Garmin Offers Device Lifetime GPS Nagivation for $99.99

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2008 07:46 am EDT

Garmin Mobile for BlackBerryHate paying monthly subscription fees for your GPS navigation service? 

There's now another option. Garmin announced this past Thursday they are now offering a Lifetime Subscription to their Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry Service for a one-time purchase of $99.99USD.

Keep in mind this means "device lifetime". If your BlackBerry kicks the proverbial smartphone bucket, or if you decide to upgrade, it seems you'll have to shell out another hundred. All in all, not a bad deal. Click Here for more details.

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Garmin Offers Device Lifetime GPS Nagivation for $99.99


I wonder what this means to people who have recently subscribed to the $99 yearly fee. Will they be brought into the lifetime account, or will they have to re-up when their subscription runs out?

Its not bad, but I had a TomTom unit for the Treo and it came with codes to be used on two devices in case yours kicked the bucket. If you had to get a replacement device you could fax them the proof of replacement and TomTom would give you new codes. That is what you call excellent customer service. It was more money but worth it.

This of course will be a decent value if you take good care of your BB, and still cheaper than using the build Navigator at $10 a month.

Wait a minute, they supported devices does not include the BB Bold, this means we have to wait for them to support the new screen resolution. How long will that take? It's not like this has been a mythical device and they certainly should have known about it.

Doesn't Verizon prevent the built in GPS on the 8830 from being used by applications other than the VZ Navigator? This wouldn't work for us, right? Anyone on the Verizon network get this to work?

100 for the life of the device? If I could transfer the lincence over from device to device, I'd get it. Otherwise why not just got a portable GPS nav device for $100 - $150 and use google maps on the blackberry? I get a new BB every two years. Looking forward to the Bold.

Also, any way to offload the map data to a memory card? So that it doesnt have to get map data every mile or so via the data network? I have a small garmin for my motorcycle and I can fit most of New England on a 128 mb microsd card.

Because after seeing the new version at WES and then checking out the current version my only thought is... BAREBONES....

So when is the new version coming out? I have a Garmin (company Christmas gift last year) and would much rather pay $100 to Garmin than pay AT&T monthly for a fee. I just like having the GPS with me wherever I go and don't have to worry about the one in my car when I travel.

According to the Garmin For Mobile web site, this does not work with Verizon phones.

A pox on Verizon.

I installed Garmin Mobile Ver 5.3.1 on my Storm and it's working perfectly. I'm using Verizon network. It's lifetime subscription, not 1yr. Only spend $35.00 to download. Sooooooooo Happy~~