's being interviewed by a tech site that has slammed the company he works for incessantly, almost at times gleefully, I think he handled himself exceptionally.

The Engadget guy's tone was very irritating and almost condescending.

If it were me, and I could immaturely do what I want without repercussion, I'd have at him and verbally dress him down and his site for the trash they call tech journalism.

How did I miss the bottom-right gesture to peek? Well, that make sense now. These videos don't make the wait any easier!

I have this vertigo-like feeling. Why do we keep seeing the exact same features over and over again. The exact same email with the exact same attachment. The empty screen with text and no context of what app it is. Maybe it's just a pessimist reflex and everything else needs more polish before going public.

I wonder about the "peeking" feature. It looks nice, will it actually be useful? Can I pull the screen to peek and see that I have a new BBM, and with my other hand press that icon while I'm "peeking"?

We have 4 months before we should see a public release of BB10. Between July to October, it would be great if RIM revealed specific new features of the phone. Gives us enough time to get excited, get people familiar with such feature and move on to the next great thing coming in the OS.

I'd have to disagree; it seems these teasers seem to be piquing enough interest and when it comes to RIM, they have a tendency to reveal too much too quickly. So I like that they're playing it cool, if they haven't gotten much progress done then they buy themselves more time to work out the kinks before launch in the fall. If they release more info and it's underwhelming from what people are expecting from them at this point, then they're fighting more negative headlines.

I agree, sometimes i feel like im just watching a video on the dev alpha, with all these teasers with the same features been shown

Um. This device is a DEV ALPHA. Pretty sure that has been clarified several dozen times. If BB10 is to be released later this year I don't want to see any more teaser commercials right now because people will still complain they're not seeing enough. If you can't get excited with this device one month before launch, when we really start seeing commercials, I don't think you'll be excited at all.

How about we just let the developers create apps and all that for the phone before we go asking RIM to put out teasers? Have patience. We have waited a long time for this device. What's a couple more months? I'd rather see a complete roll-out rather than tidbits.

I should add that all this time between now and launch date is also to get sales people well versed enough to explain things about the phone. Call centre CSA's need training. Devices need to be manufactured and shipped. The list goes on and on. It just takes time...

"I wonder about the "peeking" feature. It looks nice, will it actually be useful? Can I pull the screen to peek and see that I have a new BBM, and with my other hand press that icon while I'm "peeking"?"

no, because you can use that same thumb to swipe into your unified inbox and see the bbm message. You other hand can go on doing whatever it was doing before.

one handed ease of use. its a wonderful thing.

That's one of those things that most users will hear and go, "big deal, I can use my IPhone/Galaxy/Lumia one-handed all the time", so it might be a hard point to bring to market.

However, I believe this is truly a huge design benefit; even the tricky keyboard facilitates one-handed operation. I'll admit I wonder, though, if lefties will have as easy as time with it.

That was painful to watch. Klassen had to be spoonfed questions just to get him talking and his keyboarding skill are limited to one thumb.

im scared.... what they have been showing repetitively lately is always the same.... a very incomplete OS. Good for them if they play with their cards close to their chests, but I havent seen these features running on a full OS. Havent seen cascades on a device either.

these are fragments of an OS that might prove difficult to combine on time. heck, QNX got email 2 months ago...

You're scared because apparently you don't know what you are looking at or understand the tech business. Nothing about this video indicates an "incomplete OS". RIM is a for-profit company so why in the world would they leak out everything about their cornerstone product MONTHS in advance? Especially in the tech world? They are showing what they are allowed to show, at this early juncture, in JUNE.

Also, let me open your eyes tell you what you see with the "peeking" IS Cascades at work.

Wow; and I thought the "dynamic duo" were utterly horrible in interviews but this guy makes those two incredible by comparison.

I'm sorry, but that was a dreadful interview and certainly didn't do anything to generate excitement: it sounded painful, boring, laborious, with just a hint of reluctance on the part of Gary to even be speaking about it.

I disagree with you entirely. This was short and simple straight to the point. Who needs a hailstorm of redundant information? This was far more smack down to the point compared to any other BB10 keyboard/interface interviews.

Its nice to see it in action but i definitely want to see more. And i really dont like looking at those repetitive placeholder app icons haha

Who cares if the guy doesn't interview well. Are people seriously questioning why this is all we have seen? Its a demo software. Ir they releaased the actual finished OS to the devs it would be leaked with in minutes, and how on earth would that help anyone? Everyone just needs to relax. We know at the very least we won't see bb10 until october and maybe later so.

As for the demo, I liked this video because even if it is a demo of the OS, it shows just how smooth it is. I do wonder if when you are in an app and "peek" at notifications, can you touch the bbm symbol from there or is it just to literally take a peek and then you have to minimize the app. I like the main page of the apps running in the backround like widgets very much the way the playbook does now. True multitasking in a device is going to be wicked awesome.

I am definitey looking forward to seeing more but I also have the patience to wait and not get annoyed with RIM for showing the same demo. When a band tours, they play the same set every night, well blackberry jam is a tour and they are playig the same set... Unfortunately people keep posting videos that we have already seen.

Be patient people, I truly believe it will be worth the wait, but just be patient and relax

When you are running other app, you peek and see you have bbm then you keep sliding the thumb up to top left and the messages app opens up, or you slide it back to bottom right to remain in your current app.

I'm happy to hear that we will almost definitely be able to see beyond the four most recent running apps. So far so good to me. Keep it up RIM, I've been feeling the excitement grow slowly, but surely.

Was Klassen even the guy holding the dev device while typing? You hear when he minimized the keyboard "bring it up" or something, like he shouldn't have minimized it.

Either way, ui looks great.

If Adam, Kevin, or Gary (from BBM) reads this, my question is as follows:

So "peeking" is great, but swiping a message to the right will essentially "close" it from my eyes, but does that mean that the message is closed, and then next time you swipe left (to open messages) from the home screen, you will see the inbox full of messages, or that message you were just looking at. In other words, today's bb's have clear and end. If you clear, you close, if you end, the app is still running in the background. If I hit clear out of a message, and then clear out of message box, the next time i open messages, i will see my full inbox -- but if I leave that message open and hit end, I will click messages and end up back at that open message the next time i click messages.

God, that was the worst paragraph I've ever written, but I wanted to ask my question before I forgot it.

(not that I want a full touchscreen, but I would be interested in a 9930-like phone with BB10)

The peak is cool and I'm probably going to get a BB10 phone unless some kind of bomb happens but I have to say that now with OS7 I can see the latest email subjects, upcoming calendar events, BBM messages etc. with a touch of the middle ribbon. It gives more data than the peak.!!!!!!!!!!! The presentation on this video is wrong... Its a one hand swiping... And you guys are holding it wrong. It should be on your right hand.... Geezz... Hahaha...

Everything they've shown makes me think this is just a small teaser tossed together and not the actual current OS. The clock is always 13:37 except for when peeking, we always see the same emails and pdfs, the emails never become "read", the same 4 open apps are there, and there's the same 4 repeated application icons we've been seeing for a while now. That, combined with the zero lag or slowdown that is currently experienced on the Blackberry Playbook (the difference in quality between the messaging app on the Playbook and on this demo for example) is making me worried they don't have anything beyond this demo they concocted. Kinda worrying. I guess in due time we'll see.

Some one tell that endangered or engadget or what ever guy that's not peaking, it's FLOW, BLACKBERRY FLOW. And Gary really looked uninterested talking to endangered.
Our guys should be doing such interviews. Atleast we know what questions to ask.

I like everything about BB10 except the keyboard.
It looks just as annoying as any other touch-screen keyboard out there. I just hate em.

When he minimized the app he was swiping from the bottom, just like the playbook except that you can hold it half way minimized. I think the bottom left corner swipe maybe for something else.

Bottom-left swipe is to bring up the keyboard, same as the PlayBook. If you watch carefully, you can see Gary do that when he restores the keyboard on-screen.

BTW, for all you complaining about the interview. If you go to the engadget article the writeup was quite unbiased and well written. It made you think that they have a real shot. The writer clearly liked what he saw. The fact that engadget wrote a positive or even balanced piece about RIM is a good sign IMO. The most popular comments were all pro RIM and said that BB10 made ios look dated. I think the interview was fine, Gary is an engineer not a spokesman.

@zaman59, u r right. Engadget definitely had a positive tone in their article. I stand myself corrected.
And ohh...... It is flow not peeping ;)


My phone rubs my bawls and makes me pancakes.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

personally, something about this particular video made me more interested in trying an all touch screen BB, I was going to hold out but I may take the plunge.

All the videos till now have shown a single pdf as an attachment...
What happens if I receive an audio note as an attachment...
Can the pdf reader of the mail client be able to read password protected pdf?
Also I would suggest that the email client should itself be password protected ... So one can't just flow down to see one's emails... What happens if my cell phone is with someone.. I would definitely not like mail to be read by someone else...

I will admit Gary sounded pretty bad in that interview but did anyone else get the feeling that the audio and the video are from different sources?

It seems to me that Gary was speaking to them rather casually and they probably didn't get a good shot of the device so had to go back and re-film it according to what he was talking about.

Still doesn't excuse Gary from sounding like he had a massive hangover from the night before, Haha. Terrible interview.

It sounds like this Gary Klassen guy is a "straight to the point, no bullshit" kind of guy. I like how he short and simple explained how things worked out - contrary to all the others who manage to rant about bloke and bird.

You guys can argue and bicker all you want about who said what or how they said it or is that all fakery or whatever you want. My 8530 is getting older by the minute. I just want a new BB10!

I'd love to meet Mr. Gary Klassen and show him and his colleagues - Terrence and Phillip - so many beautiful things. BDM 7.0 that restores 22000 messages backup for 48 hours. 9370 that restarts when you open a webpage with embedded Google Maps. Curve 3G that activates with BES for 3 hours in downtown with 100% signal...

I wonder with the peak feature ....when playing youtube videos or any video would it still be playing in the background ? While i peak back to it? hmmmm

Yes they are being very secretive about how multitasking/task switching works. I assume that means they are still working on it.

I really want to know if you can actually close running apps because there is no X button on the thumbnails like with PlayBook and if you can scroll on that list then swiping up to close is out of the question too.

I don't think he was trying to hide anything. I watched the video and he was just showing both of the Apps and the minimized apps or widgets at the same time to the viewers.

We are seeing what we are seeing because BB is being killed by the mainstream media and by sales to sheep (I mean people) of iOS and Android devices. If BB still had 14% market share we would be seeing NONE OF THESE VIDEOS until the launch on 10/10. I look forward to BB10 to complement my playbook. I will be getting a Torch 9810 in between to replace my Storm 1.