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Gaming on the BlackBerry Q10. Is it up to the job?

By James Richardson on 26 Apr 2013 05:06 am EDT

Gaming has been one of the most important things for BlackBerry when they made the transition from OS7 to BlackBerry 10. It's what consumers wanted and on older devices gaming just wasn't the same experience as on other operating systems.

We all know that this has now been rectified with BlackBerry 10, but how is gaming on the Q10? If games are important to you then you may be thinking that you need to choose the Z10 over the Q10. Clearly with the Z10 you get some extra screen real estate but luckily I've been playing a few games on the Q10 and although the screen is smaller the actual gaming experience is just as good.

Where we are let down slightly on the Q10 is that the game selection is not yet as big as with the Z10. But with developers now having access to the Dev Alpha C I'm pretty sure that this will be rectified soon and I hope that all future games, as well as the current big titles, will be available for both devices.

So if you are in two minds which new BlackBerry to buy because you 'need' your games then fear not. The Q10 does the job perfectly.




Not a gamer, so it's not an issue. Love the Q!

Posted via Zeppelin


Not an issue for me. I don't play games. :)

Posted via Zeppelin


Games? What games? Tools not toys! :)

Zeerak Imran

spend 3 hours in a traffic jam, you are going to need games


Beach Buggy Blitz while stuck in traffic? Doesn't sound like a smart idea. :) Unless of course you are stuck in traffic on a bus.


No I wont: kindle and news sites. But that's me, not you. Me not you. :-/

Zeerak Imran

its not about what I am getting, its about what others will get. No games means no increase in user base meaning no major app support, well ask yourself what the difference is between the old bbs and the new ones? And then question if the difference is worth £350. So you see we do need games and a lot of them at least blackberry is thinking like me. And don't go down the usual work horse route, a work horse doesn't cost £500+, that is a premium phone which should be close to perfect in every way and games are no exception. p.s. if someone wants a work horse, they will just get a curve or bold. q10 is keeping that work horse element and bringing it into the current phone toy scenario.

Bran Winterfell

Are there any games specially for the Q10 taking advantage of the keyboard?
I think playing with having a keyboard can sometimes be much better then playing on a touchscreen... keyboard is faster, more precise...


I was wondering this aswell. Some games could really take advantage of some physical keys, so your thumbs aren't blocking part of the screen.

Zeerak Imran

yea like asphalt 7 for racing. it could use 'g'&'h' keys to turn...


I play a couple games, but it's not a truly important part of my decision in a mobile OS. It still kind of sucks to have people acting like since they're not gamers, no one else wants to play games on their BlackBerry.


Q10 is a business tool....leave games to Z10 or Playbook....or better.....wait till you get home and play on the PC....!!


What I'm interested in is if any games will take advantage of the keyboard as it's controls. Then you won't he blocking the screen with your hands at all

Posted from my LE Zed10


I've wondered this as well. Instead of seeing the physical keyboard as a limitation, it can be seen as an opportunity to define new types of game experiences (and app experiences in general) that aren't possible without a keyboard or, at the least, take advantage of it. I think the challenge, though, is that devs would essentially be creating games/apps for a single device since porting wouldn't be easy.


Show us need for speed. Another review said it didn't run well at all.


This is eye candy, thanks for the demo

Posted via CB10


I'm guessing gaming is still great when you hook it up to the tv using HDMI and play using a bluetooth controller.


This tools but but not argument cracks me up not even BlackBerry believes that anymore. Game and apps are very important in BlackBerry survival.

Thankfully the higher ups at BlackBerry don't share the same thought as some of CrackBerry readers. Now I'm wondering how instagram will look on the Q. :)

Posted via CB10


The responsiveness of the screen is really good, my Z10 might need a little sister ;)

Posted via CB10


We don't need silly games, we need decent work/ music/ social/ apps first!! :-)

Anyone for angry birds?? Lol

Posted via CB10


Does the demographic that wants a Q, really have elevated interest in games?

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

Zeerak Imran

paying £500+ for a phone...I want everything at the best of its ability

Fish Crackers

People, in general, that own BlackBerry’s are people that need to get things done and are power users. There are times that everyone needs some down time and what better way then to play a little game whether it’s Asphalt 7 or a card game. Sure it’s not a PS3 but are you going to take your PS3 to the doctor’s office while you wait? So I don’t think you can judge a person, what they do with their phone, by what style of phone they own; rather what OS they own. LOL


You just need one or two games to pass the time. I miss the days when RIM provided a few of their own in house games that were totally addictive. No fancy graphics required, just something challenging like brick breaker.

Posted via CB10

Zeerak Imran

yes, but unfortunately you need a choice of games to select these one or two favorite games from. It was alright with the blackberry curve but that costs >£200. The q10 costs £500+, for that price everything should be in check including games regardless of whether bb owners are even going to use them. BB has just jumped from business, practical and cheap teenage messaging phones to high end premium devices in which apps is currently its biggest weakness.


Thanks for the update.

Sent from the Mother Ship...


Have a tablet and PS3, I'm good! :)

Posted via CB10


Shouldn't be bad...

Posted via CB10


I don't expect some games to be on the Q10 due to form factor. I don't really care though.

Posted via CB10


If a decent selection of casual games like Sudoku, Euchre, Solitaire etc. get Q10 optimized, that will cover a lot of bases. I figure that games that run well in portrait on iOS and Android are great candidates for porting to the Q10.


Brick Breaker?

Posted via CB10


Would be interested in a Q10/Z10 side-by-side comparison of the same games on each.


Wow, that's very nice to hear!


Silly people. All phones need games. What else do you do when you're on the toilet and there are no magazines and you've already finished reading the shampoo bottle?

Posted via CB10


You Poogle which only requires a good browser.

Post via CB Z10


Is "Poogle" a word? I know it's not, but I know intuitively what it means... so I guess it IS a word then!


Has Ruzzle been updated to support the Q10?


Lool Q10 users may not NEED games, but you can't deny a good a selection of games will be an added incentive for a lot of people to get the phone. Hopefully devs are able to bring enough good games over to fill up the catalogue for this gorgeous phone :)

Posted via CB10


Far, FAR too early to be calling the Q10 a perfectly good gaming device. Screen size is a critically important factor for mobile games. Look how many iOS games make use of the full screen.

Q10 games will probably be far harder to port than from iOS to Z10. It will be a tough job to convince developers to make their games compatible.

The author should write this article again in 2 years. We will have a much better idea of the gaming potential of the Q10 by then.

Posted via CB10


This is exactly why I'm going to hold on to my Z10 too. The Q10 is a workhorse. And though the apps will come, some will work better on the Z10, given the big screen and all. Either way, I am excited to see what the Q10 will have to offer. So far, I've been highly pleased with the Z10

Mo Cat

If i play a game for a bit, i will do it on my PC. Lolz, for example, dont think i can play BF (Battlefield) on any smartphone. But yes, a few good games on your smartphone in case of "emergency" like a traffic jam, etc. Watching a movie or listening to music while resting are also good alternatives.


BlackBerry offers now a good selection of great games. The first time that I like playing on a BlackBerry. But I still prefer the bigger screen of the Z10. Good alternative to my XBOX.

Posted via CB10


For most buying the Q10 it will probably not be for games. I can't imagine playing something like Jetpack Joyride on the Q10.

Zeerak Imran

i can, pressing spacebar instead of touching the touchscreen :)


I hope they still have Word Mole


As a user of the 9900 the Q10 is awesome! Fluid and fast games, practically unheard of from a Blackberry QWERTY handset!


Who cares? Compared to the Playbook and Z 10 sucks at gaming. So ill be getting my Q 10 and save the PlayBook for gaming.


My Playstation Vita takes care of my mobile gaming needs quite nicely. :)

Posted via CB10


Remember that Thor alluded.to "Mobile computing Platform" and this means all things to all people. The days of calling a blackberry device "Business-only"are behind us. This phone needs to do it all. Mail, Web, games, social media and more. BlackBerry is positioning to be the last stop for users. Go Bab!

Posted via CB10

Wei Li

My question is whether or not games like Asphalt and NOVA are going to be optimized for the Q10. I can't imagine myself playing a first person shooter on that screen.


Poor selection of games to "prove" the Q10 is good for gaming. The games shown could all be played on a 9810 or 9900... Probably could run fine on a Curve 8300.


While I don't think I'll be selling a lot of games to Q10 owners, as a dev I find it kind of exciting to develop for the smaller, square screen. I've already updated breakeroids for the Q10 (go get it in BlackBerry World right now - it is Built For BlackBerry after all!), with an experiment in keyboard controls as well as touch.

My new game is going to be well suited for the Q10 form factor, too. It's lovely on the wide screen of the Z10, but just as fun on the Q.

Posted via CB10


@ coolpowers that's awesome to hear! Will check your game out :)

Posted via CB10


I couldn't care less about games on a Q10. Give me that keyboard, give me back BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry News, and you can keep the games for the Z10 (I have one haha so I'll play them there).

But cool of James to show us that we can play games too.


Not a big fan for games otherwise I had gotten a toy (android or iphone) Enough games for me.... I love my z10, thank you bb. Simply fits me. I can't wait for more updates coming in.

Posted via CB10

Ali Allen

People distinguishing the blackberry as a tool and everything else as a toy, can you please explain. Wasn't the main reason the blackberry got labeled a "Tool" because of the fact it has BIS? What are the basis of your toy and toll comparison compared to android and ios. I've had a z10 since March I don't understand what makes its do un-toyish besides the fact it had very few good games. I'm really interested in your replies, I'm not just being an ass.

Posted via CB10


The Q10 and Z10 are targeting very different demographic segments. The Q10 is really for querty lovers who I don't think would have much interest in games. These are hardcore messaging people. The Z10 on the other hand is trying to compete with the big boys and they definitely need a good selection of games and other things people consider "toys" if they want to gain market share in this growing market.


I'll get a all new playbook or Galaxy Tab for my browsing/gaming needs.


I really don't think the general market segment that is attracted to the Q10 would have much interest in games.
Blackberry themselves tell us this is not a growing market. Games on the Z10 on the other does matter as it is trying to compete head on with apple and android.


OMG this is a bit crazy to me. Are we complaining about finally having choices. We use to have smart phones that weren't too smart. If you don't want to add games to your phone then DON'T? but you better hope like hell BB loads up on games and all the other goodies we lacked before. DO YOU SEE WHAT THE STOCK PRICE IS? How they survived I am not sure but BB now has a heart beat and is about to take off but they were dying.

There are 76 million of us, it is not enough to just purchase the phone. If the App world is not profitable then they will stop making smart phones. Netflix is a service I use a lot. I would not use it much on my phone because I don't have time and it would kill my data plan. But we need an apps. It is so funny I can pay my Netflix bill on my Blackberry but I can't watch a movie through Netflix on my Blackberry. We need Blackberry world to do well. Currently it is and will do better as they build their catalog. Blackberry user purchase so the app store continues to be profitable.

About 60% of the apps in Apple and Google store that have not even got a download. lets move it down to 50% still very high. In-fact Google users return most of the apps they download. So app count does not really mean anything. I need to check my percentages but they are not that off in either direction.

We have been waiting for this to happen and it finally did. We all need to be productive I get it but guys / girls let your hair down ad have a little fun.


Definitely needs games. Can't go without them. :D