Future Shop now taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders in Canada

By Bla1ze on 11 Jan 2013 06:56 am EST
BlackBerry 10
And there we have it. A few short moments after we posted about Best Buy Canada opening up their pre-orders for BlackBerry 10, Future Shop unsurprisingly sent out their emails confirming they as well will be taking in store pre-orders for carriers. It was a given considering Best Buy and Future Shop are the same company at the core but it's always nice to see it confirmed.

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Future Shop now taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders in Canada


I just pre-ordered at Future Shop. $50 fully refundable deposit. They wouldn't say on expected release date. It was for a carrier locked phone. And no word on prices.

BestBuy and Future shop will forever be a mystery to me.. Why must they have to stores that are exactly alike.. I'm a member at both stores for their rewards programs.. I get an E-Mail from Bestbuy saying "MIDNIGHT SHOPPING EVENT FOR MEMBERS!" in 30seconds I get an e-mail saying "MIDNIGHT SHOPPING EVENT FOR MEMBERS!" thats looks completely identical, but its from future shop....

Futureshop is a subsidiary company of Best Buy. They are the same shop owned by the same people.

FutureShop runs on commission, BestBuy does not. I happily shop at BestBuy, but I will NEVER set foot inside a FutureShop. Every FutureShop experience to date has been less-than-beneficial. Others may have a different opinion, and I'm happy for them, but this is my opinion.

I find much more pressure by employees at Future Shop to purchase something compared to Best Buy. However...it is MUCH easier to talk them down in price at Future Shop, especially on bigger ticket items like TVs. A sale is a sale, even if they don't make as much commission by lowering the retail price, they still make something and the store gets a sale. I hardly ever pay full retail price for anything there (unless of course it is marked down 40% or more). Just gotta know how to talk to them! ;-)

BestBuy Mobile is probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered from any store in my life.

I bought my 9860 from them, only to be accused of breaking it when I went back four hours later to ask about a screen defect...

You can look up my story in the forums if you search BestBuy if you're curious.

It makes sense to have two stores just so people don't feel overtaken by best buys. There's a bestbuy every 10km. Usually with a future shop not too far away. Atleast this is what they must think, or else they would brand everything the same. Or maybe there's evidence that the competition helps business.

So do they tell you how much the phones are going to cost. I assume you order one for Bell, Rogers, Telus etc.
Any other specifics?

Clearly living on the US side of the border has afforded me nothing in the world of BlackBerry. I'm packing my bags and moving to Canada! Seriously though, I need to pre-order the Z10 NOW! Someone needs to throw down the gauntlet over here.

Agreed. I haven't seen anything in the US regarding pre-ordering BB10. I'm in Texas so from a geographic stand point its going to take a while to trickle down. :-)

I can't see a reason for not being able to buy it outright...I am buying mine outright when they come out as I still have a year left on my contract. If Best Buy/Future Shop sell phones at full pop I think they'd prefer that actually!

I've had problems buying outright from FS and BB for top selling new phones. They probably get a better incentive from the carrier for new/renewal customers, so they'd rather spend the effort on that. This was a few years ago for a Torch 9800 (but there were other phones they gave as example of not selling outright), so things might be different. It wasn't until about 6-8 weeks after launch when I noticed they finally listed an off-contract price.

I bought my last two Bolds (9700 and then 9900) outright from Future Shop but there wasn't a preorder when I did.

Ordered my BB10 today from Rogers girl said she heard shipments are starting next week but thats just a girl in the call in center and she said a price shuld be around 199 on 3yr contract.

&^%$#^%^ Can't Wait! This is killing me! Got 2 on order with Rogers! I wonder how many phones have been preordered to date? For the people in the States, I know Carriers have announced they will be carrying BB10, but have non of them opened up preordering as of yet?

So I had my wife go to Future Shop and the rep's had no idea about this and were no help. Then she went to Best Buy and the rep there said they do not sell out right and that I would have to take a early activation for my contact. I just looking to buy out right anyone know where I can just buy or pre order to buy out right.