Gaming on the BlackBerry Q5 - does it deliver the goods?

By James Richardson on 1 Jul 2013 06:50 am EDT

If you are big into gaming on your BlackBerry smartphone then the BlackBerry Z10 has to be the device for you - however many hardcore BlackBerry users still prefer the hardware QWERTY keyboard and the Q5 may well be the perfect device for them due to its price point.

So the question is - how good is gaming on the BlackBerry Q5? To be honest it's on par with the other BlackBerry 10 smartphones, although as things stand at the moment there are less games for the Q5/Q10 due to screen real estate but I'm hoping that in time developers will automatically make their apps available for all devices.

Specs wise the BlackBerry Q5 is lacking in a few places compared to the Q10 but not in any way that will affect its gaming performance - which is a god send.

As you will see from the few classic BlackBerry 10 games that I chose for the video - gaming is as smooth and as enjoyable as on the Q10 and Z10. Things may not look quite as pretty as on the Q10 (with its AMOLED display) but I'm more than happy with the LCD display on the Q5 and you don't really notice any difference once you are using the device.

So for you folk out there that primarily want an amazing communication device with the famous BlackBerry keyboard but still like to play the odd game, maybe on the way to work, fear not as the BlackBerry Q5 lives up to my gaming expectations 100%.



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Gaming on the BlackBerry Q5 - does it deliver the goods?


Budget minded? It's £320! Budget minded consumers are looking at sub-£200 and sub-£150.

Q5 is not selling for cheap and may broadly disappoint as well.

Consumers from emerging markets will better off purchasing lower end samsung phones and come home happy with a host of apps from android marketplace. I think they don't really take the flow and peek seriously. Whatsapp is good enough and I don't see how the BBM will make a difference. BB is already losing market share fast in markets like Indonesia.

true, that's probably where a new OS7 with BIS will fill the gap even if it doesn't fix any of the problems that the BB10 devices currently face.

New OS7 device may fill a price point. But it does nothing to help build a platform.

Losses of BIS on BB10 was a mistake!
Whatever they did to QNX that required a dual core processor with 2GB of RAM was a mistake! OS should have been designed in the beginning to run on older hardware (with limited features) so that all BBOS7 devices could be upgraded and "cheap" devices could be marketed.

I'm afraid that the new OS7 devices will sell better tan the Q5 will.

The loss of mandatory BIS was due to pressure from carriers since all other smartphones use only a standard data connection that does not require a service fee being paid to the phone manufacturer.

Believe me, if BlackBerry could have kept BIS they would have. It was their biggest cash cow!

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I was initially not very happy to lose BIS with my Q10. The internet experience overall is so much better that I really don't care that it uses 3x as much data. For the emerging markets, however, i'm not so sure it's an inconsequential loss.

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Decent but with only 8Gb storage minus around 3-4 Gb for the OS, i don't think it is good for gaming..and the price is bad.. i think i would probably buy the latest lenovo k series with that budget.. for me, i think it's hard to see somebody buy Q5 unless he really wants a BB10 OS and only need it as working device... and i think people who really want BB10 OS already bought a Z10 or Q10.. but this is just my opinion.. i might be wrong, of course..

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Really? A Q5 owner could only keep 1 or 2 large game demos on it then.

Adding "Move app to SD card" option should really be considered in 10.2

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Awesome! If the Q10 is the best phone in the world, the Q5 might be the second best phone in the world!

Unless the other manufacturers come up with physical keyboards, but they don't, so Jyeah!!

Looking like BBRY is not going to be able to compete against other hardware manufactures on price. So it will be a matter of are consumers willing to pay more for a BlackBerry. I see business, governments and BB Fans being will to pay more for a BlackBerry, but I don't think average consumers are seeing benefits from a BB to justify the extra expense.

Sure it's a great OS and it's "new", but it isn't mainstream so if you own a BlackBerry you are going to be feeling "left out". Business all support iOS and Android and provide applications to run on those two platforms. While we BB users do have the option of sideloading an Android app, it is a little complicated for some users and it isn't as easy as just scanning a QR Code and then using the app.

"Things may not look quite as pretty as on the Q10 (with its AMOLED display) but I'm more than happy with the LCD display on the Q5 and you don't really notice any difference once you are using the device."

Are games supposed to look better on an AMOLED compared to LCD?

@birdman think it may just be personal preference.

Honestly I trouble playing games on today's consoles, Pc ftw!

Some exclusives are good though, but I never pay full price for them. ;)

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Do really affect me, as I don't play Game on BB, maybe just Sudoku (if any good one).
BTW, who else will play games in a 3.1" screen? Come on...

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I just play games on iPod touch and maybe sometimes on iPad mini :P
Sorry, but I would say the games on BB are not attractive enough.... it is also something good, so I can stay focus on my work.