Weekend Coder: GAP HTML5 tool for BlackBerry 10 apps

By Brian Scheirer on 30 Jun 2013 10:17 am EDT

One of our friends at BlackBerry let us know about a new unofficial tool, GAP (Graphical Aid Plus) for HTML5 WebWorks development.  This tool eliminates the need of using command line for various tasks when developing for WebWorks. Though I prefer coding Cascades apps myself, this tool is really cool and may even entice me to tinker a bit more with WebWorks. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at this tool.

Check out the complete walkthrough of GAP on the BlackBerry Devblog post here. This tool provides a GUI that allows you to do a handful of things:

  • Request signing keys
  • Register signing keys
  • Backup signing keys
  • Restore signing keys
  • Create and install debug tokens
  • Build WebWorks apps
  • Install .bar files in the simulator or any device

All of these tasks are straight forward. I can personally attest that the 10 step process explained in the Devblog post made signing WebWorks apps extremely easy. Plus the video walkthrough of the tool explains everything you will need to know.

No joke, using this tool was the first time I had ever signed a WebWorks app. After requesting and receiving new signing keys (which only takes a few hours via email), I was up and running in about 5 minutes and could sign apps for deployment to BlackBerry World.

So if you are afraid of the command line or just don’t want to bother with it, definitely check out this tool! Either way I am glad to see another great tool that makes it faster/easier to develop for BlackBerry.

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Weekend Coder: GAP HTML5 tool for BlackBerry 10 apps


Is this like a MS Front page equivalent allowing people with no coding experience to make an app?

Posted via CB10

No, you still need html5/javascript experience.

This just makes compilation and signing an application ... one click

That is correct. I always found signing/packaging WebWorks apps as being the most annoying part so this solves that for me (and hopefully others).

Is it possible for a developer to be afraid of some command lines?

*last line in your post should be 'developed'

I'm not sure about fear, but the command line experience wasn't great. There are like a dozen tools in the bin sir and several of them sound like what you may need. They are a tool that requires you to consult documentation whereas this tool guides you through the process by prompting you for the info you need.

I use the command line, but most people I know use Ripple for the GUI interface or the ANT script.

Posted via CB10

Hey need some help here..

I register my keys which are on my desktop and get the 3 files in a backup folder on my desktop..i also copied the three files in the backup folder and added them to the library/research in motion folder. On the next step when I click debug token, "new" in GapHTML5 and type in my phone pin I receive:

Error: not yet registered to request debug tokens

Any thoughts on how to get a debug token onto my phone?

..development mode was on and my phone was plugged into my mac.. BlackBerry website didn't help.

Posted via CB10