Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout
By Joseph Keller on 8 May 2014 02:25 pm EDT

Gameloft has unveiled more details about its upcoming military shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The title and certain story details were revealed last month, but now we have some information on two new major features: unified progression and character classes.

Blackout features the same basic structure as previous Modern Combat game, with a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. But where past games have kept those two completely separated from one another, Blackout will have the modes interact just a bit. Unified progression will see your experience transfer between solo and mulitplayer modes. So if you reach level five in the campaign, then decide to play in a multiplayer match, you'll find that your character is at level five in multiplayer. This unification includes weapons mastery.

The four soldier classes of Modern Combat 5 have been announced. The Assault class is a medium range fighter that uses assault rifles and pistols. The Heavy, a resilient close-to-medium range class, equips shotguns and RPGs. The Recon class focuses on quick strikes at close range using submachine guns and pistols. Finally, the Sniper class specializes in long-range sharpshooting with sniper rifles, though they can use pistols if they need to.

Gameloft says that they will be rolling out more information about Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the coming weeks.



So bb10 and playbook?

From my z30


Right or is this one of those "well you can download the apk and it runs pretty good" things

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PlayBook UK

How about PlayBook Version ?

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Im almost sure this game will be too much for the playbooks gpu. My 2cents.

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rasib BBRY

PlayBook is now officially in mainstream terms a dead product. I have mine, occasional use.

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Hope they bring this to BB10.

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Please be on the playbook!

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Dave Bourque

Not playing these on my BlackBerry devices. Nvidia shield will better fit and can actually expect updates...



I doubt we'll see this on the PlayBook.... and I bet no BB10 either. And if it does, it will be like months after iOS and Android.


Game loft has been nice in supporting bb10 imo it should be right after the other launches

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The modern combat series are one of the very few games where in-app purchasing is done right !

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Hope Z30 owners can make user of USB OTG.. Gaming with Keyboard and Mouse is ideal with Miracast mirroring the screen to b52" :)


If this hasn't been confirmed or even hinted at for BB10/PlayBook, why is it here?


Because 3 and 4 came

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Because they need to "blog"...

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Who actually plays full out games like this on their phones. Completely a waste of time

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Lots of people. That's why Gameloft is doing pretty good.


Actually lots of people, there was full story and pole by Mobile Nations on this.

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Prem WatsApp

Too violent for my taste. And I get killed to quickly, LOL

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Where can I suggest a game to the makers? Any info is helpful..thanks

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I wonder if this will run smooth on my z10. Modern combat 4 lagged a lot.

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Looking good...can't wait

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This would look great on the PlayBook. Wish we can see it there

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I loved all the MC titles on my PlayBook. The screen on my Z10 in comparison really changed the experience for me. It was still pretty cool, but those inches really made a difference. I'd still be playing MC4 today, except there's never anyone on multi-player mode anymore.

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"But those inches really made a difference"
- that's what she said. Lol

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Even modern combat 4 was laggy on the playbook. Thinking this will be BB10 devices only... IF we get it. More than likely have to be happy downloading the apk

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The Multiplayer should pls work. That is all I ask

From Zarafet my Z30.

Mistaa Burnett

I think the first two days it's released it should be free because I don't own any of the modern combats so I want to be able to at least get the new one free please let it be free the first two days

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