Gameloft releases Let's Golf 2 HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 6 Oct 2011 07:50 pm EDT
Let's Golf 2 HD
We have seen some great games for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and today a new one was released. Let's Golf 2 HD by Gameloft may look familiar to you if you are multi-platform, and now you can play this new edition on your PlayBook!

Choose from 8 different customizable 3D characters, each with their own unique super powers and play on 6 different courses such as the Mount Olympus Golf Club, the dense forest of Bavaria, or the wild Royal Safari in Kenya. Totaling 108 holes of golf, each spot has its own challenges and difficulty levels. Challenge a friend or play Career mode, Shoot Out, or Closest to Pin and compete on the leaderboards.

If you enjoy golf, or just good games, you'll want to check out Let's Golf 2 HD for your PlayBook. We should have a video review up in the next couple of days, so be sure to watch for that if you're hesitant to spend $6.99 before you see it in action. If you have the game already, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

More information/screenshots and to purchase Let's Golf 2 HD
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Reader comments

Gameloft releases Let's Golf 2 HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Does this game fill the PlayBook 16x9 screen?
All the screenshot appear to be square shaped.
Are there black borders on the sides?
Is it played in landscape mode?


The screenshots are distorted.
AppWorld specifies a max. resolution of 640x640 (but it doesn't have to be square, that's just the max.) for screenshots, and looks like Gameloft for some reason made it square to fix the max. size.

I just bought this. I played the demo when I had the Thunderbolt and enjoyed it so I figured, why not? It looks great on the PB.

Just bought it, was looking forward to getting this for a long time since playing the first one on iPad.
A few comments compared to the experience on iPad:
1) It's much easier on the hands to hold the PB and so it makes the game more enjoyable that way.
2) Stereo sound

Otherwise, the graphics look comparable to the iPad version to me, and game play is great!

Like the game - a little pricey but if they are good it's worth it!

Playbook is so on the verge of greatness - 2.0, a 10" version and some marketing and this thing could sell at Christmas boys and girls!

Purchased the game. The gfx are excellent and the game is very smooth and easy to control. SoundFx and background music are cool!

You can sign up an account to play online with others. My 5 year old son loves the game. Abite pricey. Wish they price it the same as Android and iPhone app.

I am honestly impressed that Gameloft released something for the Playbook. Sent them a note of thanks to indicate that. Finally nice to see a major publisher releasing something. Hopefully this is just the start.

Awesome! So glad GameLoft made a PB game. I was a bit jealous of seeing their games on other platforms. If you have a Playbook, get this game.

Did anyone mention yet that it has online multiplayer play?? Cuz it does.

Also interesting to note that when I logged in to the GameLoft Live web page, it said "you last played Let's Golf 2 HD for Android." Is that simply a mistake or is there more meaning to it?

Other platforms already have Let's Golf 3 in HD for Free(mium)...

this is just a ripoff for the money.

They changed their business model with Let's Golf 3, it's a "freemium" app, meaning free to start playing, in-app purchases for stuff to get anywhere. I prefer the old fashioned buy my game and play it. Let's Golf HD and Let's Golf 2 HD were always paid games (at least for iPad, not sure about Android).

Can't purchase in Australia yet, tells me the item is not supported by my current device profile. :(


For the last time you have ripped me of my money RIM. Sigh who am I kidding? I'll have to shell out the british equivalent of $12 for this just as I paid a bit over $15 for Dead Space.

A highly disgusted, disgruntled, and despairing Briton.

Cumon Dear Brit, its not RIM but its the developers who fix the price in each region. So send your disgruntle to them.
But this game is awesome and very nice graphics and nice game play.

i can't proceed to multiplayer, it says connection error please check your setting, can somebody help me please, i love to try multiplayer

I bought it, and I'm really impressed. Looks great, feels major league. I'm excited to see Gameloft show interest in the PlayBook, hopefully they port over more of their games.

this game is so much fun. graphics and gameplay are great. itsexactly like hot shots golf for playstation which is one of my all time favorite games. good way to ensure that solid developers show interest in the playbook and continue to make more great apps...BUY THEM, including this one

Download this the other day, but wasnt in to much of a hurry to play it. Their was no word of online mutliplayer given by description in the BB App World. Only something about online leader boards. I'll be closing this page and heading straight to this app now! Hopefully my Hotshot golf skills arent to rusty.