Unleash your inner Bob Barker with Game Show Soundboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2011 01:54 pm EDT

Let me start by saying yes, I know that this is a novelty app and isn't very practical for most users. That being said, it is actually very amusing providing you can find an implementation for it. Game Show Soundboard is a fun app that lets aspiring game show hosts live in their glory. With a complete soundboard, timer and scoring, Game Show Soundboard brings out your Wink Martindale and brings family game night to a whole new level. I do have to say that I cannot wait to use this on the next podcast and annoy the crap out of everyone. Not much else can be said on this app, so I'll let the video above do the talking. Don't forget to have your pets spayed or neutered!

More information/download of Game Show Soundboard

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Unleash your inner Bob Barker with Game Show Soundboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook


where can i safely download some sounds like these (HQ is preferable!) to make my own alerts (twitter, FB, email, etc) and ringtones? thanks!

Really? You guys are doing the best you can to sell the substandard app selection for the PlayBook, but would probably be better served not to bring attention to it until there was something worth highlighting.

Gorillaz wrote their most recent album entirely on an iPad. As much as I love my Playbook, I guess we still have some way to go if this is the best it has to offer regarding sound production. I am sure it will improve in time, just us Crackberry users aren't very patient!

Dang, RIM's advantage over Snapple was always security and enterprise usage. The Maxipad is insecure, oversized and generally useless for business. I figured the Playbook would be the ultimate business tablet, but in addition to the backup, file and other problems under discussion, these wimpy games appzzz all over the place that are far sillier than all the Snapple offerings... and no Twitter, no PowerPoint, no bookmark management.

I know we need some time here, but I hope to high heaven RIM isn't fixing to beat Snapple on the toy /gamer front. Might as well offer a free pair of mandals with every Playbook.



Ha ha, of course, it is those in name only. The functionality is truly pitiful, especially the PowerPoint. Not even bothering until it gets help.

Thank you though.

I'm the developer of this app, so first I would like to sincerely thank Adam for posting this review. As daily reader of the site it was quite fun to stumble across an article about my own app. I thought I'd add in a few additional thoughts and respond to the comments made on the posting.

I created this app with a friend because we thought it would be fun to have. I know it's not the most inventive, but the goal was really to make a fun app to accomplish a specific task. To that end, we both work in UI and did put a lot of effort into making sure what it did do it did very well. Visual feedback, layered audio, and simultaneous sound objects with proper memory management are a few of the items we really put some effort into. We really hope users find it to be a great execution of what admittedly might be classified as a novelty app.

This was also a great experience to understand how fluid publishing an app from Flash CS5.5 is (IDE not Flex.) We have another app, Animal Sounds, that invokes more of the BB APIs to capture bezel swipes for BB stylized menus. That was also a perfectly smooth and enjoyable development process.

Thanks again!

what an awesomely fun looking app! Business productivity? I have had several conference calls where I wished I had a rimshot or crickets at hand to retort somebody's bad jokes!

Too bad there isn't something similar for the torch... I want a playbook more now.

Hi @yaytaco,

Adam from RIM here. We’re definitely trying to make the development process as open and easy as possible, so I appreciate you sharing your PlayBook development experience for Flash. In addition to the Game Show Soundboard and Animal Sounds apps (@xinutel: used the crickets sound in a recent meeting – definitely awesome for bad jokes), let us know what you’re working on next and how it takes advantage of the platform!

We continue to publish cool developments on our Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog (http://bbry.lv/bsbpYQ), so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest.

Adam Stanley, RIM Social Media Team