Future Shop systems showing Sept 15th release date for Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2010 08:30 pm EDT
FS Torch

We've been hearing for quite some time that release dates for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on Canadian carriers was set for September. The big three, Bell, TELUS and Rogers have all confirmed an inevitable launch but no dates were set by any. Rumors suggest TELUS will launch on Sept 16th but, we now have the above information which suggests a Rogers release one day earlier on the 15th. We're assuming the $999.99 price point is just a Future Shop place holder so, nothing can be said about official pricing from this information. We'll be sure to keep you all updated though as we find out more information. So, who's grabbing a Torch on launch day in Canada?

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Future Shop systems showing Sept 15th release date for Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800


and my day planner is now showing Sept 15th as the day that I leave Telus for Rogers Wireless!

bout freakin time!!

I have a BB 9700 on Rogers and one on Telus. Call quality etc is very similar. I prefer the telus website and Customer Service. In US both roam on AT&T wich has MANY dead spaces between Ontario amd SC. I much prefered roaming on Verison with CDMA). I also have 2 Pay-As-You go on each (Rogers and Telus) and the telus phone bring MUCH less grief!

I dunno- Ive been on Rogers and now I'm on Telus-
Not sure if you're aware but Torch is on the Telus 3G+ hspa network.
You will get a Telus 3G simcard with this phone.
Huge improvement over their CDMA network.

Better C/S as well (IMO)

Either that or the Captivate. But based on Rogers' past experience with holding stock, and setting a release date? Never, haha.

But yeah, maybe me.. But I had a stint with the Xperia X10, and while the OS is running the older 1.6, man was this thing a beast in terms of web browsing etc.

I dunno, i've had like 5 Blackberry devices and I was sure the Torch was my 6th, but its platform while semi-stable and secure, just don't really hold a candle to the toy aspects of my X10 I had. I really liked it! But only used it for a few number of days to hold me over until the Captivate was released.

Meh, maybe I will open 2 lines and get both! We will see..

I'm pretty sure I will be getting the Torch. I am however, very curious about the Captivate. The only thing that's making me think twice about the Captivate is the lack of a camera flash. I have been spoiled with my 8900 with the camera. I never thought I would take many pictures with my phone, but I find myself taking most of my pictures with my BB. So if I were to go with the Captivate I might not use the camera as much. I guess I will need to try both if possible and see if I really need a beast of a phone or one that works and takes great photos inside and out. In regards to HD recording. I have a 1080p camcorder so neither will replace my camcorder.

Oh trust me, I have.. What I have heard, is the OS is a bit slow loading sites.. but every phone has its up and downs.

The torch is an amazing device, no doubt, i just don't think it whoops the captivate or other 1ghz phones, at least not right now. I'm sure a few os upgrades will make this torch a pretty good phone.

Pictures are great with my Vibrant, don't really see the need for flash with this phone. Also camcorder or not, shooting video in 720p with a phone is pretty awesome. Very impressed with this phone.

I've noticed that when using flash on my current BB9000, battery life goes down significantly. I cant even text and use data, yet alone the flash, without constantly charging my device.

So I don't really see the need for Flash.

Definitely is time to upgrade past my Storm, even at full price without my contract being up. Just a question of whether it will be the Torch or wait for the Bold 9780.

Used to work at Future Shop for over 5 years... the date is 100% right, the price is wrong. Future Shop/Best Buy ALWAYS puts new BlackBerries at $999.99 for some reason... the actual price wont update until closer to the release date, or at least till the warehouse recieves them. Im guessing the price will be $599.99 no contract. Never seen them sell for more on Rogers

Toronto is the greatest they have to offer...and sorry to say, as someone who has visited T.O. on a frequent basis, Toronto would be a garbage city in the States. Canada - 50th state no doubt. U.S. pwns it.

You guys with the Canada bashing comments, it makes me even more proud of being Canadian. You guys really make Americans look good,posting crap like this on a cellphone forum .....
Really smart!

I see Rogers/Fido. Does that mean Fido will also be getting it? i'm down to get it if they make the cut!

Will probably pick-up one on the Bell network once it's available....hopefully they will launch around the same date....!

I was able to use a Torch for about 30 minutes-
Oh yeah I'll be getting one.
I'm in the US mid september but I can wait the few days until I get back-

This shouldnt be the site to post, anti-canadian... and to the comment about t.o as another american state.... i almost pissed myself, if there are people who are the most anti-american, its TORONTONIANS. Just living in canada, and its quality of life, its just 1000 times better than u.s...

Now that i look at it, it says Torch 9800 PRESALE! It normally would just say Torch 9800. That kinda makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmm. But I know Future Shop never does does pre-orders for cellphones (only games) so i guess that date should be correct. But yea, they usually dont put presale

9800 is looking pretty cool, but in all honesty I don't need it - its more of a "sorta want"

At this point I'm leaning more towards the 9100 (9700 goodness in a compact package, with SureType) or wait out the 9780. Either way I probably won't be getting one unless its as a gift or won as a prize.

Can't wait to read more "hands on" from real users though, seems like a pretty good device (just overkill for what I need/want)

They might need to lower prices on new models as momentum unfortunately is away from Blackberry. I also find it strange that Blackberry releases their new flagship in the US first, even though Blackberry is a Canadian company. We now wait for next month for it. Blackberry should do what Apple does with their new products... Release in their home country first, and then later everywhere else.

I have a 9530 and I just got it in February so I don't qualify for any credits. I'm going to have to pay full, no contract price for my Torch on launch day. I cant wait!! I've been saving for a month now!!!

That screenshot says that the Presale starts that day. It doesn't say that the device launches that day.

How can it be released on the 15th by Rogers when RIM isn't having a launch party for Rogers till the 21st? Doesn't make sense.

WOW! If that's true KEEP THE PHONE. No way in heck is ANY BlackBerry or ANY cell phone worth that price. RIM? Keep this up and you will be out of business by NEXT YEAR. If RIM goes this website will suffer too :(

I've known about this for a week.

It's not news. Not even useful news.

Best Buy/Futureshop don't use the street date field for phones. Or I should say, don't use it accurately.

For example, The LG Neon 2 that was launched recently was NEVER street dated, and as such was sold before launch once or twice.

And the iPhone 4 (Had I gotten them early, I could have sold them early. )

And the Desire, and the Galaxy S, and the etc etc etc.

This isn't news. No date is official til the carriers announce it publicly. Because my brand reps won't even tell me at this point.

Can the fool who keeps posting shopping ads on all the comments go get a life!!! CB please block them!!!

Pretty exciting to know the Torch will be here in just a couple weeks, one day difference is really not a huge deal...i dont understand the logic of switching to the device 1 day sooner, lol.