Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with some nice new features

Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2013 05:42 am EDT

We featured Gadget Box when it first became available for the BlackBerry Z10 and although it's not an app I tend to use very often it has always remained on my device for the odd occasion when it does come in handy.

The app has recently been updated with a couple of cool new features and if you didn't see our original video of Gadget Box you can do so here. Essentially, the application is like having a collection of tools all within one place. There's a flashlight, speedometer, protractor, spirit level, and ruler just to name a few.

This latest update brings the following new items:

  • New Lux Meter gadget
  • Added fuel consumption unit group to unit calculator
  • Added optional altitude readout to the speedometer
  • Bug fixes

Gadget Box now also supports the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 so everyone can have these handy tools within their smartphone. Trust me - it's a beauty this one.

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Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with some nice new features


The LUX meter is very interesting. This can be handy for me at work. Thanks for the update to this app. Will be getting it. As I did NBA Jam after reading your post last night.

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Yeah the flaw with that there is no standard definition for 1 lux. Unlike db or sone or phon. Lux is never been defined thus it varies by user or manufacturer or tool.... sad but true.

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Yeah. I'm dead certain. It's hard to explain. It is a standard unit but with no international rating Sony. Panasonic. Jvc all claim 1 lux or lower ratings in capture but each actually defines what a lux unit is. Sad that a basic measurement like that isn't standardised in reading.

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First app I bought for the Z10. I don't use it all that often but still a couple of quid well spent.

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One of the most useful apps I have on my Z10. Has lots of cool features that you'll need at some point.

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I just bought it and I like it. The protractor is pretty cool as well. I like the morse code gadget. It would be cool if it could recognize signals via light as well.

I don't mind spending money on good apps and so far this has been the best one of the best apps I've bought.

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I can't seem to figure out the ruler function...I've tried following the help guide and it doesn't seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

You are essentially "holding" the ruler in place while you slide the phone. Make sure the surface is smooth, or that you have a case on. To be as accurate as possible, the best thing to do is pick a spot that aligns with the a high-number mark on the ruler, do the slide, then make sure the spot is realigned now that it is one of the "lower numbers". Then, pick another spot against a higher number, slide again, re-align. Repeat until object measured. I've measured table lengths this way, but I wouldn't want to do anything longer than that :)

Apologies in advance for the video quality: