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Gameloft bring Spider-Man: Ultimate Power to BlackBerry Legacy Devices

Spider-Man: Ultimate Power
By James Richardson on 30 Apr 2014 06:30 am EDT

Time for me to switch on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 once again as Gameloft have released Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for Legacy Devices. Everyone loves a super hero and what with Spiderman hitting the big screens, what better way than to get some spidey action on your BlackBerry.

Of course, playing games on a legacy device is certainly no match for BlackBerry 10, but after giving this one a quick go it's actually not bad. The game is of the typical arcade running style where you must jump and dodge bad guys and obstacles on your quest to rescue Mary Jane. 

Taking a closer look in BlackBerry World it looks like this game is downloadable going back as far as the BlackBerry Curve 8520 - so no matter how old your device is you should be able to get a slice of the pie. 

Spider-Man: Ultimate Power is free to download, although the app description does suggest some in-app purchases are available.

Give it a try and see what you think? 

More information/Download Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for legacy devices


Reader comments

Gameloft bring Spider-Man: Ultimate Power to BlackBerry Legacy Devices

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BBOS 7 devices had decent hardware (about equivalent to the iPhone 4). It should load no problem.

Posted via CB10

If you're using CB10, you'll have to copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Posted via CB10

Ouch, reading is a neglected skill these days.

OK, you're right, still worth checking, just in case.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm a sucker for retro 2d side scrolling beatem ups.
Brings me back to playing bad dudes on NHS, and knights of the round table for SNES.

I'd like this one on blackberry 10

Posted via CB10

I loved Bad Dudes!.. "I got it!"... I remember the one-liners in the arcade version.

Agreed. Side scrollers were awesome.

It's a fun game, but I'm really confused as to why Gameloft continues to release games for BBOS. They just released Amazing Spider-Man 2 for iOS and Android, where is that for BB10? The blog post doesn't even mention BB10 as a release platform. Same thing happened with the Thor Dark World game. They released it on legacy devices but not BlackBerry 10.

Yess! so happy to see articles on Crackberry about legacy devices! And to see support for them as well! I love SpiderMan, definitely one of my favorite heroes... Hittin Blackberry world to download this right now :)

So yeah..... tried to download the game I couldn't.. apparently it's not available for my device... the Curve 9350.? Big disappointment... I was so excited

Looks like there is a lot more device fragmentation on Legacy, if it doesn't work on your Curve or my Torch.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah, that unfortunately seems to be the case. I contacted Gameloft and hopefully they will make adjustments to make it available on all legacy devices.. It kind of seems like they skipped and jumped over certain device models, as it's available for the 9360 which is the GSM version of the 9350, but essentially the same phone. Kind of odd that our phones aren't supported but even the 8520 is