A new theme, new shortcuts, plus more with the latest version of Gadget Box

Gadget Box new theme
By James Richardson on 25 Jan 2014 04:21 am EST

A permanent fixture on my BlackBerry 10 device has been Gadget Box for a year now. And to celebrate the one year anniversary the popular multi-tool app has been updated with not only some new enhancements but also the choice of a new theme. 

However, the feature that I'm now enjoying the most is the ability to long hold on a tool and have it pinned to your BlackBerry home screen. I tend to use the flashlight option most days so instead of now having to launch the app - all I have to do it tap the icon from my home screen - sweet! 

As you'll see from the list below the developer has once again been working hard to bring the best experience to users and he's done a great job. Nice one James. 

The full list of new features include: 

  • Icon graphics update for 1-year BB10 Anniversary! You can keep the classic Gadget Box style or choose a newer, abstract look!
  • Homescreen shortcuts! (Long-press gadget icons on main screen to create)
  • Speedometer: new Raw Data view!
  • Barcodes: search for UPC, EAN codes on Amazon.com, UPCDatabase.com, or UPCDatabase.org!
  • Unit Converter: added units and re-organized some Common units
  • Collecting app usage data about gadget usage, and device UI language to help drive future features
  • Fix for annoying LED flashlight-button-highlight bug!
  • Some other bug fixes and small UI tweaks from user reports and suggestion

Gadget Box is available for all Blackberry 10 devices and is priced reasonably at $1.99. 

More information/Download Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

A new theme, new shortcuts, plus more with the latest version of Gadget Box


I'm sorry but I'm so glad this app finally got a facelift. An awesome app just became more awesome!

Been using it for months and all I can say is it an awesome app supported by an excellent developer.

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Hi James, a lot of people here including me would like to know what permissions an app will ask for before purchasing, so could you please add that in future app reviews.

We want to know our data is safe. Thanks a lot!

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Good idea, that way I can find out how serious they take support. What the answer is like, and if they answer at all.

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This is from the Help inside the app, and explains why I ask for each permission.

Location - used to aid the Compass when GPS is not available (using WiFi or cell tower location...i.e. when inside a building).

GPS Location - Used in the Compass and Speedometer to determine location coordinates, speed, and altitude. (Also used in Speedometer to determine Heading)

Shared Files - Used to save the screenshots taken in the Level Camera, the Protractor Camera, and the Magnifier. Also used in the Compass for exporting GPX files.

Camera - The Camera is used in the Camera Protractor, Camera Level, Camera Compass, the Magnifier, the Morse Generator (to access the front LED), and the Flashlight (to access the front LED).

Device Identifying Information - Used to track usage information to guide future development (most-used gadgets and settings, UI languages, etc.). Note: This can be turned off without negatively affecting the use of any gadgets. Gadget Box uses Flurry.com for logging usage information.

Hope this helps, I will post it somewhere publicly as well instead of just inside the app...i hadn't really thought of that before. Thanks.

Oh...you can turn off Shared Files as well, i have a fallback mechanism that will still allow you to take screenshots, but if i can't save it in the Shared Files, I pop a message that asks you to Share the screen you just took. You can then 'Share' it with yourself via email or something and save it that way.

Just a note on the flashlight: You can choose it to be a 'Fast setting', and it Will appear in your dropdown menu.

Baked right in the OS :)

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Re the flashlight, this functionality is native in 10.2.1, I find myself preferring the native torch from the drop down function instead of a 3rd party app.

not meaning to downplay this app as it is a great app... just saying

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Got this app and use it all the time! Best paid app ever!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

App has been invaluable to me and my staff.. thanks for a great app that just keeps getting better!! We use the compass to help with alignment of point to point wireless links. All other tools as well.. thanks again!!

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The level has saved me more then once at work. It seems to be the one tool I forget to grab most often...I'm starting to think it's in purpose. ;D

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I'm wondering why, after the update, the app wants my device identifying information ?

This is one permission I don't give lightly. App still seems to function fine without it.

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You can safely disallow the permission without anything breaking. In the Help section inside the app under "Application Permissions" I explain what all the permissions are used for, and what will break if you dis-allow each permission.

I'm asking for the Device Identifying Information so that I can use something called Flurry in the app. I'm using "Flurry" (www.flurry.com) to track what people are doing inside the app (which gadgets, which settings are getting used) and what native languages people are using on their devices (so I can prioritize translating into other languages). Flurry uses your PIN to keep track of individual usage (i don't see that info, though technically I could scrape it manually myself --> I don't though). They don't get your email address, and neither do I. When I look at Flurry reports, what i see is "X people launched the app", "Y people used the level", "Z people used the Camera view of the protractor". And i see it in a a pretty graph over time :)

I didn't know that could add shortcut to home screen!!!! That's awesome! I love this app and use it daily. But now it just got better :)

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We chat just got updated and now has video chat. This is a cross platform chat program and is free. Did I mention it is native?

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When did the idea of "Collecting app usage data about gadget usage, and device UI language to help drive future features" become a feature?

I was thinking about purchasing this program but will not so as long as this 'feature' remains.

You can disallow the permission without any negative effects in the app. The "feature" of analyzing which gadgets are used allows me to prioritize where to spend my efforts in the future...hopefully making the app more useful, more quickly. If a lot of people are using a particular gadget, then it makes sense to improve that one. If a lot of users speak Spanish, then I can prioritize translating into that language. I put it in the change log because I am not sneaky :)

That said, you can disallow the permission easily. This is the great thing about BB10 :)

I was in bar after our company Christmas dinner and the only seating was next to the band which was blowing my ears out. I thought "Maybe Gadget box includes a sound level meter and I can find out how loud this is". Not there yet but maybe it could be in the future.

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I wish the distance tool was simpler to use like the android equivalent smart tools app. I use the speedometer tool frequently since my car is a beater. Great app esp with the improvements.

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Been using this app for almost a year now and I'm really happy I bought it!

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Actually, probably the best money you will ever spend on an app. You know what they say, you get what you pay for. Well here you make off like a thief.

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