The Future of BlackBerry is RIM

By Adam Zeis on 11 Oct 2013 02:14 pm EDT

There's so much going on with BlackBerry lately. The company is actively seeking a buyer and first entered into a deal with Fairfax Financial a few weeks back. Since then, there have been rumors of other companies being interested, a possible breakup of the most valuable assets and even former CEO Mike Lazaridis may be getting in on the action

During it all there are plenty of forums threads with arguments for why the company should or shouldn't be sold (or broken up), what the best route may be and what will ultimately come of BlackBerry. Perhaps one of the best (and longest) is a post from forums member wout000 titled The Future of BlackBerry is RIM.

The title alone says a lot - and once you read the post it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Some of the key things that the post outlines are how Mike and Jim should return to their thrones, a great comparison of BlackBerry & Nokia and their similar situations over the years, the 'What needs to be done, right now' super plan for BlackBerry, and of course last by not least, Haul A$$. 

My opinion? Get BlackBerry private and bring the dinosaurs back. (I'm pretty sure you fantasized about this as a kid, so let's make it happen) They both have a tremendous amount of knowledge between them, not to mention a certain synergy that works to their benefits. Get both CEO's back. Put Mike on research and development and Jim on Marketing and Finance. Let them handpick their own team to surround them and give them time to do what they do best, building from the bottom to the top. Mike leading research and development and Jim leading marketing and Business Development will undoubtedly bring forth a new and interesting wind at BlackBerry.

Of course everyone has their own opinions on how to fix BlackBerry or what will make the company succeed, but wout000 does an amazing job of outlining a plan going forward on just what could make RIM the future of BlackBerry. 

Check out the full post in the forums here and be sure to drop a comment with your thoughts. 

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The Future of BlackBerry is RIM


Not sure bring them both will help. One the reasons for the downfall was them not communicating well with each other and even disagreeing with the direction and ideas. Maybe with Mike and the other original founder his good friend Doug can bring BlackBerry back on the enterprise side and hire someone on the consumer to work on their reputation. And if course someone better at marketing.

Let's all not forget there were many reasons why BlackBerry is where it is.

Although I tend to agree with you, keep in mind they brought BlackBerry to what if was, and lost it all because they thought a toy will never beat them. It was a mistake

One from which I'm sure they learned from. I think their passion for the company will make BlackBerry survive and flourish

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And one of their prime mistakes was considering the iphone a toy in the first place. It is used by both kids and professionals and through the app environment has made itself indispensable.

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We all admire perfection. Believe me nobody will ever reach it. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Even they did. But can't take credit away from them.


Yeh this is a great idea because what will save BlackBerry is making more dinosaur BBOS phones with tiny screens and tiny physical keyboards and crappy cameras and slow processors and no chance of using multicorr CPUs and not enough RAM and "the clock of lag" and crappy looking apps that need the whole phone rebooted every time you install or delete one and no Flash in the fiddly to use Browser!

I could go on as to why Mike L had no place making phones in 2013 but I don't think I need to. Mike L's lack of vision beyond Enterprise security, data compression and email and are legendary and we'll documented. He presided over BlackBerry's collapse from market leader to distant 3rd place runner falling ever behind.

Jim B sold all his shares and quit the company after facing the brick wall of ignorance that Mike L and Thorsten H created at Board level when he wanted to modernise the products and services to make money from the other platforms that had stolen the initiative from right under BlackBerry's nose. He won't be coming back for more if that any time soon.

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lol arent you saying the opposite? like the reasons due to which Mike left you are putting as Jim's and Jim's reasons as mike's :S

I don't think so, as Jim has no shares left in BlackBerry, and Mike has increased his stake in BlackBerry, also Mike is still involved with BlackBerry and if I'm wrong about that then it was only fairly recently that he stepped away completely from the company

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Couldn't have said it better myself. The author is an idiot if he believes we need more of Mike L to continue with his dinosauric view of the smartphone world, which is exactly why BBERRY fell from innovator to has been.

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At whose expense?

According to your plan, Mike and Jim (billionaires by the way) should be given anther shot for what? They couldn't stand behind the company when the heat was on. Hit and run. While shareholders were left holding the bag. Shareholders payed the bill, gave them the benefit of the doubt and lost big.

Let them buy it up for nothing and walk away for nostalgic reasons?

Ya sounds great, no thanks

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You want to turn this ship around, bring in Michael Wilson from AGU, he isn't even in the the tech industry, and he'll have this thing ruining like a clock. Everyone will want to be on board.

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Indeed, valuable thought there. I don't want to see BlackBerry sold by pieces. I can wait another year with an awesome Z10 in my pocket and new leaks and features coming almost every week. BlackBerry should take it's time and sort it out, now it looks like they're absolutely confused and have no real target.

I should also use Heins as a speak person or the one to use in front of the crowd with Alec and Vivek. All of them are great


Heins should be arrested and deported. His severance package seized as proceeds of crime. Alec and Vivek and the rest of the management team deserve to have their tongues cut out and set packing.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I was a fan of Thor but that has faded. However Alex and Vivek have done great jobs and need to be kept.

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Fortunately, we are in Canada, so nothing of your extremist ideas will have any chance of becoming reality.

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Heins should be arrested and deported. His severance package seized as proceeds of crime. Alec and Vivek and the rest of the management team deserve to have their tongues cut out and set packing.

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TOO FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to TH you have Q5 - Q10 - Z10 - Z30 my friend. Blame Lazaridis for the BB situation. Do not blame someone that had the balls to do something.

Can't edit? I was going to say, others describe him as the rock star of developer relations. Couldn't agree more, he's very passionate about BlackBerry.

TH is not good at speaking at all. He just claps on stage and you can barely understand him because he's too smiley and giggly. Blackberry needs a younger to do the speaking. Someone who can describe every little detail kind of like the Apple guy but a lot less gay haha. More professional and businessy type since that's their main roots.

lmaooo I was gonna say that.. he reminds me of a seal.. T.H face -__- ... oh yeah (clap clap) wonderful (clap clap clap) everything with just one finger (clap clap clap clap)

Absolutely agree with you. Get some young talent on the team. BlackBerry has to attract the young crowd to make it cool to have a BlackBerry again. Zuckerberg Facebook, Aaron levie Box, Google. These "kids" have or had vision and know what the young crowd want. I don't care for apps (other than crackberry) but I'm an old dinosaur.

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TH has zero personality and is not a good front man. I laughed when he said "let's rock and roll" when the room was jumping with house beats.

I'd rather watch paint dry on the wall than watch Thor talk bout BlackBerry again

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LOL... Watching a paint dry on the wall instead of watching TH...

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Mike Lazardis returning makes sense. Jim Ballsillie should not return. Build BlackBerry smartphones and tablets integrated by BlackBerry Bridge. Do not annually refresh the devices; let the devices mature and be known for their functionality as well as their hardware and software forward thinking. Do not re-enter the consumer market but offer all BlackBerry devices to be bought directly from Research In Motion. Yes, rename the company Research In Motion.

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Everyone knowing your name isn't always a good thing. Do a little experiment, ask random people who show no allegiance to BlackBerry what the name BlackBerry means to them; very little of it will be positive. I've actually done this, and the amount of 'hate' the name generates makes absolutely no sense. It's become the cool thing to hate. Even on TV a celebrity, or news personality will have a BlackBerry and say, "I still have a BlackBerry or I know, I have this antique BlackBerry", with such a negative tone. I've seen CNN reporters say this about Q10s which are NEW.

I personally thought, and think RIM is a better name. It doesn't limit you to one product like BlackBerry kind of does. Research in Motion screams innovation. However, I don't think it's smart to return to the same name and logo. Some kind of revamp, and a new better logo would be good.

The OP's idea was really incredible if you ask me. Made sense to my non business savvy mind.

Prem will break the company into pcs if he succeeds. With Mike at least there is a chance of some sort of hardware business.

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You lost me at "Bring Back Jim".... Balsille created more wealth destruction of retail shareholders wealth with his "leapfrog the competition" and countless other empty promises - than almost any other CEO of a major company in the last 5 years....

Followed with Thorsten Heins and his "10s of millions of Q10's will be sold"... he learned from Balsille... and the bitch is - they both are/will get rich off of us...

Some will never learn....

I miss the old name too. Research In Motion had such a nice ring to it. Maybe when they go private they can start over with the RIM Z40 or something. Getting that BlackBerry name out of there could help. Or not. Who knows, I'm not the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.

BlackBerry 10 United

If you want to buy BlackBerry phones - going forward - I hope that Prem, or whoever buys this "hot mess" has a much better "leadership plan" than this article promotes....

Turtles like Z30!

If you know recognise this then you probably live near me and are part of the Math faculty...

Posted via CB10

Why not just have three CEOs? Haha. But not need to get rid of the current one and go back to the two ceo mumbo jumbo. Make the potential returners their own specially named positions. "Senior Exalted Chief of Development"

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The company needs to seriously rethink it's position in the device and software business. I don't think a resurrection any guarantee of salvation.

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The only thing positive Mike will bring back either him is a live for the future. If it were up to him you wouldn't even be able to take pictures with you blackberry. They need more forward thinking folks at RIM. Let Mike bring the money and leave it at that. Look at Bill Gates. You can own a company but not necessarily run it.

BlackBerry 10 United

Read that this morning. Very good article. Can't remember what song this came from but my hope for BlackBerry is " The futures so bright I gotta ware shades"

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It came from the song "My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades". By Timbuk3. You knew the answer all along. :-) Now click them heels and bring me a BB10 Slider!


It just feels right to have the guys who built the company take it back. Fail or succeed, things can't get much worse than they are right now. At least the people in charge will care about the company.

BB10 is very good. A step in the right direction. And if it surviving means BlackBerry needs to step back and get smaller until people start noticing the devices are good, then so be it. Let the guys that built it from scratch try their hand at it again.

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People also seem to go forget what Blackberries are/were for. Business tools. Communication tools. The BEST tools. They were not for checking out people getting kicked in the junk on YouTube or instagraming selfies all day long. Getting into a public thing with Android and iPhone was something they should have stayed away from at all costs. Focusing on what BlackBerry does/did best is what they got away from or at the very least, became bad at getting across to customers. They needed a new OS and should have done so in secret until it was ready. No time lines given. No BS. They would then have been able to say we still do everything we used to, only better than ever. We can also do anything your phone can do, but we don't need to. BlackBerry the best phone you'll ever buy.

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Bring the RIMpire back! But who thinks that Thorston did what he could. I mean it was getting bad with Mike and he had to leave... so I mean I think he did a good job getting the word out I dunno

Join my bbm channel tech heads C00122D07

People attack Obama for the same thing. He was handed a large POS rolling down a hill at 1000 mph and was expected to stop it dead in its tracks. People seem to forget everything takes time. Time that Thor hasn't yet had. Sometimes things are just so bad there isn't anything you can do about it. I love BlackBerry, and my Z10, and want them to keep going. Just hope that they can be purchased by someone willing to put that time, energy, and effort it who has the patience of a saint.

BlackBerry 10 United

Woo-hoo. Can't say I'm not flattered.
Just keep in mind guys that this is an opinion post. Mileage may vary.

Leave a comment in the thread and let's get some constructive mind map going :)

Thanks for the shout out guys.

Posted via CB10

Woo-hoo! I love your thoughts, ideas, and plans on that post !!! I'm with you, Hoping BlackBerry will make it happen with RIM . Overall best plan I've heard or read about so far. I really hope Mike gets the company back no. Thanks for your plan/suggestions. They have to start somewhere. Keep it moving. The way I see it, if Mike wants BlackBerry / RIM back. He must have a plan/vision of his own as well, he could incorporate some of yours into it. Who knows ?! Whatever works to keep these great photos going forward.

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Phones! Going forward !! Not photos. Lol. Was lying in bed while writing that. Before you know it it got sent before I was ready to send.

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Yes, I want to be a kid again, bring back them dinosaurs and maybe a few of their pups.

Z10 | STL100-4 | Verizon OS

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R.I.M.........A Phoenix rising from the ashes.........Ahhhhhhh. OHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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The main problem with bringing back Jim and Mike is this: under their 'guidance' RIM burned through cash like it was going out of fashion.

Also, when RIM bought QNX, they failed to merge the OS teams which is why BB10 still doesn't have feature parity with BBOS.

As good an engineer that Mike is, he's never learned from his mistakes - nor will he due to being a stubborn a$$hole.

They shouldn't sell. stay the course. tough it out. If they are sitting on a billion $ of z10 blow them out now get back what you can but more importantly put them in the hand of consumers at the lowest possible dollar amount. at a low price point they will end up in the hands of kids and kids will drive the market in the future and influence the parents.

I could not agree more. People get carried away with this "having the app" for everything. I should point out that some apps are really useful yet majority of them are waste of time and kills your productivity. Blackberry should focus on its strengths and capitalize on those points rather than trying to satisfy the mainstream consumer. After all, having a blackberry won´t turn you into a productivity machine while having a gold iPhone won´t make you cool.

Crackberry Kevin was the biggest Cheerleader for changing the name to Blackberry. I think even he didn't get how badly damaged that brand is.
I would change the company back to RIM, kill blackberry and bring out QNX phones, with a QNX branded OS.
Chaging the company to Blackberry was absolutely stupid. It told the vast majority of people: "Don't even look at our new phones, they are blackberrys, ...remember.... the phones you hate." Dumb Dumb Dumb.

So, spend the rest of the bank to build brand power towards QNX, a name nobody outside of loyal BlackBerry users recognize. "Who's QNX?" asks John Q Public. "It's BlackBerry" replies Mary Jane. Oh....right. Not trying to knock your idea, but I think their marketing dollars are desperately needed towards building and returning the brand to respectable prominence -- Just like Kellogg's Corn Flakes -- "try them again for the first time". The marketing side of BB10 was a colossal failure. Most former BB users still believe it's the BlackBerry of old. And to some degree it still is.

I've been having that same thought for the last couple of months.

Let the brand die, and create a new one under RIM.

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

It's probably good those two, I don't know them, but then again, blackberry can't be saved, period! There will be three major OS... Android and IOS, and Windows, blackberry is history in the consumer mobile phone market , finished!! people who still believes they will survive are looking through pink glasses !

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They can't build a phone, the Z30 is outdated already!! Z30 is a premium device.....that's what they said about the Z10 also....three months later it went to is low end, same will happen with the Z30

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Sure.....diffrence is that jobs did something big when there were no touchscreens.....blackberry will always run after the facts, OS 10 is good....the phones are outdated! they can never compete with Samsung or apple, they had there chance, they blew it.... that's a fact

Posted via CB10

Jobs brought apple down, left or was more forced out the company, then came back to bring them to were they are today. Jim could do the same with blackberry.

People forget BlackBerry innovated usb charging on a cell phone and so much more they hold patents for. There could very well be innovation left in them. I disagree on the outdated nonsense especially since my 5s is a second phone to my z10.

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Yah let's maybe not bring back the people that delayed BlackBerry 10 and prevented BBM from going cross platform. Oh and r didn't want to make phones with touch screen keyboards. And thought they didn't have to do anything to keep market share because they had a unique product (with a keyboard).

Lazaridis didn't. It was clear from the context that he was saying there was no point in the all touchscreen BB 6 and 7 devices because they had no differentiation in the market. He was completely right.
BB 10 turns out to have been too ambitious for a relatively small company; neither Nokia nor Samsung succeeded with their own OSes (Maemo/Meego and Bada). But that is in the consumer market.
Apple succeeded with a niche OS because they had a part of the professional market (graphics designers). Mac OS never become mainstream. With the iPod and then the iPhone they got lucky because it was a new market, but even if they lost the entire phone market tomorrow Apple would live on as a PC maker.
BlackBerry might have one chance to follow the Apple path with an extremely good corporate offering while the world still remembers that the NSA and GCHQ are spying on them. They would be a much smaller company and direct sales only, but it is not impossible. And Lazaridis is the only one who might make it happen.

A guy that thinks that physical keyboards on phones are the future is incapable of saving any company, stop daydreaming.

There are lots of people who prefer physical keyboards. We are all individuals and have our own preferences. Do we all drive the same cars? No we choose the one we like that suit our lifestyle. How sad it would be if we only had the choice of an iPhone or Samsung as our device!

Posted via CB10

I agree, I think Mike and Jim coming back home to BlackBerry would be great. It's almost like it was meant to happen.

Posted via CB10

Jim at marketing? Are we so quick to forget how bad their marketing used to be? No. Get some other person. Somebody that actually knows how to sell tech to both carriers and prosumers.

Now, Mike heading R&D isn't a bad idea, provided he is wiling do join the spec race (as in, focus on the performance but still adding a few bells & whistles so people can't bash the devices as being dated hardware. I am not saying pulling an android and adding hardware power for the sake of having the latest tech - that the software can't really make use of properly).

Posted via CB10

What kind of weed wout000 is smokin´? We´re here because of those 2 clowns, specially Jim Balsillie! I say fire the whole Thorstein Heims team, and lock the up in a desert island WITH Jim and MIke, loose the Map BTW!!! Sell the company to CISCO, SAP, IBM or #GENERAL ELECTRIC. #GE would find out in a few months they NEED to have a foot inside the smartphone / apps arena.- They don´t know it yet, nor the strategic overview is drafted, but its getting there... HAUL A$$$$$$$$$$ yes, I concur...

Crazy amount of denial here. Crazy.

Plus, it is now too late for anything. The vultures are circling and will soon be picking at the scraps.

Let's get used to it.

Posted via CB10

Mike in charge of R&D when this is same guy that wanted to maintain the status quo???
The same mike who shot down the idea of cross platform bbm, full touchscreen devices???? And an app ecosystems as a result??? Yeah because that worked out for them so well in the past...

Posted via CB10

I think blackberry is the best smartphone technology and I now that blackberry not have won but ist isn't so bad. I very like blackberry and I prefer th q10 it is so cool they have design and the best keyboard on the world I have a iPhone and Samsung s3 but I never used the phones only the blackberry z10 and I buy now a BlackBerry q10 My father has a IPhone and he said I hate this phone please gift me the blackberry why you would like brings the Dinosaurs back in Germany they is the s4 #1 the sony xperia #2 and the blackberry q10 #3 here is the side

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Do we feel this way now because of the state of the company, and the failed promises by Thor? I know we'd like blackberry to survive and Mike is likely the man to make that happen. But, I think there also needs to be the right people around him for BlackBerry to make a successful recovery. I disagree about bringing back Jim.

Posted via CB10

Great post by member wout000. I was thoroughly impressed by his thoughts. Especially seeing how he did this on his spare time.

Posted via CB10

Mike Lazaridis is our MAN!!!! With the right team, he can do this (make BlackBerry strong again). I choose to believe he did learn from his past, and he is ready to be at the helms again. He is passionate about BlackBerry, he is Smart, and he is Wants to come back. He must have figured something out. I'd say give Mike another go at it. See what comes of it. What do you think is going to happen?! I think he is going to do something, whatever it is, something that will bring BlackBerry back to it's glory. Well maybe not quite (to it's former glory) lol but back to a stronger/healthier BlackBerry. A BlackBerry that is a great competitor, innovative, and exciting to be a part of. A BlackBerry that is here to stay. Go for it Mike! Go for it! Long live BlackBerry.

I just wish they would resolve this matter and move forward after all their slogan is "keep moving" so let's get past it already.

Posted via CB10

Looking backwards is the last act of a desperate man. The board if they are even looking for new leadership is not looking in the rear view mirror.

I'm down for anything that keeps BlackBerry whole, in hardware and full steam ahead with BB10. The marketing was nothing short of horrific and needs to be replaced from Boulben on down. BB10 OS is superior to anything out there currently. We need more apps and a complete flip on marketing. This is what will keep BlackBerry running on all cylinders and a bright future. Go BlackBerry!

Don't think they should bring back the dinosaurs. They need fresh, big thinker blood. As for RIM, this is what the should have branded their phones as; although I understand why, for obvious reasons, they couldnt....not much "motion" there lol.

Posted via CB10

Wasn't the whole shareholder community wanted to oust both of them? That was a mistake for letting someone take over, that person can care less because it's not his own creation. He just manages through whatever comes and at the end of the year takes his paycheck. Now the shareholder community wants both of them back? Good choice!

Posted via CB10

Sounds like a mistake to me. Mike is the john McCain of phones. No thanks. Appreciate your service for a few years but time to go

Posted via CB10 with Z10

Screw them they had their chance!! Thorsten is doing a great job he's doing his best. It's up to the consumers to help blackberry succeed.. and right now the "blackberry" brand has a terrible reputation. No one wants to buy one right now, mike and Jim can't change that

Posted via CB10

Now that is an idea that can help propel BlackBerry to greatness once again, that would benefit everybody including the mobile industry. I've already said that BlackBerry ='s Innovation & Security.

I absolutely love the kind of wedge this is creating. Some say go for it, other say I'm crazy like batsh*t crazy.
I would like to respond to you all, but it's just too much to do so in the comments of a blog post. Head over to the thread, post your opinion and let's brainstorm. I might just change your mind ;)

BB10 needs a watch line or a chromecast dongle that does picture to picture. The security reviews on chromecast turned me away from the product.

As far as price of their devices go: they shouldn't bother slashing their prices on the handset division, that ship has sailed. You want the people who buy BB10 handsets to feel like they're having a premium experience. Create a loss leader smart watch.

Posted via CB10

We need to see blackberry go private. :)
The bullying media won't have shit to say about them afterwards. :D three cheers to the OP.

Possibly (seriously) they should add the Crackberry team to keep Mike and Jim focused on what, we the people want :)

For many they are responsible for Blackberry troubles but the reality is that is was them the ones that lead the push into the consumer market successfully with the blackberry pearl (8100) and fought the board by adding music player and other consumer oriented applications. What blackberry needs to do is get rid of the buffoons sitting at the board and top execs that can't adapt to current consumer trends. if Blackberry wants to survive they need a new relationship with the media and court them, not just publish "press releases" they need to learn the lessons from Samsung and others if they don't want to go the way of palm

Aren't those the same guys that just shrugged when the company started falling apart in the first place?

Posted via CB10

As long as Jim keeps his mind on RIM and not NHL, this could work. Balsillie was not minding the shop and that's where it went wrong, my opinion only

Posted via CB10

Ahahaha! Love that pic at the top with TH. should be on RMR's the Front page. "Sorry guys, I f****ed up."

Whats your best caption to the above picture...?

BlackBerry/RIM in its current state can be likened to the Alberta Tar Sands. An absolute abundance of technological wealth, innovation, and social prosperity... if you can execute with screwing everything else up.

Get Jim and Mike back. BlackBerry has successfully eliminated the root cause which was driving people away from BlackBerries in the first place. Their engineering problems which management let cripple them for far too long (long enough to severely damage the brand's image in the general public's mind.) People who are loyal to BlackBerry know why they buy them, people who buy iOS or Android devices most of the time do not.

BlackBerry needs to stay the course. The "dinosaurs" understand the core BlackBerry experience from the legacy OS/previous devices, and will need to integrate the new features already introduced in BB10 with the ones BB users have come to expect. Mike HAS to understand that limiting everyone to QWERTY keyboards limits the business, which in the cutthroat industry the smartphone industry is becoming, is just plain suicide.

Sink or swim!

BlackBerry sold out 2 things. Push communication and data compression. These 2 things have been away since 10 os launched.
They need to make something special in order to bring new blackberry users. Bring back these 2 things if no innovation exists. We love BlackBerry buy we are the fans and not new users.

Posted via CB10

Lets be honest. Things cannot get worse than they are, well yeah it can get worse.... but all the worse options include blackberry ceasing to exist as we know it.

So, just fuk it. Let them return and try to set this thing straight or simple go down with their creation.

Again, blackberry current situation is soooo bad that they dont neeed to worry about sells and marketshare and those things that matter when your enterprise is competitive and ducking it out.

The company right now is almost on its last breath.

Posted via CB10

Regardless of who it is, the model should be a dictator with a vision.

Oh, and minions and money. They also help.

Posted via CB10

If these guys return I still like the idea of BlackBerry focusing their resources on a four products lineup, 2 full touch devices and 2 Qwerty keyboard devices.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Yes that sounds great let BlackBerry stand it's ground and be as powerful as it once were.

Posted via CB10

Of course they should come back. Bring BlackBerry back to its roots as Research in Motion and get into other areas of technology. Smartphones is not all there is.

Sometimes it's best to leave your behind in the past. The situation in which they were successful was very different for the present day.

I totally disagree with bringing them back. People on here must have forgotten how Blackberry slept the first couple of years after the iPhone was introduced. They don't have the vision in the fast-paced mobile space. Blackberry needs to stop recycling the old management and bring in new blood to move this company forward.


Mike and Jim are the very reason RIM failed to innovate, failed to respect the competition and failed the BlackBerry customers.


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In my opinion i dont really care as long as they do their job good and doesn't abandoned BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

For those who are against the idea of bring back Mike and Jim, please share your suggestion of who should replace TH? Yourself? Lol

Posted via CB10

Mike Lazardis - yes. Doug Fregin - yes. Jim Balsille - no way. Thorsten Heins - stripe him of Canadian citizenship and deport him to Germany or better yet to Club Gitmo.

I don't know a great deal about BBRY management but I will say that Heins is a Smartas* with the wrong attitude.

Posted via CB10

The future of BlackBerry is dim because of idiot Thor.

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels

Everyone thought that Thorsten Heins was the greatest thing since sliced bread - until about a month ago. Wow, how quickly we turn!!! That said, I never thought that he should be the man in front of the camera; he was horrible at being the voice of BlackBerry.

BB10 IS the best!

I agree, not a great speaker, not a great motivator, not very charismatic. He should have left the MCing and presentations to someone else. That didn't help. However, we overestimate the keynotes and presentations. The normal person has no idea who runs blackberry and who gives good presentations.

The future of BlackBerry is RIM...

And likewise, the future of RIM is BlackBerry...

However which way, both are destined to be doomed... unless, the management approaches, strategies, prioritizes and focuses were changed... not only the "name"...

Posted via Z10

3 words for blackberry aka RIM:


Make him CTO. Os 10 has a lot of potential bit the technical guys are just the real dinosaurs.. they still stuck in OS5 mode..

Trust me Andy Rubi worth 10 times more than thorsten Heins..

Posted via CB10

Bringing back the dinosaurs is the stupidest idea.

Yes, drastic change is needed but that ain't it. Let the dinosaurs roam around the prairies in peace and make sure to lock up heins and his merry men.

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I'll buy the WHOLE company right now for a $100 and Guarantee to turn a profit without sacrificing anymore jobs within a year. Try Me!

C00121B8B : The Eye of The OOLONG: BBMchannel

Blackberry's story really looks a lot like apple in the 90's.

Since its foundation they were a stable growing company.. then, when Jobs left the company in the early 90's, it became kind of a mess.

At the end of the 90's, when Jobs came back at Apple, the company really was struggling hard and they had lay off thousands of people.

After that in the 00's, Apple was working in the shadows on amazing products and look where that got them...

I feel confident that Mike leaving as a CEO was a result of the shareholders pressure and at that moment it seemed the right thing to do.

But while Thorsten is doing an amazing (tough) job, blackberry 10 isn't only thanks to him? After all, BlackBerry bought QNX under Mike's leadership..

I admit that it was a huge mistake to underestimate Apple, to bring out a useless PlayBook tablet and the lack of innovation, but also they probably have learned.

I also think that the dinosaurs need to comeback, and that they have to create a new 'apple' story, while developing great products in the shadows :-)

Besides that I also would like to remain Thorsten to keep a responsible position.

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Even Satan himself would not torment BlackBerry 10 as mercilessly. Frank Boulben might have been one of Lucifer's Disciples but apparently he decided to one up his Master.

I read somewhere that google will buy bb. What do you guys say about this ? Do you think it's true ?

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Please stop posting photographs of Thorsten Heins. He is killing BlackBerry even in his silence but soreso when he speaks. Do they still have lynch mobs in Kitchener-Waterloo?

BlackBerry could soon disappear within the next few months and Z30 might be their last device we ever see

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So this is BlackBerry's master plan! Facing mostly bad options they decide...let's go with the worst! Your braindead idea is to replace Thorsten Heins Ketchup and his merry band of fucktards with another group of mental defectives, headed by Mike Lazaridis, one of the main ass clowns responsible for causing the company's current woes! If you are bringing back Frank Dork or whatever his name is, also bring back the other stooge, Jim Balsilille, like that you can complete this troika of retards!

Amongst them, these three stooges will definitely save BlackBerry by turning it into a gourmet / organic catering company...

As a result, Thorsten Heins Ketchup can enter the witness protection programme and the Cryptkeeper aka Pringle Watsahisname will return false his main hobby, "Tales From The Crypt "!

And for consumers such as myself, we can go ahead and microwave the PlayBook and use the Z10 as the doorstop it was always meant to be!

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This is so funny. Just a little while ago when these two guys were stepping down, Crackberry was full of articles that explained why it was a great move. Now, you guys are saying "bring them back". It's almost really sad. I would have never thought these days would arrive where we double think every decision within a few years of making them. It's time to leave the heroic come-back scenarios behind and focus on real solutions that may actually work. Or simply learn to let it go.

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Don't be fooled, bringing back the old RIM leadership will not be the second coming of Jobs. The BB10 OS is solid, stay the course and learn from the huge marketing mistakes made the past 6 months. IMO BlackBerry can build it's US market share back which can right the ship. Tech is cyclical and the next 12-18 months will see shifts just like in'07. BlackBerry will be the sweet spot again.

Have a great weekend BlackBerry loyalists...

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If RIM comes back - I sure hope so! - let's stop using the term RIM-pire, please?

It's so corny, and that's the last thing BlackBerry users want to be known for, right? :)

Ummm how about just a new marketing team. CEO switching is not going to solve anything

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These articles are way too much right now. The simple issue with BlackBerry is the lack of apps which keeps it from competing with the likes of APPLE and SAMSUNG. Doesn't Sony, LG, HTC, SAMSUNG and etc... all operate the same Google Market? Well BlackBerry put your pride aside on the BlackBerry APP World right now, invest on creating a partnership to use the Playstore or Market into our OS and lower the price on the BB10 devices and I bet we will win MarketShare with ease since our OS is the best hands down. Now unless our platform is not compatible then I can understand but we so sideload apps which are EPK files same used by android right? Just saying it doesn't take a brain surgeon to pull this one through.

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If they had all the apps that Apple has tomorrow, I could guarantee they would be in the same boat. Not having apps is a reflection of not enough users on a platform. Tired of hearing the app issue as being the big reason for BlackBerry's failures.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

A return isn't necessarily a bad thing, but people seem to romanticize the past and conveniently forget there were reasons that Mike and Jim were replaced the first time.

Here's a secret for you.

The biggest issue is NOT apps. Yes, the lack of apps is an issue, and it doesn't matter if BB users think that it's not. "Perception is reality" as they say.

Still, the biggest issue is marketing and delivering on deadlines.

BBRY has neither known how to differentiate itself in the New World Order of smartphones, nor would have had the handsets avaiable at the time they did if they were.

The baffling Super Bowl commercial (which was neither entertaining nor informative) and the US rollout of BB10 (phones not able to be purchased until months after the "launch") shout that loud and clear. Everything since only underscores it.

Was that the case? I assumed the handsets were available in USA during launch/splash, this was not the case? 3 months later? After excitement dwindled to zip? Really?

The Q10 definitely. The Z10, as I recall, was first available a couple/few weeks after the January launch event, but only only on one of the carriers initially (Verizon) as I recall.

What is true in the case of both phones is that there was no "white heat" created. If anyone in the US was excited by the "launch" of the phones, they had to wait too long to be able to do something about it.

Apoloigists liked to blame that on the US carriers at the time. While that's obviously a favtor in any launch by anyone, I think what has come since blows that excuse pretty much out of the water as BBRY stumnvbled all over istelf in all sorts of ways.

After 7 years as a loyal and vocal member of Team BlackBerry (we had 3 in my home at one point and I'd convinced two sets of couples to get them) I left for those reasons I mentioned in the prior post. Frankly, I got tired of being treated like a second class citizen.

Sure, I'm an investor and the pitch to bring back the visionaries who killed BlackBerry the first time around makes total sense to me. Besides, I enjoy working with totally hosed brand.


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RIM is perhaps the best solution, along with a private recapitalization of the company. The reason I say this is because if Blackberry was purchased by another foreign company, trust in the encryption of corporate data would immediately be lost. Neither an Asian or US company could buy Blackberry without users being fearful of back doors being put into their software. Neither the USA or China could resist the opportunity to gain advantage via state sponsored industrial espionage. Needless to say, all gov't Blackberry enterprise systems would be at risk for state and military espionage if either a US or Chinese company bought Blackberry. To survive and grow, Blackberry must remain independent of the NSA and China, and at the same time, offer an integrated package of hardware and software.

Sorry but these are the two people who refused to see and accept the changing landscape in the industry and this is what led to Blackberry's downfall. How are we supposed to believe that these two somehow now posses the magical knowledge to do what they couldn't do for several years...


Too late to consider it. BlackBerry based on BB10 environment is a world of mammals not dinosaurs. Great respect to them, but they didn't make the best to give BB10 an appropriate launch. It's very sad that we'll see no new BBs! All we were looking forward to Q30 1280x1280px. Now we're waiting for... nobody really knows what :|

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

I think Thorstein Heins do a good job. But BB 10 was just out to late. Would be better if a company like Lenovo or some invested in BlackBerry.

Wait, I thought Thor and the Avengers team were the ones bringing blackberry back. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites. When Mike L and Jim B were running things everyone was screaming to get rid of them. So then comes Thorsten and everyone (especially Crackberry) is bowing down before him (including that Avengers poster with him and Alex). Now that things are going south with Thorsten people want to bring back the guys that caused BB to collapse in the first place? Talk about a never ending circle of doom. ALL the former people need to go and BB needs new blood. Bringing back Mike and Jim is sling the same thing they did before and expecting a different result, which is the definition of insanity.

Absolute nonsense. Mike Lazirids, perhaps. He was largely responsible for engineering, though ultimately lacked the vision to understand the consumer market.

But Jim Balsillie is almost single handedly responsible for the decline of RIM as a business.

His inability to manage the growth of the company allowed costs to spiral excessively. His arrogance in responding to competitive pressures led to inaction.

And his obvious inability or lack of humility to deal with the hard questions in earnings reports etc was in large measure responsible for the negative PR. And unfortunately he appears to have hired incompetent people who were happy to tell him how wonderful he was while spending the companies money on their own exit strategies.

Had Balsillie responded to questions about competitive pressures with realistic responses, maybe the market wouldn't have destroyed the share price and shorted RIM virtually to extinction. The companies reputation is just about destroyed.

And his credibility was shot full of holes. You could hear the lack of belief from analysts as they asked questions.

That's why he was forced from the board. He may want to fool himself he resigned, but had RIM allowed Balsillie to stay any longer the company would be dead already.

RIM grew to 20,000 employees in just a few short years, and as a result became unwieldy and slow to respond, evidently with tribal groups within the company refusing to cooperate and bend. Slashing employee numbers is painful but essential if the company is to regain agility.

In an old interview with Steve Jobs I heard this weekend, he said any monopolistic company is bound to fail because they become complacent. RIM was in a monopolistic position.

In short RIM is failing because of arrogance and complacency. I believe Heins is sorting these problems but he still has some way to go.

Wonderful Post! Balsille=Hubris. Doesn't say much for the Harvard MBA Program.

BTW, I don't think he is in the picture. He wouldn't return.

At this point, debate is academic. The wheels are in motion, the company is in play. What will be is already in motion (Research not withstanding) and before year end we may see some movement toward an outcome of what BBerry will become in the next few years. There are still millions of users, many on Legacy. Myself included. Although I have a Droid and a WP8 phone, I still reach for my Berry when the heat is on and I have to crank out communication.
'Nuff said.

Sure, Mike and Jim can take this private, great idea but at a price of:
average of lowest and highest price it traded:
$6 and $150
so $156/2 = $78
Give 40% discount, so $45 a share.
Anything less will be stealing form us. Then keep it public and let us particptae on the upside.
You cant screw the company, buy on the cheap and build it again.
Thats robbery, stealing from average shareholders so billionaires can become multi-billionaires.

Lazardis has no business running this company he opposed the opening of BBM and felt blackberry should only make phones with keyboards, both proven to be wrong assumptions.

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Based on the runaway success of the Z10, The Torch 9850, the Storms?

It certaionly seems the public agreed that BBRY should stick to keyboard phones. It is, after all an actual point of distinction. It's something they could have sold to the public.

I was absolutely stunned to see a recent poll on one of the tech websites (CNET maybe) in which 80-some percent of those (thousands) who responded prefered a physical keyboard. This was presumably a cross section of fellow geeks, as opposed to a poll like that being done here on CrackBerry, where I would expect that result.

It's one poll on one website, but it certainly makes me wonder if the whole full touch phenomenon is in large part due to that being all there is.

It's funny I made this suggestion a while back. I did not like the idea of Jim taking his eyes off the ball and wanted a sport team(I still am pi%$D), That team would have complete the Tri-City area .
Taking RIM private and bringing back the duo will put BlackBerry on the map again.
Remember a company name Starbucks? When the founder was replaced the company went down.Better yet..There is a company name Apple and its founder was replaced . The rest is history

This is without a doubt the most retardedly stupid idea ever published. Yes, let's bring back the two buffoons that let the mobile landscape pass them by and developed a culture of confusion, misunderstandings of their customers wants/needs, an inability to ship products on time, and a complete and total lack of accountability.
Sounds like a winner to me.

I'd say to bring someone out of BlackBerry. With a different more ambitious vision.

Heins has the same vision as predecessors. Which is the typical loser way of thinking "Tools not Toys".

Instead of trying to become the only device you will ever need.

Just my two cents

You are now in my Bingo Book

Yes sure, bringing back those two execs that failed to adapt and prepare the company for the future. The dinosaurs have died out because they failed to adapt to a new era. There was a reason we do not have dinosaurs on planet earth nowadays...


Bringing back the bozos that completely lacked vision and ran the company into the ground is perhaps the dumbest idea I've ever had the displeasure of being exposed to.

all they need is to make a larger qwerty phone and get some more apps on board. seriously, its an amazing OS and a good phone all around. people are too used to the bigger screens now. minimum 4" screen with the keyboard...will still be smaller than most phablets. they should have done this from the begging, an unbelievable omission on their part.

This stupid comment eliminator app. Is a must have....

Golly gee this is swell..

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