Galaxy Note 3 features a faux leather battery cover; brings back fond BlackBerry Bold memories

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2013 05:28 pm EDT

At IFA Berlin today, Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy Note 3 - the next generation of their BIG touchscreen offering (5.7" display). The Note and Note 2 have proven to be pretty popular devices for Samsung, and with the Note 3 they're pushing things further not only on the tech specs, but on the feel of the device. Specifically, the Note 3 features a faux leather battery door. Yep, you read that right.

Checking out Alex Dobie's hands on with the Note 3 over at Android Central (see the video above), I couldn't help but have warm and fuzzy feelings for my old BlackBerry 9000, which for many members of the CrackBerry team, including yours truly, is still one of our all-time favorite phones. It was BALL'n... especially with a custom Coveroo inlay. Check out the photos below to see what I'm talking about. And remember, if you see a person down the road with a Note 3 in hand, be sure to remind them who did it first. :)

Note 3

Soooo Hoottttt!

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Galaxy Note 3 features a faux leather battery cover; brings back fond BlackBerry Bold memories


The Bold 9000 was an iconic device, any logic and unbiased person can tell you that. I have fond memories of it, walking around with it in my hand like I was Ari Gold!

And to this day, BlackBerry has never produced the sound of the 9000 in any other BlackBerry device.

I could not agree more: the sound quality of the Bold 9000 made me want to listen to music through the speakers just to marvel at how good it sounded. The Z10 isn't bad, but one would think that once they achieved that pinnacle of sound perfection that was the Bold 9000, subsequent bolds would have it, too, especially the 9900.

They were sued by Bose just for mimicking it in the PlayBook. With all these phones with Beats by Dre it would be nice if they just made a permanent partnership with Bose back when they worked together on the 9000.

To me, it will always be THE Bold. This was BBRY at the top of its game. Unfortunately, the company then fell off a cliff.

Too many people get wrapped up in specs and not in phone performance.
I'd rather have a phone that works awesome than one with better specs but doesn't do what I need/want as well.

I WANT BOTH. It's not wrong to want both... and whether or not you agree, BlackBerry's fortunes depend on appealing to customers by giving them devices they WANT, not thumbing their nose at customers and saying "You will buy our comparatively under-powered device and LIKE IT!" when the consumer response will be "oh, NO we won't!". BlackBerry would be in a better place financially and their image in the market would be enhanced if they did like HTC did with the HTC One: a device that pretty much all the reviewers praised, even though the S4 is the "it" phone of the moment. The Z10 is a great device, but you, me, BlackBerry Thor or CrackBerry Kevin re-re-re-iterating that "it's the overall experience that counts" doesn't help sales: it's the overall experience that counts AFTER the purchase, but it's the specs that counts BEFORE the purchase, and there's no AFTER the purchase without the "BEFORE the purchase" assessment and the decision to buy is made. Why put up a bulletproof glass wall in front of the 'purchase' decision by having non competitive specs? Well, we all know why NOT, but not WHY.

Your RIGHT when you say " I WANT BOTH. It's not wrong to want both... ".
It is NOT wrong. But I am saying that the Z10 and Q10 ( Z is personal phone and Q is my work phone) have what -I- want. That doesn't make ME wrong either.

I am not sure why people think BlackBerry needs to cater to EVERYONE. IPhone doesn't meet everyone's needs, nor does Galaxy series, nor do Windows phones. So why should BlackBerry. Each person has different needs / wants in a phone. If BlackBerry is not what you need/want that's ok. But don't slam them and degrade them for it. I don't like iphones but I'm not degrading and slamming them every chance I get! No I'm not saying YOU are doing that.... but many are and I just don't get it.

The BBRY competitors you mention do not start from a position of 'we don't need to cater to everyone' though... which is why BBRY fell behind.

That you Lazardis?

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I have used note 1, galaxy s4 and note 2 before this. Honestly the bad thing is choose shamesung. If u want buy something support android, don't buy this crap products!

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Had the same thing in mind when saw the launch of note 3.......

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You know how you can buy a computer with Windows then install Ubuntu over top?

I'd like to be able to buy a device with Android on it then install BB10 on top. That would be great.

Well it's only fitting that Samsung would take a note from the bold 9000, after all BlackBerry is about to go under!!

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So all we need is someone to make a faux leather back cover for the Z10..
Any volunteers?

- aBBuser on CB10

i wish the S4 had that back! It does remind me of my beloved BOLD 9000!!!! That plus BBM might be enough for me to jump since bb is selling soon.

Today is a sad day, I've been a blackberry advocate since 2005, had every BlackBerry phone since then and even bought the z10 the day it came out. After watching the SGn3 launch today, for the first time I think I have to leave bb. I tried to convince all my friends to buy BlackBerry phones over the last year and always tried to make bb10 look amazing. After seeing that the z30 will basically be a bigger z10 only makes the clear minded user to see that blackberry can't compete. When the iPhone 5 came out I laughed and told people that Apple lacked innovation, with the z30 it's obvious blackberry suffers the same fate.

When I saw the article posted an hour ago about BlackBerry wanting to be sold by November only makes me want the sgn3 even more.

I know I'm probably gonna be hated on for this post, but seriously I'm no troll.. i love blackberry because there a Canadian company and I want Canada to be on the map from a tech view. I went from 300 to 40 on my BBM contacts and now that BBM is going cross platform, going Samsung doesn't seem so bad.

Hopefully between now and sept 25th blackberry can do something that will make me want to stay, because deep down I want this company to thrive.

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I too have been using BB since I first purchased the Pearl. That phone was the first big step from a track wheel and BB has been driving my communications needs ever since. After waiting for the Q10 to launch before buying the Z10. I have owned several androids as well including the Nexus S, S2, One X and Nexus 4 but have always ended up back on BB. I no longer have that desire after switching to the S4.

Wow really? Hated the track balls. Loved myself the clicky track wheel. A color screen,lighted keyboard and EDGE. Oooh, that 8700 series was hot at the time. Not to be contrarian - but that was the last time BB was on top.

Oh, FFS. This is a BlackBerry forum. Have things gone downhill so far that you have nothing better to post than an Android phone?

Loving my Q10

I posted the comment from my z10.. and I said that I know I'd probably be hated on, I want blackberry to succeed as much as you do bro.. i just hope that someone who can do something at BlackBerry can see my original comment and actually do something

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Kevin, I thought I was the only one thinking of the 9000 when I saw the new Note 3 faux leather back. I salivated, because it brought back great memories. I know they stole the idea from the 9000, but it got me interested in the Note 3, as a business device. I think a lot of BB users will convert to this device because it multitasks really well, it has an elegant back and is very business oriented. Why couldn't Blackberry come up with the same features and design for the corporate market ? Sigh.

I had a Note2 for a while. Nice phone and fun to play with, but whenever I needed to get real work done, I always reached for my Q10.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I remember everyone hating on the bold 9700 and 9780 for having faux leather. Now that the note 3 has it everyone will praise it.... smh, people just want the most popular brand name.

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I held back on the 99 because it didn't have the same back as the 97's... if it had, I would've bought it earlier... I loved that leather feel.. it gave it a premium feel in my opinion... I love having it back on the Z, albeit in different form...

From the Z...

:( I hope this company makes it. I SICK OF US COMPANIES and thier, "were the best ideology" BlackBerry needs to survive.

I'm just having the worst time of my life watching BlackBerry slowly implode. This shit is beyond depressing.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an excellent device if you like phablets. I have one, but much prefer BB10 over Android even though Android has all the big name and local aps. The battery cover is nice.

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Yea the 9000 was and always will be an icon but my all time favorite BB device is the 9900 (which also happens to be the best looking, the only device that was better looking than the iPhone 4). The P'9981 is a close second for me.

P.S. I know at this point is doesn't matter at all, but how exactly did BB expect the Z30 to stand up to the S4 and Note 3? Even I'm tempted to get the Note 3 and I'm against anything Android.

Loving all the praises to Samsung for their multi-tasking abilities. This octacore phone with 3gb of ram is able to run two, count em, two apps at a time. I'm pretty sure my "crappy" Z10 runs 8. Also, whos excited for the faux-leather backing? So much innovation going on lately. First the gold iPhone and now faux leather? I don't understand people sometimes. Keep moving BlackBerry!

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What with all this negativity about BlackBerry being sold damn lol I'll wait it out I'm sticking with BlackBerry I still believe in them

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Nice to see that back cover. Beside the 4K video recording, I think it's just an incremental update.

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Man, this feels like the Novell vs. Microsoft thing all over again... a superior tech brought down by poor marketing. I feel sorry for the BB OS devs who must have been working their butts off like crazy the last two years to have BB marketing do what? Spend $4 million on a Superbowl WTF rubber duck ad, when it wasn't even available in the US until 2 mos. later?? Could have spent that on prizes for carrier sales people who sold the most BB phones, would have gone a lot farther. Sorry guys, you're not the big dog anymore, quit trying to act like it, and figure it out, for F sakes!

Sorry for going OT :(

I still have my bold 9000 and it's just like new, everything is ORIGINAL except I had to replace the Ball this past Dec 2012.

The battery life is still like it was when New, it's original battery, like noted above all original, keyboard is like new still just a little wore on some keys.

Screen has very very very minor scratches like new still, little means barely can see them.

Galaxy Note 3 wow why have such a huge device for making calls?

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Just to note I may just get a Note 3 cause I want my Google play apps back without sideloading on z10 10.2 when it comes out and plus it's almost 6 inch screen, just 1 inch smaller then my Playbook.

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The way competition is ahead of Blackberry I sincerely feel Blackberry should sell its hardware and stop making phones. They should just make secured hack proof applications open to all operating systems and try and monetize them. Else Blackberry's survival looks very low in my opinion. Great Brand Blackberry but badly handled by the lack of innovation and innovation which came atleast 2 years late.

The more awesome devices I see being unveiled, the more sceptical i get off Blackberry's future. With new devices like Sony Xperia Z1 and Note 3 just surpassing all limits of specs and bringing out more and more cool features I doubt that z30 will make any difference. It needs atleast one killer feature (like finger print scanner or retina scanner) to attract people. But it being rumoured to launch with an 8MP camera, 720p screen and other moderate hardware I doubt it will lure any one. Software is the only thing in which I feel blackberry is better than all others, but people don't look much into software before buying a phone. Further the gap in number of apps on bb10 and others takes away many customers. If that's not enough hefty price of the devices does the loss. I feel sad to see my favourite company going in wrong direction. If you have to sell the company, then why not give your best shot. Let the money in your banks account be used to uplift the company in all possible ways. Spend on finding atleast one way to make your device a killer one. Advertise like hell. If still you don't sell well then you decide of selling the company. Atleast all bb fans will be happy that company gave the best it could. But all I see is company trying to keep the cash safe to sell it at a higher price. As if that's what it's working for.

I really want BlackBerry to prosper. I'm all in with the brand. But, I think that the only way to get the coolness factor back, is to become exclusive. As in scarce. Increase the specs, a bit more innovation and sell them at blackberry stores. Put them in the hands of "the bold and beautiful " crowd and the phones will sell out. By selling in their own stores, they won't have to worry about sales staff pushing another brand. Also most importantly, do not rest on past success but build on the successes of the past to innovate the future.

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The 9000 was definitely my favorite BlackBerry and I loved having the laser etched backing. It's the only smartphone I used for longer than a year. They don't make them like they used to. #nostalgia

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