Galaxy on Fire 2 HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
By Adam Zeis on 5 Jul 2012 09:08 am EDT

We saw a brief demo of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD at BlackBerry World this year and have been sitting patiently ever since, waiting on a release. Well release day is finally here and we couldn't be happier -- Galaxy on Fire 2 HD from Fishlabs is finally available for download. While it rings in at a high price of $9.99, it is truly step above when it comes to PlayBook gaming. The team at Fishlabs have been hard at work bringing this to the PlayBook, and it really shows.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a space combat action/sim/RPG.  You'll explore all over space, fight battles and make your own way in a storyline that weill keep you engulfed for hours on end. This is one you'll want to pull out the HDMI cable for.

Features include:

  • A vast galaxy with over 20 star systems and more than 100 individual planets and space stations
  • More than 30 customizable spaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems, gadgets and commodities
  • A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based and sandbox gameplay
  • High-quality visuals including complex 3D models, hi-res textures and breath-taking SFX
  • 3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting (English)
  • Customizable touch-and-tilt controls
  • Action Freeze: Take screenshots from any perspective and share them on Facebook
  • Native support up to 1024x600 pixels for the BlackBerry PlayBook 

We'll have a full review of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD coming up, but if you want to pick it up now you can grab it in BlackBerry App World from the link below.

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Reader comments

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Anyone that has played this care to comment if it is worth the $9.99? Is this basically a single player offline version of "EVE"? If so I might get this to tide me over until the Fall when my plan is to use my yearly bonus to build a new gaming PC and get back into playing EVE Online :)



Really guys.. this is a Playstation/X-box quality game.. a sweet space simulator. I look at it like this.. an equivalent PC/Mac game is gonna cost me $40-50 bucks and probably around the same for a console game. So yeah it's definitely worth 10 bucks...

I wouldn't compare it to the regular $0.99 - $1.99 simpler games on App World.. the caliber is much more!

i miss the space sim genre of games. Ever since Wing Commander and the Tie Fighter series faded away i've been hoping for a new fix. hopefully this fits the bill. :)

I purchased this game and the add-on on my iPhone and it was well worth the price. I logged over 40 hours of gameplay (including missions and free roaming) and I had to delete it off the iPhone because my fingers started seriously hurting (not because of the game, but because the phone is so small).

Going to be purchasing it again via the playbook to support the developer for porting their game over to app world.

Now, I absolutely love CrackBerry, and my following comment is just having a little fun at your expense, but....

"We'll have a full review of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD coming up, but if you want to pick it up now you can grab it in BlackBerry App World from the link below."

You know how many times you guys have said this recentl and end up bring a review about a month later! I actually laugh to myself everytime I read this comment at the end of an article :)

Yeah! I mean, they're just following in the footsteps of RIM: saying something without ever making it an offical promise.

Ohh I feel I'll get burned for this one. I'm just playing of course: I eat trolls for breakfast, you can't stop me!

Haters gonna hate
Lovers gonna wait
BB10 or I'm turning into a hermit.

The big issue I have is space - these big games really fill up your Playbook and with only 16GB, I'm screwed. That's why I question these Nexus 7s with 8GB and no memory slot??

Can't really have a great looking game that's small on space. That's just a reality when it comes to quality vs space. The 16gb playbook wasn't supposed to be for people who wanted to have a lot of media/games on it. Just e-mails/apps mostly.

But yeah 8gb is really paltry.

Yeah, I agree. And Nexus 7 having quad core processor is an overkill if you can't load them with great looking games and apps.

Anyway, hope EA releases FIFA or NBA to playbook.

Everything is up in the cloud and you're expected to always have high speed internet so that you can re-download it every time you want to play...

You'll probably have to start managing space by deleting some things that you don't use as often. They are held for you (RIM's App Cloud storage? similar to 7 Digital's Locker for purchased songs) and can be re-loaded any time you want (without re-paying of course) I'm reaching that point with my 32 Gig Playbook. Only 8 Gigs free. Nexus 7 sounds more like a web browser platform tablet than anything truly useful for apps or productivity.

Awesome! This is the kind of quality apps the Playbook needs! I hope the guys from Fishlabs make a lot of profit on the BlackBerry platform and bring many more awesome games!

But considering the Gameloft also makes high quality games AND sell them much much cheaper ... I 'll wait a bit until the hype is gone and the price drops a bit. Or at least a good sale.


Better go give it a one star rating for not working on something it's not necessarily supposed to work on...

I am just curious to know the business model differences between different loft bring games like 9mm and other Hight quality games for $1...while Fishlabs brings a game for 10 bux....

is it the size of the company that determines the price...or people at game loft on crack?

btw i am not complaining about the price...i bought the game already...just want to understand

Probably just a different mindset. Some people think, "We'll sell something for cheap and hope to sell lots of copies" and others think "We'll put the price up so we get more money."

If they don't sell well (which we really shouldn't hope for) they might lower the price.