Gameloft brings their free-to-play RPG Dungeon Hunter 4 to BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2014 09:41 pm EST

The Demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago, have returned and you must now save Valenthia. The fourth installment of Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft has now arrived on BlackBerry 10 and it promises an epic storyline, hundreds of enemies to hack and slash your way through, and plenty of rewards for your efforts.

If you're looking for a new RPG to check out, look no further. You get to choose from 4 types of warriors with unique combat styles and have the ability to upgrade and customize them along the way. For this one, Gameloft has opted to make it available as a free download but we all know what that really means -- there's going to be some in-app purchases.

If you're totally fine with that and are running either a BlackBerry Z10 or a BlackBerry Z30 and are into hack and slash RPG games, then you're pretty much wasting time reading this when you could already be downloading Dungeon Hunter 4. Hit the link below to find it in BlackBerry World.

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Gameloft brings their free-to-play RPG Dungeon Hunter 4 to BlackBerry World


More games the better.

Too bad I ran out of memory a long time ago... If only games could be installed on SD memory cards...

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It's no another other game it's one of the best games out there. I played the 3 on PlayBook and I was waiting for the 4. :D

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"For this one, Gameloft has opted to make it available as a free download but we all know what that really means -- there's going to be some in-app purchases."

But...but... It doesn't say "This application contains items for sale" on BlackBerry World...

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Hey Bla1ze any chance you guys can also include a couple screen shots for the data conscious users? (going forward perhaps) just a suggestion!

Nice to see them bring new games but it would be even better if they sorted out the games already on the platform.

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This game plays so sweetly on my z10. I tried using the Android port since I'm on 10.2.1 but it doesn't hold a candle to this native game.

I had to run the Android port in low graphics mode to get rid of most of the the chop... you know how fast it is on this native release.. so fast that Gameloft doesn't even give you an option to downgrade the graphics quality ... that how sweet it is..

Gameloft please please please keep em coming

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The android port was a bit choppy but this one crashes ever so often, was annoying so I deleted it. I think maybe my phone runs out of memory but I only have just the game open when I play it. Ah well


10.1 you say? What's your general area and provider? I'm in Edmonton, and as far as I can tell, everyone here has had 10.2.1 pushed out to em

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Only available for Z10 and Z30.

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Sweet that's one thing that's a little lacking is games, and Android ports are hit or miss at best. The more games added the better.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Too tired from Seahawks parade, oh wait not available for Q10 anyways.


Vienna's original  abuser

Yeah, I find that annoying, when game producers / devs don't even bother to update the sales copy text in BBW, how many time have I read "your Android phone" or "your iPhone".

Makes me wonder if they can't adjust that simple thing, how many code adjustments have their really done to that respective app.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That, and they update their BBW text for things that don't exist on the BB...such as Modern Combat 4 supporting HID controllers when our native version doesn't. :(

Wait wait wait, they have to make sure doesn't have any games with the word "dungeon" "hunter" or the number "7" in any of their games to make sure they don't get sued...

Unable to download for my Z10, states unacceptable for this device? 10.1

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Reminds me of that Spartan God game, forgot the name, but it's really nice to have such games on your phone, better than Angry Birds and other puzzle games crap

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Tried my MOGA Pro in B mode and it doesn't do anything; no prompt like Minion Rush does.

Maybe in an update? Though it doesn't look like Android supports it either.

When playing in my Z10, temperature is 43oC, have to stop playing cause I worry about the battery.

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This game is garbage.

Force closes on initial load. Even after restarts and no other applications are open

White Z10

This happened to me too. I fixed it by turning on "Device Identifying Information" in the app permissions.
hope that works for you

How to install the latest dungeon hunter 4 version?

DH4 v1.9.0i the final update not the old one... i need update, and hoelw to install that game without bb world. Playing games updated is more cool and addicted and not boring. Update it pls..