Game Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving Hollywood!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2008 12:03 pm EDT

Win a Free Copy of Lesuire Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving HollyWood

Our friends at BPlay added two awesome new titles to their BlackBerry gaming library over the weekend... the always popular (err..slimy) Leisure Suit Larry in Love for Sail and Surviving Hollywood. Better yet, BPlay has given us 10 FREE games to give away to the CrackBerry community! Keep reading for more info on the new games and to enter for your chance to win.

Leisure Suite Larry Love for Sail

Lesuire Suit Larry Love for Sail

Leisure Suit Larry hits the high seas as he cruises for love in this comic adventure game, which mixes hilarious dialogue, mini-games and puzzles.

Your favorite smooth talker from the 80’s hit the high seas as he cruises for love! Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail is a mobile re-production of the classic Larry PC game. Become Larry as he tries to woo the most beautiful, unsuspecting female vacationers. Larry has seemingly infinite opportunities to use his signature lines, including a plane, cruise ship, beaches, and the casino. He is on the trip of a lifetime and the theme provides the perfect summer fun. Will Larry score a date? You control Larry’s fate.

Surviving Hollywood

Surviving Hollywood

Create your path to stardom! Go on auditions, hit the hottest clubs, and work odd jobs. Surviving Hollywood is based on the top selling Surviving franchise.

Do you have what it takes to be the new industry “it” person? With the choose-your-own-adventure concept, experience the highs and lows of Hollywood. Start off by working odd jobs to pay the rent. Then learn to balance auditions with shooting demands while making time to mingle with other celebs at the hottest clubs.

Hit the red carpet in style, and give the tabloids something to buzz about. Fulfill your destiny by taking Hollywood by storm! Surviving Hollywood is based on the top selling, award-winning Surviving franchise. Download new episodes each month to play out new storylines!


To enter for your chance to win one of ten free games all you need to do is be LOGGED into and Leave a Comment on this Blog Post!

In your comment, tell us something about Gaming on your BlackBerry... such as, what's your favorite game, how often do you play games on your BlackBerry, how many games you have on your BlackBerry, what game titles would you like to see on your BlackBerry, etc.

You'll have until Friday, midnight CST to get your comment in on this thread. From there, 10 winners will be picked at random! Winners can choose which title they'd like - either Leisure Suit Larry or Surviving Hollywood. Good Luck!! 

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Game Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail or Surviving Hollywood!



I was just thinking about buying these games last night but that would be awesome to win them!

I'm always gaming on my phone. I work on the road so in between meetings when I have nothing to do, I play games!! I've already mastered Brick Breaker and the Curling game I bought is no longer a challenge.. haha. I would love to see SimCity on my BlackBerry or the classic Lemmings game!! These Simulation games like Surviving Hollywood and Larry are always fun when you're trying to kill time...

Thank god I found this website because I used to browse other BlackBerry sites but this one always has the best contests and BY FAR the best BlackBerry info!

My favorite game on my Blackberry is UNO, which probably gets around 4-6 hours of play a week.
I only have one game on my Blackberry which I play mostly while using the bathroom (LOL) or on the train to NYC.
I would love to see Doom on the Blackberry, that would be another great game to add to my berry. I hope to win!!!!!

We're going on a cruise in December. I wonder if we'll get to meet any Leisure Larry's??? LOL

The game I wish could be on my Curve because I am truly addicted is WII Cooking Mama but since that isn't' possible, I would love to have Frogger--I just don't want to buy it. hehe

Today (if you live in the Boston area) you might have come across 3.5 hours worth of traffic due to an overturned trailer. Sitting in the car, bored out of my mind. I started texting a fellow coworker of mine. Knowing this was not going to keep me entertained the entire time, I was playing BrickBreaker, Sudoku, PacMan, and Zelda. I don't recommend playing games while driving, however I do not think my car topped 5mph during my travels.

*edit for typo*

Please, please, please, please take me back to sneaking into the computer lab in high school to play. I miss you Larry!!!

the extent of my gaming on the BB has been the brick breaker game and the free Lingo game from the BB Lounge.

I would love to try some other types of games, especially the leisure suit larry ones... i remember playing these games YEARS ago on my old Packard Bell pc =)

I play a few games on my BB. Usually while waiting for a flight or on the plane. Brickbreaker, Sudoku and sometimes PacMan.

I remember playing Leisure Suit Larry back in the 80's, along with Space Quest. Those were great games.

I think I could handle a new Leisure Suit Larry game. I'll struggle to get in the mind set again.

I love to have this game. I have two other games on my bb and don't play as much.I want to buy the game this morning but looking on cb an seen that I was going to be giving a way. O hope I will get this game thanks jamie

I don't have any games on my blackberry because I just never found any games that were interesting.....I'm still looking.

My favorite BB game right now is Lingo... so addictive. But I remember Larry from back in the day when I was a teenager :)

...if you was a booger, I'd pick you....

I can't wait to get more really cool and useful pickup lines from Larry!

I have a few free games on my Cirve and enjoy Pac Man and of course Breakthrough. I would like to try a premium game like LLL and plan to purchase a few in the future. I game occasionally and like to have the ability when I am waiting or bored. I am a LLL fan and was totally unaware that it was available for the BB, I had a few older ones on my PC years ago.

Heh- Leisure Suit Larry. I remember playing that on a brand-new 386, way back when.

I normally don't put many games on a BB, but for this, I'll make an exception. :)

I have been looking for a couple new games to pass my free time while on my Berry. BPlay normally has the better games out and worth the money!

Right now, I have three games on my Curve, Lingo, Blackjack and Disco Bowling. Lingo is by far my favorite, though.

having noticed the games already, I was about to purchase Love for Sail (Have played and loved all of the LsL games - Laffer, that is) and to have something like this on the BB would be excellent...

I'll hold off buying for the time being - Just in case :D

I am totally into Role Playing Games. I have the Sims on my home computer and am totally addicted. I'd love to have SimCity and Sims 2 so I'd say Surviving Hollywood would be my choice. I currently have ER Rush on my phone and I am so addicted to it. Pick me!!!

I am fairly new with my blackberry 8820.. I am addicted to Brickbricker, the only game I have at the moment. I thought I was pretty badass for playing Leisure Suit Larry when I 10 years old.

I don't have a ton of games but Leisure Suit sounds great. I loved the original one on my PC.

well... I'd love to play some decent games on my BlackBerry, but all those that I tried (mainly free ones) didn't really work or took more time to get them running than actually playing them.

I'm a bit jealouse if I watch my friends playing all those Java games on their Sony Ericssons and Nokias without any problems and my BlackBerry - despite having a far more powerful CPU than most of those "cellphone" - keeps playing them in slow motion, if I even get past the "Download failes, invalid JAR" screen :(


if im going downtown or taking it to the next level on the bus i think a free game would be street and shizzle for fizzle. My gleaming BB packing heat with the shiznap, yeah a free game =D)

I just received my 8310 Curve (Titanium) about 6 days ago. I only have the game that came with it (brickbreaker). I am interested in getting more games on my Blackberry. I had cribbage on my 8800 and enjoyed playing it.

I would like to see Bejewled and those kind of strategy games on my Blackberry.


I'm totally addicted to simulation games... and Leisure Suite Larry Love for Sail looks neat-o. I would LOVE a free copy?!?! pretty plz :)

My favorite game so far on my BB is UNO. I really want to get Leisure Suit Larry though, it looks like a lot of fun (and a good time waster!)

Nothing...but nothing...helps the time go by at work then gaming on my Blackberry. It is probably the only thing keeping me sane these days. Brickbreaker is the one that holds my attention the most, followed by Par 72 Golf II and Sudoku is always good to kill time. I also have Advanced Brain Trainer 2 to keep my mind/memory sharp. May the 'Gaming Force' be with us all. Hopefully, with this new game *WINK* *WINK* *NUDGE* *NUDGE*

Both of these games looks like a lot of fun. Looks like the type of game that ive been looking for. A really fun role playing game to keep me busy while at work. I really would love to win a copy.

I've currently got at least a dozen games on my phone ranging from Lingo, Bomber, Brickbreaker, Outbreak, Checkers, Sudoku, etc.

I'd love to have Leisure Suit Larry so I'm able to mack on some ladies virtually and boost my real skills. Besides, it'll save me the REAL embarrassment along with the multiple slaps to the face. However, it's the slaps to the ego that leave the real scars...


Who knew back in the 80s that they would still be making Leisure Suit Larry Games... anyone remember the age check at the beginning of the original?


As an old time Larry fan, I would definitely like to win one of the copies that Crackberry is giving away, it's a very cool game, and I'd like to see how it runs on my Pearl... :)

The other night we lost power for four hours, my wife laughed at me because I had to connected to my BB. She thought I emialing and working, but NOT, Played every game I have.

Gaming fills those time when I just do not want to think anymore. I usually play about 8-10 hours a week, between meetings, appointments and when I am just relaxing.

Texas Hold'em King 2
Christmas Pool
Thinking about buying Call of Duty4.

I would like to see anything fun, games are a release for me.
Hey what about those new mind building games, so I can play and develop my mind?

Never would have guessed years ago when I was playing the original Larry games that some day I might be carrying him around on my phone.

I remember playing these games back when i was 13 years old, although i wasn't supposed to. Lounge Lizards was the one. I am very excited about this release. Gaming on the blackberry is a great experience. sometimes I get stuck and need a little pick-me-up and these type of games help.

I think games like this are great. They are a lot like a Van Damme flick, you know what to expect but it still totally kicks ass ;).

I've been a LSL fan since the old DOS days. First loaded him up on a 286 from 5.25 inch floppies.

OMG Leisure Suit Larry I haven't played that game in forever. I don't really play much on my Blackberry but if I had this game I think that would change.


It would be great to win the game!! another challenge...
I am also all the time on the road, an try to challenge myself in a game between two meetings, in the traffic jams...

Let me know...

Ya know, I've actually been looking for Leisure Suit Larry Love For Sale for some time now. I remember playing that game years ago. Absolutely loved it! I only spend part of my time stuck to my blackberry, but with this, it would definitely become a full time focus...and I have no problem with that what-so-ever! Sadly, the only game I have currently is brickbreaker, but I've only had my curve about a week now, so I'm still getting it set up how I want it. Leisure Suit Larry would be a grand addition!

So I just got my own 8310 about 1.5 weeks ago (I used 8700 at work for last year) so im relatively new to gaming on the device. I am not a fan of brickbreaker on the curve as it seems slower then the 8700, like a bad port, its a little jittery

But right now, the only game I have on the device is Golden Tee Golf Mobile Edge and its awesome, as i love to play golf, so its fun to play on the bus or subway on the way to work or school, which means i am playing it almost daily for 20-60 minutes at a time

I would like to see a well developed ice hockey game styled after EA's NHL 95 or something which was a classic, and/or a mini golf game, which appeals to me as my favorite game on my old Motorola L7

So far i only have, chess, checkers, pipes and packman on my BB.

I find Pipes to be pretty challanging and fun :D

Im sure this game will be loads of fun too!

What they need to bring out for the BlackBerry devices, is a lot of the old Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, particularly the Sonic the Hedgehog games... Better yet, they should release an official emulator, that way we could play whatever game we wanted!

It's be nice to see more RPGs (role-playing games) too, and maybe SimCity 2000 for BlackBerry.

For all my patients who have sexual disfunctions, Larry could teach them quite a bit. Let the winning begin!

The only extra game I currently have on my Pearl is The Legend of Zelda and I must say that is a great re-creation of that solid game.

And to be honest brickbreaker gets a lot of play as well, it can sure eat up the time when you are waiting to catch a flight or just waiting in general.

I remember finding out about Larry back in high school when we were sneaking around entering false birth dates to be able to run the game on a pc. I have a few downloads from blackberry owners and enjoy playing poker blast and disco bowling. I like to play on the shuttle on the way home and when watching tv during commercials.

I was just talking to someone about Larry the other day and then they come out with a Blackberry edition of the game and I want it.

My brand new Curve 8320 is arriving three days from now (I´m t-3). AS you may imagine, I´ve got no games in it more than whatever is inlcuded in the factory software.
Wouldn´t it just be great to start my B-berry gaming off with an all-timer classic from gaming industry: Larry?!!!

I rest my case.

I have brickbreaker, Pac Man, Disco Bowling, Pub Checkers, and Sodoku on my 8820. I play pac man non stop; best score is 56k on level 8. I would love to see Text Twist, but then I'd never do anything else. I mean I'd love to see Leisure Suite Larry more than anything on my BB! Thanks!

As I head to work in the morning downtown San Francisco I'm on the train for about 20mins normally I enjoy playing sudoku so I kick start my brain, during lunch time it's a toss up between reading articles on viigo or sudoku (depending if I'm almost finished with a level board). Then theirs the end of my day and I would say three two four hours a day give or take. Brick Breaker is of course once a while played on my device but not really my favorite. This is again just on my mobile so I do want to mention I have an Nintendo SD, that's a whole different story.

Just got my first ever Blackberry. My, what have I been missing! No gaming on my Curve as yet but how I'd love to get a bit of Larry on my 'berry! ;)

I remember when the original came out on the PC - it was great graphics for the time! WOW - that makes me old :>) Fun game!!!

I mainly go for the free games, so most of the ones I have aren't overly exciting. The game I play most is probably Sudoku because it is very easy to pick up and play, and also easy to drop at any time.

I play Brick breaker because thats all I have installed. I would love to be able to play World of Warcraft on my curve. I guess I will try for LSL

Havent played many games on my BB yet. I did check out a couple of trial games but never really liked them so much I had to have them.

I was going to buy Lego racers but I wanted to try it out first.

I would definitely play Leisure suit if I won. Maybe I'll buy it if I dont win.

I'd like to see a Simcity or Civilization game but Im not sure they could make the gameplay comparable to the real version.

I played one of his other games years ago. Would love to try this one! Plus it would be my first game on my blackberry!

I'm known to have many electronic toys before most of my friends. I do a lot of research before making my purchases, and finding useful information is easy here. Rather than jumping from forum to forum, looking for an answer or tip, I just log on! After using a BlackBerry 8700 for a year or so, I graduated to a Curve (I wanted the BEST). After reading post after post and asking questions, I felt exceedingly comfortable making the right choice. Thank you

Also, use VIIGO!!

I'm known to have many electronic toys before most of my friends. I do a lot of research before making my purchases, and finding useful information is easy here. Rather than jumping from forum to forum, looking for an answer or tip, I just log on! After using a BlackBerry 8700 for a year or so, I graduated to a Curve (I wanted the BEST). After reading post after post and asking questions, I felt exceedingly comfortable making the right choice. Thank you

Also, use VIIGO!!

I have 12 games on my Pearl and the most played and addicting is Texas Hold'em King 2!!!!

I love this game, I do have others even Leisure Suit Larry for BB 8100. I finished the game but didn't figure out the bonus codes at the end to be able to use them.

Thanks in advance for the game.

i really enjoy playing blackjack and poker blast at the moment. both were free and can be stopped mid-game and resumed later. love that! have about seven games for my berry in all. thanks for the chance to win!

WOW!! I played Larry on the old PC VGA back in the days..and now I can roll back the years playing on my berry...I do hope I win lol

My fave game was monopoly but it gets a bit monotonous. Need something like command and conquer style of game. My suggestion is for developer to provide trial so that we now how the game like before purchasing.

I just got my BlackBerry and have been looking for some cool games. I'm already addicted to brickbreaker, but it is kinda lame (even though I play it every day).

Any recommendations?

played Liesure Suit Larry in college years ago now I want to be reunited with an old friend on my black berry that I love it would be the best of both worlds

*******pick me ***pick me ****

It should be obvious that I win cause my Name IS Larry!

I even own a Leisure suit that I bought as a halloween Costume! HAHA!!


I only have about 3 games on my BB, and Lingo is currenty my favorite. However, Leisure Suit Larry has been an all time favorite of mine. I'd love to have a BB version of it!

Looks like Larry from "Threes Company!" I'm old to play Ka-Glom (totally addicted). It would be good to give ole Larry some 'swagger' for a change!

I love to play games on my blackberry. Such a great thing while on the road or in airports to pass the time. Either of these to games would be great to have. I used to love playing the Leisure Suit Larry games when I was younger, how cool would it be to have it on your blackberry.

I use my Blackberry to relax between jobs. I especially love to play the online Sudoku from BPlay. It is a stress breaker in my book. I play Chess, Tetris and a number of other games.

It is great to be able to take a few seconds out of my busy day to just play and relax.

I remember good old Larry from a long while ago. Now he's back on the BB!! nice!

I'm always looking for good games on my phone. Hearing that UNO is a good one warms my heart.. :) I love that game.

So let's see that Larry...!! w00t!!


I remember this game back in the 80s. It is actually one of the first graphic role playing games I can remember. It was addicting then so, I am sure it will be much better now!

I truly can't believe Larry is still kickin' it. See boys, some men don't need viagra.

Go Larry!!!

Anyone recall the old days of Leisure Suite Larry game before playing? You would have to answer some of trivia to prove that you are older enough to play :)

Seems like an enjoyable game to me...could use it when I'm bored and have read everything on CB

this game would be amazing to have on my bb i love this game for playstation adn since i play games on my blackberry constantly this would be a perfect fit for me... i have a few games on my bb now and need more i have dope dealer and blackjack and poker... if i get this game i will for sure have to get the BIG battery and new cover lol

The game I play the most, when I have the time, is the classic Brickbreaker. It is addictive as well as fun. I remember playing all of the original Leisure Suit Larry's on my old PC. They were all classics.

My favorite game right now is Sudoku. I play the daily puzzles every morning first thing to try and move up the rankings.

After that the new Disco Bowling is a good one.

right now all i play is brick breaker and lingo. i've tried others but i just didn't like them! honestly, what i'd love on my BB...a version of guitar hero! that would be sweet and i don't care that i would just be pushing buttons unstead of strumming a guitar, it would be awesome!

I sure hope I can win this game. Too broke to afford anything these days and could use some on the road BB entertainment

I used to have this game for my Playstation in fact I think I still have it.. I'm gunna play it again.. I need this for my BB cause I would play it at work then.. Right now i'm on a Packman kick on my BB.. GIVE ME LEISURE SUIT LARRY...

I'm a brand spankin' new crack...uh, I mean blackberry user. I started playing brickbreaker the other day to kill in flight boredom and quickly discovered how susceptible I am to game addiction! I remember LSL as the only "naughty" PC diversion back in the day. Look how "far" we've come. I bet LSL is going to be running on a lot of BB's in a lot plane seats!

But I'd like to get a copy of this. LSL is great. Takes me back to the old DOS computer days......How did we ever survive?

this was an awesome game back in the day and now thats its coming to the blackberry its just getting better

My Sister and I used to play Leisure Suit Larry....we found it in our Grandfather's files, renamed "Tax files 1989". The sitcker was peeling off so we found out what it really was....he caught us playing it and we got times.

Hey guys. Now, I am sure that I dont need this game but maybe for fun and my luck. :D. God bless all over the world.

Man, I would love to have more than just brickbreaker on my BB pearl.

Interesting, did know this tyoe of game was available. Guess I need to checkout the game sites.

Tons of games on my BB 8830WE (Suduko, Lingo, Bowling, Checkers, Pacman, Hold'em, Blackjack, Pool, Tetris, Golf) Plus I have about 10 themes (rocking Scribble but I had the CB Christmas for a while. I'm a huge Larry fan. Please consider me.

I usually play quick games on my Berry when I'm killing a short amount of time.
Sometimes though, I want a more detailed game for actual entertainment.
Right now my game of choice is Lingo, because it's quick and also helps me stretch my vocab.
But a mindless game like LSL would be great too.

I remember playing Leisure Suite Larry when it first came out on the PC. It was a fun game to play then, now I'd love the chance to play it on my new Curve.

I remember the orignal computer game back in the day.

No games for my BB yet. I hope this will be my first.

Haven't played a leisure suit larry game since I was a kid maybe it's time to play it again. Here's hoping I get picked.

I really enjoy playing Lingo on my pearl, it is a great way to get used to using the double qwerty keyboard.

I have 8 free games on my Blackberry. I fave used to be Klondike. But I've recently fallen in love with Uno Free Fall. I so might buy this when the demo expires. I demo'd Scrabble. I so hated it! Games should be kept simple and close to the orginial game's concept.