Galaxy Painting - A cool new drawing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Galaxy Painting
By Alicia Erlich on 2 Jul 2011 03:55 pm EDT

The holiday weekend has finally arrived. Time to pack your suitcases, load up the car, and hit the road for some fun. Before you can start you need to pick out a few items for the kids to keep them entertained. It's definitely the most important thing you can't be without. Looking through BlackBerry App World I happened to spy with my little eye this cute little gem that's sure to win over your kids with hours of fun.

Galaxy Painting by Rasmus Wriedt Larsen is a pretty nifty drawing tool for kids and adults of all ages. What caught my attention is that it's different from your average drawing app. All you do is drag your finger across the screen and a gorgeous array of different colored lines and points appear. They definitely stand out on the PlayBook's display. Your child can create all sorts of interesting and odd designs and be amazed watching how each image comes to life. There are endless possibilities as your child uses their imagination. 

Drawing settings are adjustable and each masterpiece is easily saved by pressing the cog icon or by using the volume buttons to take a screen shot. Comments suggested there was an issue when hiding the cog (to widen the drawing area) not reappearing. However, I found that if you don't touch the screen for more than two seconds it comes back.  


  • Multi touch
  • Save your result as JPG
  • Change settings to create new drawing styles

I guess I'm just a kid at heart for enjoying this. Galaxy Painting is available at BlackBerry App World for free. So why not pick this up today and make this your child's next favorite app. Thanks Michelle.

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Reader comments

Galaxy Painting - A cool new drawing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


In light of the recent open letter to RIM, I just have to laugh then shed a tear for this company. I really hope they manage to get themselves out of this funk by attracting some top notch developers. Crackberry is BB's biggest cheerleader and if this is what they're publishing, it presents very badly to the average consumer.

Is everybody where you work 100% happy all the time?

So long as RIM developes great products, and the media loves them, they will do awesome.

I have a BB 9700, and love it !

On a side note, Steve Jobs made the word "fragmentation" synonymous with Android but i've spoken to two developers who have told me they would rather not work with BB OS because it's too fragmented. I think once QNX stabilizes the BB ecosystem, we can then see more developers flocking to the BB OS. Until then, I think this kind of shit (or Lego-like avatar-making apps) is all we can expect. I've always wondered out loud how QNX would help BBs with no apps but I realize now I was approaching the problem incorrectly. Once QNX hits, developers will be able to start spending more time and energy on an OS that will stick around for a while.

Thank you for your insight Mr Phony. Make sure you stick one of these little gems into every thread so that we thoroughly understand how all our devices are inferior and hopeless. One day we may be there, says Mr Phony. One day, everyone. Until then, we need to have the constant reminders of inferiority, even with a little program that you draw on the playbook with. Once we get one of them there "look at the stars" apps like those superior tablets out there, we're really going to here how silly we are! The future with all these great insights!! So exciting!!

This app is fun, my daughter loves it. Not everything has to be intricate and have a bazillion levels for it to be entertaining. Thanks for the heads up on this one Alicia. :)

It would be extremely valuable to the professionals if a program like this was developed to work with pdfs. Adding the ability to read with a stylus would be awesome. Those of us in design fields would be able to take dwg into the field and mark them up.

My little boy loves this app and I love watching him play with it. Sometimes, less is more. Nice. Oh, and the price... free is even better.