Galaga Special Edition - Day 16 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Galaga Special Edition - Day 16 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts
By DJ Reyes on 16 Dec 2013 04:28 am

Is it me or or does anyone else feel like we're moving through these 25 days very quickly? We're already 16 days into this giveaway and the month of December at that, next thing you know it's December 25th already. After day 15's pretty awesome app, we have another game today and it is the same game for everyone. We've already seen one game from this developer and this is another one of theirs. You if you want to see the full list you can head on over to the original post.

Today's game is Galaga Special Edition from NAMCO. A second free download from them, as we saw PAC-MAN on day 10. As usual if you're not seeing today's free download, refresh BlackBerry World, search for the game or use the link below.

You can hit up the forums for more discussion or when you have seen tomorrow's freebie.

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First time I'm getting excited about this promotion.

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Hidden attempt of sneaking the word "First!" in, I guess, wouldn't be the first time...

Hi-five anyway, buddy, even if Quickie is gonna shoot us down....

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He would never.....

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I like the free apps. It's like an advent calendar for grownups.

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For grownups?

Nah... bloggers without girlfriends maybe? like fuck how many games do you prosumers need on your tough Porsche phone?? Haha. Prosumers playing Galaga on the z10 and z30. What a fail.

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High five and happy monday!!

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Bring some productivity apps, please, BBRY

Enough games already, my Q and my Z are loaded now, little portable gaming computers and I am getting less and less stuff done in the last couple of days...

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Looks like it's time for toys not tools ;)


Maybe it's BlackBerry's way to show that BB10 can handle the gaming as well as other platforms. Productivity has never been in doubt for BlackBerry devices, and they didn't lose market share because their phones are bad for work.

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Well said, I definitely got my gaming fix this week. And a good impression, yes, these devices handle gaming pretty well...

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Ooh! Very well said!

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Damn this thread just spoilt my excitement on pressing my blackberry world app on my phone, to see what was on offer today,


Jump on this one!

I bought it the first week of availability and it's worth every $$$ that I paid!!

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Jaap bb4fr

This app give away is defenitly a good thing , nice !


Nice. Thought about purchasing this but I wasn't really anxious to play it but can't go wrong with free stuff. Thx.
I do have a question, how do you control the satellite firing direction. I just press the satellite icon and the direction seems random. Is it just me?

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The arrows at the bottom shoes the direction it shoots

If you swipe down when moving and activate. It'll shoot up
Move left and activatr
It'll shoot left.

I'm pretty sure that's how it went


I bought one more Q10 because of this. Thank u BlackBerry.

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I spent another $10,000 on BB shares because of this . Happy again.


I knighted my cat and powered him up with an extra satellite because of this. Thank you!

Z30 FTW - Posted via CB10


Don't get me wrong but as appreciative as I am of all the free games and apps I'd trade them all in for one BlackBerry gift this Christmas ...OS 10.2.1.

...Well, maybe not all of them. :)

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Very true, and for VZW to finally release 10.2 at least. Already have it on my Z30, but wife would really like to see it show up on her Z10, she doesn't want a leak.


Brings back memories at the arcade in 80's

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That's why I'm not downloading this one. Productivity has already taken a hit!


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Would like to see a great tune app, like Neutron, come on board during one of the final days ;-). I personally already have it, but others who don't, would really appreciate and enjoy it :).


Best Audio Player on any platform.


C0038297E new bbm channel! Quote of the Day!

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Disappointed with this game compared to the original

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Yeah, nowhere near faithful to the original, especially compared to Namco's Pacman which is really great.


While I'm really enjoying all these free apps...and the Startracker was so awesome; I really want Orbit! In case anybody is curious:


Galaga....... no way. in the 80s I ruled that game. Best. Christmas. Ever.

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I just DL Waze GPS and it's great check it out!

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I'd love to see MyAccountant go for free.

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I'm so happy that dev's are adding Gamepad support more and more for their games, whether indie games or first party (Namco for this and Pac-man). I love having the ability to play at my desk, or while at home having it hooked up to the TV.


Bring us some useful apps not just games. Blackberry should stick with tools not toys, because that's what defines them.


I played it a little this morning, I would rather have the original Galaga but you know what they say about the gift horse. My "Other Data" is tying up 9.3 gigs, I have to get that down somehow.


Just bought this one.. dang it!

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Grabbed it because it's free but sure getting tired of all the games. Some productivity apps would be nice.

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tyrone smith3

Put cut the rope free for UK

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New giveaway day 17: Stocks for BlackBerry 10 (Australia)

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Has anyone had any problems launching this game? Mine just makes the screen go dark and then after about 30 seconds goes back to the home screen.

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Never mind.
Seems to work fine after a reboot.
Should have tried that first before posting.

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now THIS...was awesome!!! already addicted....AGAIN!!! feel like a kid on my Atari again


Now my girlfriend is getting Stalks App to appear for today's holiday freebie?????? Anyone know?

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jaishri k

Yep, today's free gift is ' stocks for BlackBerry 10 ' by Alex Garipian.

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"That man's playing Galaga!"

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