CONTEST: Wordcaster Gets Updated, Win a Free Copy!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Aug 2008 10:27 am EDT

CONTEST WINNERS: And the winners of a FREE COPY of Wordcaster are... djlegend, mrfreeze574, saechuck, ywbyun, betavirus, Tokek, tylermckenzie, fyrfyter, Jrosephoto, and radube. You will receive an email from Nickel Budy with your free copy! *

Nickel Buddy released an updated version of their popular BlackBerry game Wordcaster today... In case you're not familiar, Wordcaster is a word game where you connect adjacent letter tiles to form words. Some tiles are red hot, and if you don't use them in a word, they will burn the tile below them each turn until they reach the bottom. If a red tile reaches the bottom, the game is over. Special tiles give the ability to cast spells, such as swapping tiles, or changing their letter. It's challenging and it's FUN.

Wordcaster is available from for $9.99, and a free trial is available.

I absolutely LOVE this game (Warning: it's ADDICTING), so we hooked up TEN free copies to give away to readers. To get in on your chance to win, be logged into and leave a Comment on this Blog Post!

Not sure what to comment? Why not download a FREE TRIAL of Wordcaster, and let everyone know your thoughts, tips and high scores! You have until this Sunday, Midnight CST to get in on the contest. I'll update this post come Monday morning with the winning usernames. Instructions are posted after the jump, so you can get the most out of the game immediately.  

Wordcaster Instructions: Type out words by using the keyboard, or by selecting them with the trackball. The Delete key erases the last letter, and the Enter key submits a word to be scored. If multiple words are possible, use the trackball to rotate between word possibilities.

Some tiles are wrapped in a colored ribbon. Use these tiles in a word and gain the use of a corresponding spell:

  • Red is MIX and allows you to scramble all the letters on the board, though it also introduces a red hot fire tile.
  • Green is SWAP, which allows you to swap any 2 adjacent tiles.
  • Blue is SHIFT, which allows you to change the letter of a tile up or down 1 position in the alphabet.

Enjoy Wordcaster! Good Luck on the Contest!!

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Reader comments

CONTEST: Wordcaster Gets Updated, Win a Free Copy!



WoW! just downloaded the trial and i love it. Its nice to finally have found a game that is mentally challenging and fun. GREAT TIME KILLER!!

This looks great. I tried a free trial of Bookworm, which is similar, and it was awesome. This looks like another great word game.

I was actually pleasently surprised by this game.
I was expecting something that would be entertaining for a small amount of time and then become mundane and boring.

However this game is a lot of fun. Definitely love the trial version...would LOVE to win a full copy...hint...hint

I've always been a big fan of word games (Word Search, Boggle...). This one definitely looks great!

Looks and sounds very interesting and I'm sure will be a blast to play. I'm going to download the trial and I hope I'm one of the winners. I just love to get free stuff.

Never one for playing games on mobile devices - most played is probably brick breaker on my curve :) This seems good though - well executed and looks nice, might give it a shot :)

Oooo... I would love this game on my BlackBerry! I have spent hours and hours playing this game on my PC. Truly addicting (so fitting with the BlackBerry!)

Crackberry never gets old. I am on this site constantly waiting for the latest Blackberry utilities and news.

This looks like a fun game and I'm always looking for a new addiction to add to the video black jack and sudoku.

One of my friends has it and it is totally addicting. A little financially tapped so I hope I win one of the freebies.

I just downloaded the free trial and I really like the game. Hopefully I will win or else it looks like I may purchase it anyway.

On the one hand it would be nice to win, on the other hand people are complaining I spend too much time on my BB as it is...

I've never played this game before but I really like playing word games online. This looks like it could be promising!

I got really hooked on Lingo, so this game is probably going to keep me from working. Perfect!! I'm going to download it right now!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!

I would love to get a free copy of this game! It looks really addicting and what else more do I need than another addicting game.

I have a feeling that this very post, that I am writing now, is my Golden Ticket. Tons of giveaways, none in my pocket...yet!

I don't even have it, yet I know I'll be addicted. This is the type of game that will occupy me during my boring meetings, and long flights. Please, if you have a heart, give me the mind relaxer that I need. Thank you.

I don't even have it, yet I know I'll be addicted. Please oh please, help me get through my day mindlessly with a great game like this so I can enjoy my meetings.

This game is great. Good time waster while you are waiting on your wife/girlfriend at the mall or blowing some time at work...whoops, did I say that?
Good mind exercise and a chance to relieve some stress.

I've not seen this one before. Looks similar to Bookworm... which I use to play a lot. I hope I get a copy. Thanks.

This game looks absolutely brilliant! Looks like it can really let you master the trackball, I'm downloading it now.


Hehe, I would love to win this game, would be a nice game to play while I'm in the office with some free time, even if it's 5 minutes.

This game is incredibly addicting. I do not have it on my current BB but I had it on my previous one, and let me tell is impossible to stop playing. Give it try you won't be sorry..and hey...I NEED a copy for my current BB...Please!!!

I love to play word puzzles and scrabble, and this is just a great game to play when you have a few idle minutes - even at work while you are downloading other software for your BB.
Lots of fun. Thanks, Susanne

I especially LOVE, LOVE, LOVE word games. Move over hangman...i'm totally addicted to Wordcaster. A few times I was tempted to whip out my dictionary. Great game.

who would of thought i'd be spending all my waking moments trying to hunt for new stuff to put on my blackberry, all i need is a new game..

right now i'm using the trial and i have to say that i thought brick breaker was at the top, now wordcaster is my favorite, i actually removed brick breaker for the time being..... great job on a great game....

I use BKW and enjoy it, especially the relaxed play option: I'm not a speed demon and usually just use my games to keep from being bored when waiting for an appointment.

Does Wordcaster have a relaxed play type mode?


Just downloaded the free trial!!! It's so addicting and it stimulates your brain, especially now during the summer when we may not be using our minds as much!!! LOL!

Its one of those games you love to keep playing coz it is not just about mindless action. It involves quick wit, creative strategy and of course, a more than average amount of word knowledge. Buy hey, if you dont, this game can help you with that! Very challenging, and it does not just help you pass away waiting times, but it is very entertaining. Word games will always be a favorite i guess in any game how i wish Blackberry would put these kind of games in their units instead of the likes of brickbreaker.

Thank you for letting us try!

its always good for a new game! and even better if u could get it for free!! thanks for sharing!=]

How should I put this? Okay, I'm an addictive personality, and I would prefer being addicted to this terrific word game rather than, let's say, actual drugs, cigarettes, or pills. :) So, how about helping this poor addict? Here's hoping I win a free copy of a great game, Wordcaster. :)

Always looking for something else to do while sitting at the airport. Too bad AT&T can't take their focus off the iphone 3G issues long enough to release a real player!

I usually stick to the freeware but this is one of the few games I will consider purchasing... if I don't win a copy, of course.

Yep, she would. The bad thing is she probably will not let go of my blackberry once she starts playing it

I love this game! I usually hate doing word-searches in newspapers and the like, but after playing this game, I've had the most fun i've had in a long time

Ive have been looking for some new games! This one is an awesome addicting game! its perfect for those empty nights stuck in the box office of the movie theatre and you have emailed/IMed/Txted/Fbooked you entire address book. no one is answering!.

i need games!

good ones!

Looks pretty interesting... reminds me of another game I used to play. I'd love to win a free copy :)

Looks like this game will be awesome. I'll try my chances on this free copy if I get it. Thanks for insightful information about the lovely Blackberry gadgets.

Downloaded the trial...I'm hooked!
Would be exceptionally cool to win a copy.
But, either way - I'll enjoy it~


addicting is an understatement!!! this is the kind of game that you will not want to put down. GET IT GET IT GET IT. loving the free download.

Although I am still waiting for a Bold, this sounds like a great game, and if there is a chance of a FREE copy... then please count me in!

Im a sudoku junky and after a few hours of playing all i see are numbers. Hopefully I get just as addicted to this game so Ill have some letters to go with the numbers.

My wife loves word games even more than I do, if I lose my Curve over this.....I'll, uhmmm, I'll...have to get another!

Is there any way of playing on bigger grids? Six letter words are cool and all, but finding longer words might be even cooler.

play once every time you are bored, some side affects may include loss of free time, hours passing, and loss of battery life!

I love good word games and like the mental challenge that is not always found in other games. I own Bookworm and am currently addicted to Big Kahuna Words by This is a great game with lots of flexibility, many levels and is visually impressive. I am patiently waiting for the availability of Word Mole and will give Wordcaster a try in the meantime. I would love to win a copy!!

Love word games and need this to waste more of my time on my Crackberry!!!!
First wordcaster, next .....Texttwist ?

Never got a chance to try this game. I tried to download to my PC and then load to BB Curve 8330 via desk manager but it wouldn't allow.

I never got a chance to try this game. I tried to download it to my PC and load it to my BB Curve 8330 via desk manager, but it didn't recognize the file.

Thought I would leave a comment to see if I would get a free copy. Just about to dl the trial to see if it plays as good as it looks.

I'm not sure about this game. You see I am an old retired guy and my brain has gone out to pasture. And this game looks like it might hurt what brain I have left. But, if I was so lucky to win, I would surely give it a try.

I've been dying for a good game on my Black Berry Pearl! This looks like it will be a great time killer, and awesomely addictive! I am going to download the trial asap. If I am lucky enough to win the free copy I'd be estatic! If not congrats to the winners :D.

~Link Koriri~
WIRELESS etc... #533

I am addicted to any word game ! I am going to dl the trial and give it a go. But, in any case, count me in for the context. 9/10 chances I would love a copy of this.

I downloaded Wordcaster today and sat down to watch a movie. I made the mistake of picking up my curve to just check the game out. Two hours later the movie was over and I have no clue what it was about. Wordcaster took over and there was no stopping!