Need a beautiful currency converter on your device? Check out FX Rates for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 5 Nov 2013 11:23 am EST

When it comes to currency convertors for BlackBerry 10 we certainly are not short of options. I recently stumbled upon FX Rates from S4BB (they are not short of apps either!) and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the app 'Built for BlackBerry', but it is also free to download. You can get rid of the adverts with a paid option, but for me this free edition does the job perfectly. 

I think the main reason I was attracted to FX rates was the user interface. It's very user friendly and being set on a black background with big bold icons just makes it look good. As you will see in the video; adding countries to your list of featured currencies is super easy - just press the + icon and select from the huge list. Once you have your selection made you can, at any time, tap one which will open up a box where you can enter the amount you need to convert. The results will then be shown in each of the counties you have open. 

To edit your selected countries you can perform a long hold which will let you delete them if no longer required. The simplicity, combined with a nice Active Frame (which displays the conversion) makes for a sweet free application. It may not be one most of us use everyday, but for business users that deal internationally, or just for us normal folk that are going on holiday, it's a handy tool to have on your device. 

FX rates is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I've used it on the Z30, as seen in the video, and also my Q10, which gives an experience just as good. 

Features include:

  • Free Real-Time Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Supports 139 Currencies
  • Cross-Currency Conversion
  • Offline Mode (no Internet needed to use latest exchange rate) 
  • Share Cross-Currency Conversion through BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Text, WhatsApp, NFC
  • Customize Currency Order and Layout via Drag'n'Drop
  • Exchange Rate Update On-Demand

Download FX Rates for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Need a beautiful currency converter on your device? Check out FX Rates for BlackBerry 10


Cool app as I'm always sending and receiving money from back home..also I notice BlackGram is back up.

Posted by z10 boss

Cool. I wonder if this functionality will be added to the "Converter" tab in the calculator. There are already a bunch of categories but currency isn't one of them.

BlackBerry travel is the app that serves 2 services: travel plans management and currency conversion!! I won't go for separate currency conversion app!!

Posted via CB10

I rather stick to XE Currency. It's straightforward and easy to use with clean interface. There's always the feel of satisfaction when a BB10 app has that 'industrial feel and look' to it.

Posted via CB10

Clean UI, and quick. Even with the ad panel, I prefer this to XE's Android port.

Z10 STL100-1 /

What is considered native nowadays? It doesn't have the corner tab showing the BlackBerry logo and it's not listed under the Built For BlackBerry section.

Posted via CB10

Scrap that. Changed my mind. This isn't configurable enough.

Z10 STL100-1 /

S4bb crap apps no thanks. Way better currency converters out there. The 99% garbage he fills blackberry world with he should never be featured..

Another n4bb? Wow what exactly are these ppl trying to do, take over BlackBerry world?

Posted via CB10

Installed it.
At 18.8MB installed it is bigger than most of the apps on my phone. Seems odd to me and don't like that it wants access permissions to everything on my phone.
Deleted it.

Sticking with converter in BBtravel.

I was looking just the other day for a currency converter and there were so many I didn't know which one to choose. I'll give this one a go.

BB10 IS the best!

S4bb made only scrap and non-friendly apps. It is not worth to pay for. I've removed all apps came from S4bb.

Posted via Q10 using aliens transmission protocol.

Why does it need so many permissions though? It wants to watch my emails, my contacts, my bbm contacts, my pin and serial number.

It works fine with all those unchecked but I'm wondering why it asked to use all that in the first place.

 Posted with Q10 

It has the ability to share the results to BBM, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other services. It also has the ability to save to the remember app. Without those permissions, it will not be able to use those functions.

Posted via CB10

It's an interesting question and have noticed this with other BB apps. The one that bothers me probably the most is the one where they want to access all your contact info. Love to understand why they need this and access to BBM. Is this a privacy issue that should be exposed?

As stated above. You cannot share the results of your calculations without providing access to your contacts. How else can the app open the email application and be able to pull up the contact you want to share with? This also applies to BBM contacts, and the ability to post your BBM profile status updates, as well as being able to accept invites from other users of the application. etc.


Duh....why would I need to share results of my calculations? I use xe all the time cuz I travel but have never shared. And why would I accept invites from other users of BBM through this medium. And the accessing of my contacts is very invasive with the statement being open-ended for abuse. In my opinion a privacy issue I certainly would not agree to.

Aside from the fact that it is a totally useless app, another from their production line with little or no thought to how users benefit.

BlackBerry Travel does the trip perfectly for me. Can manage and make travel plans, get reminded of my travels and also do my Multi currency converter! Go BlackBerry Travel.. P.s: it's free and guess what u don't need to pay to get rid of ads cos it's a BlackBerry Original App!

Posted via CB10

First it confused me. Then I learnt to convert one currency into multiple. Works excellent

Posted via CB10