Games app in BlackBerry 10 helps you find new distractions and 1-UP the competition

BlackBerry 10 Games
By Simon Sage on 20 Feb 2013 02:57 pm EST

Built into BlackBerry 10 is a new app simply called Games. This is what has come out of the acquisition of Scoreloop, and offers a great way to see what your friends are playing and how well they're scoring. The app connects seamlessly to BlackBerry world and BBM, so you can flow out to those apps to download new content and connect with gamer buddies. Let's take a closer look. 

Top scores

BlackBerry 10 Games 

The first tab in BlackBerry Games is a news feed of the games your friends have recently added as one of their top three favorites, what they've played, and which achievements they've unlocked. At the top of the feed, you'll see your profile picture and your current top three faves, which can be swapped out by tapping the little arrow to the right of your current list. You'll also find greyed-out stars elsewhere in the app where the game is listed so you can quickly add that game to your favories - just keep in mind that it will knock out your current number 3, so be picky. The news feed will also show when your friends add new friends, though there's a dedicated section for that... 

Player 2

BlackBerry 10 Games 

The next tab along the bottom is for Friends. From here you can see all of your current buddies, their top three games, and any pending requests. Tapping through on a profile will show their dedicated update stream. You can change up your profile by tapping your avatar image on the news feed screen, though right now the options are limited to changing your display name and profile picture. You can also toggle off public accessibility if you don't want random friend invites.The overflow menu gives you quick access to searching for friends from BBM, inviting by e-mail, or searching by display name.   

The next stage

BlackBerry 10 Games 

Finding new games is a breeze. The dedicated Games tab offers views for what's currently popular, what games have been favorited by your friends, and what's brand new in BlackBerry World. Many of these titles will show up along the top in a featured carousel, and tapping through on any of them will provide a description, a list of which of your friends have favorited them, a button to mark one as a favorite, and a link to BlackBerry World where you can view screenshots and get downloading. If you've already downloaded the game, you'll have access to a link to launch the game right away. 


So that's Games on BlackBerry 10. It's not quite as robust as Game Center on iOS yet, but it's easy to see the possibilities with the framework in place. As the platform matures, hopefully we'll start seeing stuff like online leaderboards, challenges, and integrated multiplayer matchmaking. In the meantime, I've found Games as a great place to meet up with old friends and discover new games. If you've got a Z10 and haven't cracked open Games yet, what are you waiting for? 

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Reader comments

Games app in BlackBerry 10 helps you find new distractions and 1-UP the competition


Just a couple of small obstacles, like no US availability of the Z10...and most legacy BB users aren't exactly big gamers. But...

Your comment "most legacy BB users aren't exactly big gamers" is not valid. Just have a look at BB World on the PlayBook and you'll see that games are very popular.

Thanks! I've had this screen capture box for awhile, but haven't found a format that works particularly well with it until now. Curious to hear what everyone else thinks. My biggest worry is that not being able to see exactly where the screen is being tapped could get confusing. 

I have never seen it before, and thought it was a neat approach.

For games I don't think that seeing the screen is super important, but it would be nice if there was a setting that would give an output similar to what Windows 8 has, where you see a bit of the drags and touches on the screen.

There is cloud-storage saved games on Riptde GP. I reloaded up the Dev Alpha and when I logged back into the game, it grabbed information for the levels I previously played from the cloud. Really looking forward to more functionalities being built in to the games app.

I hope this app has legs, really great potential to open up a deeper level of immersion as part of the BlackBerry experience. I hope app developers are tapping into this and taking advantage of it as well as it matures and gains new features.

Really liked the video format, but wouldn't be good for something that we needed to see where you are pressing as you said. For this it was great.