Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with some sweet new features

Gadget Box
By James Richardson on 24 Mar 2013 05:46 pm EDT

We featured the handy BlackBerry 10 tool application Gadget Box just a short while ago and I'm pleased that thanks to all your contributions in the comments and our forums several new features have been implemented in the latest update to version 1.7 - just in time for the USA Z10 launch. 

It adds some interesting gadgets and functions like a Camera View for the protractor. It should be handy for any carpenter in a pinch and lets you view any object with the camera while dialing in an angle with your finger. Also, you can enter an exact target angle which you can then use the viewfinder to match, if say, you were looking for an exact-angle cut in a piece of wood that your mitre wouldn't match. 

Also newly added was an infinite Ruler, which was a noticeably absent gadget in previous releases, but has now been added to the growing list of utilities and functions. Basically, you can use it measure things longer than your phone. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of, but you "hold" the ruler in place on the screen and slide your phone along the object you want to measure (make sure it is smooth!). Lift your finger, and repeat the process until the entire object has been measured.

From CrackBerry's own comments section, there was a great suggestion for speed warnings on the speedometer. Now, both an upper and lower boundary for a warning can be set, and you can be alerted both visually and audibly. There are eight audio languages to choose from, if you count English with a UK accent separately from English without one.

A perfect example of Team CrackBerry engaging in conversations with developers. This is what will make BlackBerry 10 so awesome. Good job Team CrackBerry.

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Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with some sweet new features


Yeah it's a very cool and useful app. Highly recommended for everyone from tradies, carpenters, builders to kids who are still studying. This shows that all sensors on BB10 are all useful and they can be calibrated to suit any kind of applications. Well done!

I bought this the moment I saw it! I'm willing to support this developer because the app has SO many uses and is priced VERY nicely for what you get. You would spend over $25 if you bought all the different apps that do each of the single tasks that this app does, plus you would a cluttered screen from all the icons.

Posted via CB10

"There are eight audio languages to choose from, if you count English with a UK accent separately from English without one."

So that would be English, Then American, Canadian, Australian etc.

Great app for architects too. I'm an architecture major, and I could see myself using this app quite often. Only a few more days till my z10 is here and I can use this lovely app!!!!

What's the accuracy/margin of error/repeatablity on this? 0.010 inches or what? I would be interested in something in the 0.0001 inches range. Or at least 0.001

Just going to point out that my initial update loading failed to work...
It wasn't until I saw this article that I realized the upload failed as I knew the Speedo app wasn't working..but once I saw this article I realized I was still showing only 8 gadgets..So I deleted it and then reloaded it and it works fine now with the 9 gadgets showing (ruler being new) ..
I point this out for anyone upgrading that was confused as to what happened..
If having trouble (only 8 gadgets showing)...delete the APP and reload it ....

Will get this as soon as I get my Z10 for Verizon. It was interesting to me the first time you posted the article, but even better since the developer is an active developer and takes advice and recommendations and improves on his product.


Now if they released an accessory for this app (like a casing to use it as a tool) it would virtually replace my whole toolbox - except maybe my hammer, wouldn't want to do that. No.