Further Information/Clarification on the Free BlackBerry PlayBook for Developers making PlayBook apps

BlackBerry PlayBook App Development
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Oct 2010 07:22 pm EDT

Following up the live demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook yesterday at the Adobe MAX conference and the news from RIM's Co-CEO about developers making PlayBook apps getting a free PlayBook, RIM has followed up with some more information on their BlackBerry DevBlog to help clarify things:

There has been a lot of excitement about the BlackBerry PlayBook developer promotion announced by Mike Lazaridis at Adobe MAX this week. Further details about the promotion will be posted on our developer site as soon as possible, but the plan is to provide one free BlackBerry PlayBook to every registered vendor with a BlackBerry App World-approved AIR application that is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook prior to launch. The applications will need to meet the BlackBerry App World Vendor Guidelines and there will of course be some terms and conditions that are principally designed to prevent abuse of the promotion, but the intent is to reward developers who are working on apps in advance of the product launch. We'll keep you posted. Now get building those apps! 

So there you have it. Developers get your AIR applications on!! It would be great to see a BIG catalog of apps be available at launch, and this is definitely a nice incentive offered by RIM. Also nice to see from RIM... CrackBerry quotes on their BlackBerry PlayBook page. Keep it coming RIM... the future is looking bright.

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Further Information/Clarification on the Free BlackBerry PlayBook for Developers making PlayBook apps


Hey I'm a student who just recently began to take a class in Java development. Will it be easy for me to learn AIR?

Don't waste your time trying to become a developer, creating an App Word worthy app etc. Stick to your course.

dont listen to this guy

you go to school to learn something
and get rich off it
and then drop off school before you finish because your rich

adobe air is easy compared to java
and alot of vendors are going to start deving for BB now because of this

...driven by real incentive that, in turn, improves your product. Developers complained that app development was too difficult and this shows that RIM has listened. I think it's awesome that they've chosen to partner with Adobe and showcase AIR as a development platform. Aside from not wanting to cede any control--real or perceived--to a third party, do you really think Apple is enthusiastic about HTML5? No. Apple knows HTML5 isn't anywhere near ready to compete with Flash, so if developers want to reach the large iPhone/iPad user base (which, of course, they do) they need to develop native iOS apps. By 2012 or whenever HTML5 is ready, it will be a moot point. Anyone and everyone who wanted to develop for the iOS already will have developed a native app by then, and Apple will have moved on to The Next Big thing.

Not surprised there's a catch; thought they would have had all of the details figured out before announcing it though.

Of course there is. They don't want to be giving PB's away for a "make you play book fart" app. They want quality apps before they release it. Good on them.

Stupid question I am sure. However, I read what I thought was everything posted as of late on the Playbook, yet have no clue of its release date. Is it still a Q1 of 2011 thought?

like the guy above, i am going to attend school for programming. preferably for blackberry app development. Can I ask what specific "technology" made you developers successful at your jobs? I'm looking for some guidance and really appreciate your responses... :]

Hey there jaywalkah,

Begin getting involved in the programming basics of JavaScript. ActionScript within Flash is structured similar to this, and this coding language is the backbone to develop apps for the PlayBook. Adobe AIR is an extention to Flash, so this is the route I recommend:

JavaScript > ActionScript 3.0 > AIR Desktop App Development

This is only a brief path, but I hope this helps point you in the right direction jaywalkah. =)