Further details about the OLED screen technology we may well see with BlackBerry 10

OLED Screen
By James Richardson on 27 Jun 2012 01:40 pm EDT

We've had a busy week with BlackBerry 10 leaks coming in thick and fast. Today N4BB brings us another, this time with more rumored details about the screen technology Research in Motion is planning to use in the next batch of smartphones released. Clearly, none of this has been confirmed by RIM, so please remember that until the facts are the facts, things are liable to change.

According to N4BB; the reasons behind the decision to go with OLED are a lot to do with power consumption. The darker the screen, the less drain the screen has on the battery; so using pure black will optimize power. Again, themes have been mentioned. Having the option of a dark theme will be a warm welcome to many if it means greater battery length.

The leaked document compares screens to a flashlight. Of course, the brighter the light you are emitting on your flashlight, the greater the strain on your battery. The same theory applies to phone screens.

Clearly the above makes a lot of sense; in particular with regards to a full touch screen device where we know battery drain can be a real issue. This has been proven in many Android devices, although things seem to have settled down a bit now. Battery life on a BlackBerry has traditionally been great so it is encouraging that RIM is still striving to maintain that high standard. If these OLED ‘rumors' are true and battery life is utilized to the max I for one will be a happy customer. Let's see what further leaks we get prior to the official launch. I suspect there will be many.

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Source: N4BB

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Further details about the OLED screen technology we may well see with BlackBerry 10


Mirst :)

Its encouraging to see RIM is still striving to maintain the best battery life for mobiles on the planet. A huge issue with my other phones and a selling point for many.

The change in colour is cool too so long as its user determined.


I'm not sure what to think of OLED in RIM's phones.

White screens would use up a lot more battery. About 3 times more versus regular LCD screens. And surfing the net, reading documents are majority white. That would take a hit on battery life.

And I hope the OLED screens they're using have a greater lifetime for the blues. But that's not that big of an issue.

And for the outdoors issue, I hope they coat it with something for it can be readable in sunlight!

Also if you are a heavy smartphone user then AMOLED is very prone to burn-in. I had one phone which after 4 months of use was already showing burn-in and I had to sell it and get a new phone before it became so noticeable it would be unsellable.

This doesn't sound like a feature for people who do. This is a feature for people who like the gimmick of showing off how nice their phone screen contrast ratio is and then hardly ever use their phone.

Yes you could argue that a normal person doesn't have their phone screen on for 4 hours a day; but then is the that the point in BlackBerry?

I've sworn never to buy another device with AMOLED so if RIM don't make any BB10 devices with LCD I won't be buying. There is a reason Apple are sticking to LCD for iPhones.

He didnt read the article. This is why RIM gets such bad press...*Pardon my words* But because of idiots like this...Now hes gonna tell all his friends "the new blackberry wont even have a front facing camera". I went back and read the article 1000 times and not once did i see anyting about cameras, let alone front facing cameras... leave it to people to turn something positive into a negative*SMFH*

lmao! This kind of misreading is not surprising to me. It happens constantly on the blogs. Too many times people come here, look at an image and say "that's an ugly phone"... when the article has nothing to do with a phone. They need to take the time to understand that it's all about software right now.

Well if it doesn't have iTunes then I'm making my own phone in my basement and port it over while drinking myself silly and crying in my bowl of soup as I lay in my own filth

correct, and as you can see from the image the phone will not actually have keys either. It will have pressure bars that pop up choices on the screen for what keys would be in that row. *headsmack*

Anyone else notice the missing row of buttons in favor of the "action bar"? Guess they're finally moving away from the track pad, back, and BB buttons.

Trackpads are useless on a touchscreen...you're already selecting what you want by touching the screen. Its really pointless to add a pad unless your touchscreen doesn't operate the way it should.

As for the current BB touchscreen models /w trackpad, that's an OS thing in my opinion.

Trackpad = BBOS
Gestures = BB10

think playbook

The trackpad on the 9850/9860 is quite useful. You can use it to precisely move the cursor or select things while zoomed out. Without it, you have to zoom in and place/select.

All things that can be done without it if the OS is designed for that.

BBOS was adapted to touchscreens that's why the it was still needed. Without the "selector" you wouldn't be able to do many things under BBOS.BB10 is all about gestures to get things done

Gestures has nothing to do with selecting text or trying to pinpoint your curser in the middle of a word/sentence to edit a misspelling. Unless this gets better on BB10 than it is on the PlayBook (even with its huge screen), than BB10 phones will be frustrating at times without a TrackPad.

I do agree though that one of the main advantages of the trackpad on BBOS is for ease of selecting apps and navigating the menus which were designed for a trackpad. BB10 on the other hand was 100% designed for touch and only touch.

The first indicator that BB10 would not have a trackpad was how BlackBerry Bridge handles the remote control and bluetooth mouse features. They don't allow you to navigate the OS the way BBOS does with a trackpad, instead it acts as a mouse does on a computer with a pointer. That would be awful and thats the way it seems to be designed.

I just want to see the ability to activate a virtual trackpad by using a corner gesture similar to how you can bring the keyboard up on the PlayBook.

Track pad is still the right way to go. I have a Play Book and I have to use the Bluetooth remote to click on spots on web sites, so your an idiot if you think just touch screen on a small device is the way to go!

No, he is right, zooming is a PITA. I really do not understand why a set of virtual cursor keys cannot pop up for screen navigation. Back in the past when mice had balls, it was always possible in Mac applications to use the cursor keys to move around the screen, and it wasn't really until laser mice that I stopped doing it.
Just because everybody else is a sheep, doesn't mean it is good to be one.

I really like the track pad on my 9860. instead of using pinch to zoom all the time. some full web pages are such that some of the links are so small. the track pad comes in handy.

I really miss the trackpad on my playbook. Even logging into crackberry to post this, I had to zoom in to select the login (accidentally clicked an ad first). Then, since the login was in the top left, I had to scroll the Page over so it was once again visible. (and accidentally clicked on an ad again -- it seems that holding over some ads, it follows the link even without releasing the screen). Then, I was able to login. With the trackpad on my 9930, I could have just selected it right off.

Granted, it would be technically possible for them to define a piece of the bezel as a virtual trackpad...that's be pretty cool...

And just now, I had to go back and edit this post (I seem to miss the spacebar on the playbook kb often). I had to zoom in and out a few times to select specific words...also would have been easier with a trackpad. If i don't zoom out, then the screen goes funky with the side scrolling.

+1 for trackpad or equivalent...

I was responding to sf49ers' post, not yours. Regarding Super AMOLED, I think that's just Samsung's name for AMOLED screens with an integrated touch-receptive screen (versus the two being separate). I don't know if RIM has the legal capability to develop this specific screen and/or if they need to for the first BB10 phones.

Really? This again? You must be reading articles from reporters who are making up facts or financial people are the same ones who didn't see the banking crisis. If you look at Apple back in 1997, they were in far worse shape than RIM is now. To the point sales dropped in half and they had almost as much $$ in losses than they had in sales and had almost a billion in log term debt. RIM is so far from this. I also ready the analysts and all said to stay away from Apple stock at the company is going no where.

I would prefer HTC One X's LCD2 Screen....But I can see why they are going this way...just hope it's super clear :)

uck, don't even put Palm in the same sentence as RIM. RIM's hardware design, quality, workmanship are all leaps and bounds better than the turds Palm put out into the market.

Yes and no. The early Palms were very good (I still have a couple of Tungstens somewhere and they still work). The early Pre series weren't very good. But put the last Palm - the Pre 3 - up against the nearest equivalent, the 9810 Torch. The Torch is a solid, well made piece of kit but the display is not as good, the design is not as good, and webOS 2.2.4 is nearer to what we expect of BB 10 than is BB 7.1. RIM really should have used the concept of the gesture bar as a replacement for the Trackpad.

Credit where it is due, the Palm team were just about there when Leo the Druggist suddenly pulled the plug. And (as I may have noted elsewhere) put the Playbook next to a Pre 2 or a Pre 3 and they look like products of the same manufacturer. This is not the case for the Playbook and existing BB phones.

Good stuff. This actually works. Nokias Symbian^3 devices (well most of them) were built around AMOLED screens and also featured many apps which had AMOLED friendly themes. They even mentioned dark themes and wallpapers in their "battery saving guide" - it works pretty well. However, once there is a white thing displayed, battery strain goes way beyond LCD displays - so there is quite a catch there.

Odds are that the L-series phones will use a similar or identical screen to the dev alpha and personally I wouldn't mind that at all since it is a very nice looking and high-rez screen.

My IPhone was at 30% by noon with very little use. Hurry up Blackberry, I can't stand this piece of poop much longer...

Sell it and grab a curve 9320 to hold ya off until BB10 comes out in 6 months! :)

SUPPORT rim!! :) PS. It's got fantastic long battery life too!

Im ok with the dev alpha phone. Mini playbook is the way to go...omg just shrink the playbook and release the bb10 already... Waiting killing me softly..ggrrrrr...

Why not develope a custom home screen app that runs over the existing interface, then it'll look like no other! ;)

UBUNTUphone it!