Game Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving Hollywood!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2008 12:03 pm EDT

Win a Free Copy of Lesuire Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving HollyWood

Our friends at BPlay added two awesome new titles to their BlackBerry gaming library over the weekend... the always popular (err..slimy) Leisure Suit Larry in Love for Sail and Surviving Hollywood. Better yet, BPlay has given us 10 FREE games to give away to the CrackBerry community! Keep reading for more info on the new games and to enter for your chance to win.

Leisure Suite Larry Love for Sail

Lesuire Suit Larry Love for Sail

Leisure Suit Larry hits the high seas as he cruises for love in this comic adventure game, which mixes hilarious dialogue, mini-games and puzzles.

Your favorite smooth talker from the 80’s hit the high seas as he cruises for love! Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail is a mobile re-production of the classic Larry PC game. Become Larry as he tries to woo the most beautiful, unsuspecting female vacationers. Larry has seemingly infinite opportunities to use his signature lines, including a plane, cruise ship, beaches, and the casino. He is on the trip of a lifetime and the theme provides the perfect summer fun. Will Larry score a date? You control Larry’s fate.

Surviving Hollywood

Surviving Hollywood

Create your path to stardom! Go on auditions, hit the hottest clubs, and work odd jobs. Surviving Hollywood is based on the top selling Surviving franchise.

Do you have what it takes to be the new industry “it” person? With the choose-your-own-adventure concept, experience the highs and lows of Hollywood. Start off by working odd jobs to pay the rent. Then learn to balance auditions with shooting demands while making time to mingle with other celebs at the hottest clubs.

Hit the red carpet in style, and give the tabloids something to buzz about. Fulfill your destiny by taking Hollywood by storm! Surviving Hollywood is based on the top selling, award-winning Surviving franchise. Download new episodes each month to play out new storylines!


To enter for your chance to win one of ten free games all you need to do is be LOGGED into and Leave a Comment on this Blog Post!

In your comment, tell us something about Gaming on your BlackBerry... such as, what's your favorite game, how often do you play games on your BlackBerry, how many games you have on your BlackBerry, what game titles would you like to see on your BlackBerry, etc.

You'll have until Friday, midnight CST to get your comment in on this thread. From there, 10 winners will be picked at random! Winners can choose which title they'd like - either Leisure Suit Larry or Surviving Hollywood. Good Luck!! 

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Game Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving Hollywood!



Adam: Can I please win a copy of this game? Please?

Chris: For God's sake, all the boy wants is a copy of the darn game!! Are you that heartless???!!!!

My favorite game of all time is Dopewars, from my Palm PDA days. I am having a time getting used to the slightly different format on the BB, but I'll survive! My second favorite game is Same game...quick and fairly mindless. I just started playing Christmas Pool and love the graphics on it!

I have 6 games currently loaded on my BB. I had 26 on my Palm...but I just got my first BB in November!

I would like to see more freeware/shareware games for the BB like are available for the Palm OS.

Some games I like are: 5000 dice, Roulette, Matchem (SET Game variation), Pyramid Cards, Skip-Bo, and Mah-Jong.

Wow... a free game?? For me??

I am actually comtemplating buying the game. I live in Malaysia, and for every app/game that I buy, I pay 3x more than people staying in the US. I recently bought UNO, and now am waiting for budget to buy more games. Since this is free, maybe the good people of CB can give one copy to me? Thanks in advance... (hmm... this post sounds like I'm begging... actually, I am!!!)

I want to be Larry. Think about it, he has all the toys, gets the ladies and hasn't aged a day in what, the last 10 years or so. Larry is the MAN!

Wow. This would be so cool to win. Larry was the first thing I ever did on the first computer I ever bought way back in the black-white screen days. I have d games on my bb now and like checkers best so far. I know its a simple game,but I can win most times,guess that's why I like it. Would like to see more action games,side scrollers from the 80s days. Point and shoot ems.

I have been playing Leisure Suit Larry since LSL1 - Land of the Lounge Lizards (original game) up to the most current Magna Cum Laude. Al Lowe has really come a long way since the DOS days. I was sad when he left Sierra in '99, but it's nice to see that Larry's legacy has continued throughout the generation. Larry represents the epitomy of all the middle-aged loser men at the height of their mid-life crisis. I have never found a game with better humor in all my years of playing and will never get sick of watching him throughout all his new adventures. It will be easier, a tad more interesting and maybe even more addicting to play this on a Blackberry! Now you can feel Larry in your pocket too...

J :)

Leisure Suit Larry....but the Hollywood game sounds intresting too. I wonder if you can enter into a downward spiral like some of them are doing in Hollywood now?? Hope I win....

Sweet. I downloaded it last week but no trial period at all. So had to delete it. Man, I remember playing the first version on an old PC 8088XT or was that 8088AT?!!! LOL

I enjoy playing games on my BBRY. Usually when I'm stuck somewhere waiting. It's handy to pull it out and kill some time. The games I currently have are:
- PacMan
- Frogger
- Kaglom
- Disco Bowling
- Curling Challenge
- vNES
- Christmas Pool

My favorites are Pool, Pacman, Kaglom and Frogger. But Leisure Suite would probably end up being at the top of the list if I won!

The only games I play on my BlackBerry is Brickbreaker & Lingo....I find myself playing when I'm sitting in class or lounging around.

If I'm one of the lucky winners I would choose "Surviving Hollywood", the game description really got me interested.

Good Luck Everyone!!

This is when porn was left to your imagination! I remember playing on the Commodore 64, can't believe this guy is still getting some .... I am sooooo jealous!

Still ... will love to play this one .....

How about letting a Canadian win one of these? While trolling around as Larry, it will help me get through this brutal winter we have been having.

Cheers guys, keep up the great work!


These are the games i have in my curve: checker, sudoku, disco bowling, and ka-bloom. im thinking to buy worms 2007 and heroes lore now. pick me? =)
thank you.

Well, I'm definately a newbie to the BlackBerry World.

Having had my Red BB Pearl 8100 now for 24 hours, I've managed to get some movies and music going, (thanks to Crackberry's BB 101 forum), set up my BB email account and then slap an x-ray picture of my broken index finger as the background.

I've gotten my feet wet but now its time to get busy... with some games and such.

I just noticed a service available with my laptop called "A/V Remote Control Target" in the bluetooth properties. I have to find out how to make it work.

I'm eager to have the hardest core BB Pearl around... and then upgrade to an 8120 with WI-FI! Thanks Crackberry.


i'd love to see more of these types of text based classic games on the bb. how's about a monkey island or oregon trail?!

I think I've played this a loooong time ago. Sure would love to have it to add to my berry. Right now I have Outbreak (eh, it's ok), Slingo (wakes up my mind), KaGlom (mindless playing), and Klondike. There's also circle popper for the kiddo in an emergency :)

Dude, my games are so lame....can I have a cool one?

I love playing games on my curve. My favorite game is dope wars, I've been playing it for a while now!

Larry sounds like a cool game, hope I get it for free!

I have about 20 games on my BB Pearl. My favorites are Texas Hold'em King 2, Doom, and Midnight Pool. I play a couple times a week when the time arises. Too bad my battery life gets massacred when I do play.

It'd be interesting to see GTA IV on a BB.

The ability to read e-mail that is received in real-time, anywhere, has made the BlackBerry devices infamously addictive, earning them the nickname "CrackBerry," a reference to the street-drug form of cocaine known as crack.

i love leisure suit larry. that game was the in thing years ago. i've played just about every one! this would be perfect for me to get me bacto my old gaming adventures!