Gameloft unleashes six new BlackBerry PlayBook games in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 11 Oct 2011 07:08 pm EDT

The last time we heard from Gameloft was due to their release of Let's Golf 2 HD on the BlackBerry PlayBook and now rather then making a small splash with just one game, Gameloft has launched six of their top titles into BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook. 

  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
  • Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD
  • Star Front: Collision HD
  • Real Soccer 2011 HD
  • N.O.V.A. 2 HD
  • UNO HD 

All the listed games are priced at $6.99 for the US & Canada other locales may vary though. Needless to say, the rest of my evening has just been shot thanks to Gameloft! Check out all the titles in BlackBerry App World right now.

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Reader comments

Gameloft unleashes six new BlackBerry PlayBook games in BlackBerry App World


check out pretty cool website i found tells you all about the latest games apps and more has anyone seen this site yet? i just discovered it.

YES! Real Soccer 2011.... I have waited a long time for a quality soccer game! If only it had multiplayer online as well! Modern Combat is an amazing game as well! Gona b loving my playbook tonight after the midterm ofcourse :(

Kevin or Bla1ze! Please review these games! I am curious how they look and how you like them.

So far we've been promised reviews for the Polarbit games, and haven't gotten them... Since those games came out the better quality games that haven't received reviews here are these 6, the game of Life, SimCity, BeJeweled, and Let's Golf 2. I'll give you a break since they all came out in the last few games, but I'm having to buy $7 games without reading a CrackBerry review :O. :P

I think ill pass at Real Soccer and not sure about Star Front Colision, but ill deff buy the rest :D

For those of you wondering, i bought UNO HD and Nova HD, both very awesome games, uno runs prerty smooth and its really cool to play, and even comes with a multiplayer option, no its not online, multiplayer using the same tablet, Nova HD looks pretty cool, but at 1St it crashed on me, then gave me so visual errora, and now is playable but lags every couple of minutes, even tried restarting the pb to free some ram, but still..... ill try to delete and reinstall later on, and for the last time for those of u wondering, ALL pictutures in App world are Squared looking, but the games themselves ARE Full Screen, UNO HD and Nova2HD are both Full Screen !

do these run full screen or in 1x1 ratio like in the screenshoots on app world? Theyre looking really good and i'd love to review them for the CB nation but Im a little hesitant. anyone want to confirm?

I was wondering the same thing. After having the disappointing graphics of the Polarbit titles surprise me, I am wondering what these really look like on screen. If anyone buys some of them, please let us know if they are full screen or really are in a square aspect ratio like the screen shots. Thanks!

it was confirmed previously apparently app world screenshots must be in a certain ratio which give the look of a 1x1 ratio its obviously fullscreen though bought all of them they run flawless favourite is nova 2

Would be nice if Gameloft had some mention of their Playbook titles on their actual website. All they have is ipod/ipad, android, etc. Seriously?

This looks like a good sign of things to come :) here's hoping anyways. hopefully when 2.0 comes out we will see a bunch more apps. Thanks gameloft & bb

they should make app world gift cards that you redeem like 20$ 50$ 100$ for the people who do not hav credit cards or pay pall. They would make a lot of money on this. I would actually buy most of these games if i could

they should make app world gift cards that you redeem like 20$ 50$ 100$ for the people who do not hav credit cards or pay pall. They would make a lot of money on this. I would actually buy most of these games if i could

I agree with you. This is particularly useful for people who do not want to use their credit cards on line or for people who are younger and don't have access to credit cards. It should be done exactly like PSN, Xbox, Ipad/Iphone has done - sell cards in $10, 20, 50, 100 dollar denominations.

I know many people, especially after what happened to Sony's systems, that have refused to store a credit card online anymore; instead they only use pre-paid cards given the problems of hacking.

As consumers become more knowledgeable about the potentials of identity theft and the problem of this information being made available online, I am hoping that a push back will occur and prepaid cards will come at last for BB's App World.

OH - sweet games by the way!

I use a prepaid mastercard. There are loads available online - mine can even be topped up with cash using a ukash voucher. I use Kalixa.

I guess it's a way around it. But it would so be a good idea to like itunes/xbox and ps3 has with the gift cards that you could redeem on the computer or better yet on the playbook

Gem Spinner 2 which also just came out is another solid game. I'm not usually a fan of this genre but the free version allows you to try it out and it is packed full of features and different objectives. Still waiting to see if these games are playable in full resolution before I buy one.

Downloading NOVA 2 HD right now. Loved it on the Nexus S. It's going to be sweet on my plasma with HDMI out..... Now if I could just stop buying every single shiny new game that comes out on the PlayBook...

I downloaded Nova2HD and its awesome. Kind of similar to the Halo series on xbox360. Controls are difficult to get use to but the thumb memory kicks in pretty quick. I did notice that it is showing up as NOVA2HD iphone for Android when i signed up for a Gameloft account.

It runs full screen and it runs sweet. Just had it hooked up to the HDTV. The sound did not pass through to my receiver (it was only on the PB) but the gameplay is buttery smooth...

Can't wait to download a few of these. RIM you're missing out on lots of impulse buys by not allowing us to download over bb bridge/tether. I've personally gotten excited over new releases via; would've purchased on the spot, but waited until I got home and never did. Just sayin'...

Developers keep 'em coming. You have a pool of sharks starving for great apps and willing to spend their lunch money to get then. I know, I'm one of them.

Ok this is really really good... Finally some quality apps (games)... Now where are the business apps?

If games with this quality can be ported over with apparent ease... So can the business/productivity apps... Let's get the move on!!

BLADDY HELL!!! appworld error 10000. the first time i try to make a purchase on appworld. tried two different creditcards.

Hmm... nice. A professional tablet with only browser, movie player and now some nice games. But no basic productivity tools (email, calendar etc.).

Great work RIM!

// chall3ng3r //

just got modern combat. i think its awesome! and it has multiplayer that is siiick. just need more people for that first :)

WTF?!!! This is great! Not too long ago, EA released Dead Space, then we get Let's Golf, then just a few days ago, 3 new games from EA, and today we get SIX new games from Gameloft?!

Pinch me; I'm dreaming!

Buy RIMM now! Buy RIMM now!!

I've downloaded Lets Golf 2, Modern Combat, Asphalt 6, and N.O.V.A 2, All the games have sweet graphics and solid gameplay! So stoked to have quality games for my playbook. 6.99$ is not overpriced for these games, 9.99$ wasn't too much for Dead Space. "good things aren't cheep and cheep things aren't good" Support quality on the playbook! Buy a sweet App.

This is awesome. With these, along with EA's releases, it seems like we're finally getting somewhere with the playbook.

£7 does seem a bit steep though.

Wow.... bought Modern Combat 2. Awesome! The PlayBook OS and processor is like a mini nuclear reactor. This game is smooth.

hi! i would like to know if BBM, Yahoo Messenger and SKYPE is available now for PB..i have seen it in blackberry website that these are available at App World but when I search it still not there..I'M thinking maybe its not available in my region.. please anyone??

Sound doesnt work in Uno, and crashes when you run it the first time. Glad I only paid a buck for it. Thanks Gameloft for the buggy app!