Further confirmation on BlackBerry Bold 9900 T-Mobile release date and pricing info!

BlackBerry Bold 9900 T-Mobile
By Michelle Haag on 2 Aug 2011 07:31 pm EDT

Hey T-Mobile fans, we have some new information for you as well! The folks over at  TmoNews got themselves a screenshot that not only confirms the release date we saw yesterday for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but also contains pricing information! Full retail price is listed as $599 with the 2 year contract price at $299 with a $50 mail-in-rebate. So, who's excited now!?

Source: TmoNews

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Further confirmation on BlackBerry Bold 9900 T-Mobile release date and pricing info!


$599 off contract... WTF That's the price of a laptop. The playbook was priced to high for what it could do. Now apparently the phones are over priced as well. I thought $450 for my 9700 was a bit much... Hey RIM the USA is going through a recession right now!!

The playbook is a great deal in my view. I love it and would not have any other tablet.
However, T-mobile is smoking dope if they think people will buy this phone at 300 bucks when you can get it for 199 at Verizon.
The price will come down for sure.

$250 after rebate and basically $300 bucks up front!!! I was hoping it was at least $199 like most phones.

Agreed. If this is 250 even after selling our souls for another two years, then we're gettin' screwed. If RIM wants to move these phones, they need to be priced competitively, and THIS is NOT even close. THIS is insulting.

$199 on contract. Anything more is unreasonable, especially for a brand just BEGGING to get back some market share.

THANK YOU!!!!!! Ive been with TMO for over 10 years, and this cant be right. Its almost insulting

Remember .... it has NFC .... that must have cost a few $$$ to develope ..... plus that wickitude thing. These phones also have a 1.5 year warranty. You should get a minimum of 2 - 3 years use out of it on heave use.

$300 is not that bad.

$250 w/ a 2 yr contract is too much especially when competition is $199. But on the bright side, you can trade in your old BB for $50 on Blackberry.com. Also, if it matters any, I talked to a Sprint rep and he said that the price after Sprint's instant rebate would be $199 which I hope is true. At any rate, Sept 1st I get my Bold

Well dang. What's up with the high price tag? Not that it matters since I'll get if off contract anyway, but that's a lot

Agreed. I was ready and willing to drop 199 on launch day, but if this drops on Sprint with the 299 price tag, I will hold off until it drops and some of the bugs are worked out. $299 in today's economy is a joke and RIM isn't going to benefit at all if this pricing turns out to be true.

lucky enterprise users get it on the 17th....I don't understand why ya'll so surprised by the price BB aren't known to cheap in the 1st place still gonna grab it on the 31st

That is allot to ask out of people who don't even know if the company is going to be around much longer. I am going to wait until the QNX Blackberry's come around.

Expensive? i paid 320€ (320.00 EUR = 453.558 USD) for 9700 with 2 year contract at simobil (Slovenian carrier).

And there it is....I knew that there would be 1 thing to muck up the release...and the price range did it.

I dont know where this is coming from.. but my brother works for T-Mobile.. I just asked him, he confirmed that: "Testing Approval is OCT 24 and in market usually 6 weeks after that"

I want this phone right now just like you guys but im not sure if its happening August 31st!!!!

I want it this month (actually the 9850/9860), but this looks very fake! Look at the first line, major spelling error. Professional multi-takers! Should be multi-taskers. The forger should've checked their spelling. I'm personally not buying this as any kind of confirmation. All of these sites throw ANYTHING they get out there without any regards of legitimacy.

Good catch. I would hope it's fake. I don't know who controls the pricing, RIM or Tmo, but if RIM set the pricing that high, I'd be worried they lost touch with reality. I worry for a company who's decision-makers have gone completely insane.

Yea ... all these pictures are pretty blury.

We need some serious confirmation.
The only real confirmation is when RIM puts it out.

People like to see themselves published on these sites, and it's not hard to create these "inside carrier details". I think most of these and the so-called roadmaps are nothing but fakes. And $299 just doesn't sound possible. RIM may be making horrible decisions lately, but that's over the top.

For what it's worth, it's an internal document.. Note the training days and all that... Typos happen everywhere, on TV, newspapers, magazines, and even internal documents. :)

As is standard marketing practice, it comes out expensive so they can offer the usual "back to school" sales.

That's not exactly right. $299 is way overpriced - only the top verizon LTE phones hit that price point. Anything above $199 is outrageous for a standard BB, touchscreen or not. $150 would then be the sale price. I hope RIM isn't pulling a Motorola Xoom! It's not the model to follow.

I don't know...Carriers often base their price on what the companies charge them. It's more likely a combination of the two, assuming $299 is even legit. I don't think it is.

Look at the 1st line. Says multi-takers instead of multi-taskers. Their spell check kicked in and they missed it. These are so easy to make on anything from photoshop to an old version of pagemaker.

I'm with you on that. Plus, since when do carriers include code names on product release notifications? Why is "Dakota" included in the title? Am I wrong in thinking that shouldn't be there?

So not only did we wait forever for the phone but now it has a 300$ price tag, ain't that some shit.(excuse my french) SMDH. for 200$ more i can get a playbook, Rim should pair up the two to a bundle and sell it for 500$. its a nice phone but dam that's expensive and not to mention the plans getting even more pricy, these mobile companies got us by the b***s. it gonna be interesting to see how much they sell because this phone should have been out 2 yrs ago.

ipad2 10" screen 500$

playbook 7" screen 500$ something is not right. u guys do the math.

Sometimes it costs more to put the same, or even more technology into a smaller package. The iPad cant even HDMI out without an additional dongle. The PlayBook is priced appropriately.

Big mistake at that price. That is too high in my opinion, especially with being locked into another two years as well. I hope prices dwrop fast, as I believe this price point will cut into sales - something that I do not believe RIM can afford right now.

That can't be right. why would it cost MORE than an iPhone 4 on contract.
Makes no sense to me.
How is that competitively priced??


At that price, and now having NO installment plans at TMO, I either wait for my full discount in a few months, or go straight into QNX in 2012. My 9700 is still fully functional, so patience will be my ally

It is amazing how some people like to bitch about everything. If it isn't the release date or the specs, they bitch about the price. Do you people think that RIM should give their flagship device away? If the price for a Rolls Royce is too much, go buy a Cadillac or a Toyota. If that isn't an option, wait for 3-6 months until the price comes down.

not touchy...just tired of all the RIM bashing. People are complaining now about the price... 1. I'm sure the i5 will be in the same neighborhood 2. It is RIM's flagship device and 3. It isn't like they are asking an absurd amount for it. $250 is within range of other new BBs when they were first released.

Umm you can't be serious....of course people are complaning. Who in this day and age prices a phone at 250.00 dollars. This phone isn't better than many phones on the market and they don't cost as much. Huge mistake on RIM'S part if they release it at that price...HUGE!

$299 is an acceptable price for this phone considering I paid as much for the Bold 9000 when it first came out. Don't like the price, wait 3-6 months, get a Curve instead, or go buy one of a hundred models of cheap crapdroid phones.

Come on man. RIM knows they are behind with their phones. You can't compare this to the iPhone 5. In terms of hardware specs the 9900 is worse than the iPhone 4 which is even cheaper. And the iPhone does not need to be restarted after installing an app. Even $250 would make it the most expensive phone at TMO, more expensive than top of the line dual-core androids with similar specs.

I'm curios to know 1. how the i4 specs are better than the Bold 9900 (of which I'm guessing you haven't used yet) 2. what was the price of the i4 when it was FIRST released (and not a full year later and with the release of the i5 in the near future)?

oooh, the i4 doesn't have to be restarted? That definitely makes up for the phone condom to get reception...but is certainly not a selling point or price point driver in my book.

Bottom line...go buy a dual core crapdroid for less. I can guarantee that the Bold 9900 will perform just as well and have to be charged less often.

ok just got more details... launch date IS August 31st but it wont support UMA...

Software Approval for UMA is OCT 24th and it will be released a little after that date!!!!!

you dont have to believe me, just buy one by the end of the month and let me know if it works over UMA. My brother is using a 9900 at the moment and it DOES NOT support UMA as of yet... Software is still under test..

It doesnt support UMA at the moment cause the chipset is HSPA+ which DOES NOT SUPPORT full mobility.. UMA will be a soft App ONLY....


don't forget to download a tissue app on your iCrap 5....which I'm guessing will be in the $300 neighborhood when it is first released.

1. do you still need a phone condom to get reception?
2. does it finally have a native messaging app like the great BBM app?
3. can it even cut and paste yet?
4. at least you can say that you have a great selection of fart apps

I think they're simply trying to recapture the magic that was the Bold 9000. When the Bold 9000 launched on AT&T it was $299 with a $100 MIR, so it was $399 up front. Heck, this is slightly cheaper.

overpriced for a bb with an os that is a little bit better than the last one. For this price it should QNX os on it not bb7.

I was very much planning on getting two of these, one for me and one for the wife. But, there is no damn way I'm paying $300 dollars each. Sales are going to be pathetic. I'll wait until it drops down to $200. If they aren't down to that by Christmas, I'll be going to another platform. Flame me if you want. I'm just being realistic. BlackBerry needs to sell some phones, and at this price, that ain't gonna happen.

I got my torch at walmart after 60 days for 49 dollars with a 2 year renewal. I will do the same with this phone. Looks like I will be waiting for a price drop again. Good thing my family of 4 all have Blackberrys. One of my lines is always up for renewal.

This should be priced at $199 with a contract, not a penny more. I hope this ad is not for real.

whoa! $299.00 up front, what is RIM smokin. this phone better out perform the galaxy S II and iphone 4 for that price. they mustve got ahead of themselves on pricing because of all the positive coverage this phone has got. everybody just wait to buy it, as soon as galaxy SII and Iphone 4s are released this price will drop fast to $129.99

This is fake. I purchased my Torch for $199, under 2 yr. contract, when it first came out last year. $299 is not a competitive price. After all the scrutiny, pressure, and competition that RIM is under, I do not believe RIM would jeopardize sales by overpricing their phones.... I do not think we need to put too much stock in this information...

RIM is pricing this phone like any other phone at $599 (Torch was 599 off contract too). It's T-Mo that's high on crack if they think they can sell at $300 ON CONTRACT.

RIM is letting the carriers kill them off, first by holding up the rollout because of "testing the code stack" or whatever nonsense, now through the pricing. Good luck pulling off a come-from-behind win on this one RIM. Should have just released the phone without carriers months ago.

I honestly don't believe this is real. RIM has clearly made some horrendous decisions lately but I doubt they would make one this badly. Their plan should be to sell this for $150 on contract, and sell as many as they can before the iPhone 5 comes out. If it's actually $300, not only is it a giant slap in the face to everyone who waited through all the delays, but they will sell very little, and when they finally drop the price the iPhone 5 will be released and they will not be able to compete.

Original source link says "$299.99 after $50 MIR rebate."

That's $100 not 50, that's a 33% price hike between $199 and $299

$250 after MIB? WTF RIM? Seems way steep for a company that hasn't released a phone in a while and has lost significant US marketshare. Hate to bring up the competition, but @ that price you are getting way more in hardware than this device from other companies. Think this should have been the qnx phone price and not the OS7 phone price.

All the bitching and whining needs to be directed at TMO. They're the ones subsidising this phone. RIM sets the MSRP.

MSRP on the high end Dual Core Android phones is $549 at TMobile with a 4.5" screen. No way in hell that the 99XX demands a $599 prices with the hardware, screen, etc. Sorry I'm a Blackberry fan but this is total BS. The market has shown that $199 is the ceiling in the US for all but the newest, bleeding edge hardware and features. If RIM sets the MSRP to this the phone is dead!

What amazes me most is that Verizon is still selling the Storm 2 at $199. That is just the craziest thing ever!

What kinda Blackberry's do you people have? Its the new Bold...maybe you guys need to get a Torch or a Curve or a Pearl or the flip Berry...they all started in the $99-$199 range...but the Bold's have always been at LEAST $250 and up. Its the freakin' flagship phone folks.

I have a 9700 world phone...its was $299 with the two year contract...AT&T. So its only right that the NEW Bold would be in the same range. And unless you guys are under a rock...most smartphones START at $199...most of the Droids/iphone/windows 7 phones that compete with the Bold's specs start at $299.

That is a very competitive price. Ya'll are on drugs...and complaining about NOTHING.

Wow, it is not enough for Att to rape you with their ridiculously priced rate plans. They also charge $250 for the Bold (97xx) on a 2 year contract? wow... T-mo had both the 9700 and 9780 for $129.99 upon release. Don't go by what I say, Google it!

First of all, before anyone bites my head off for being a fare weather fan, i have owned almost every BB since 2005. And if the date is correct, will be buying the new 9900 on August 31st. Now to reality......for those of you who are tired about people "bitching", "complaining", or " putting down RIM", you should be glad people make those type of posts, that is, if they are tasteful. RIM, and all the carrier partners read all the blogs, Crackberry, BGR, etc..... If you doubt that, who do you think owns Viigo? Who do you thinks owns BB news feeds? Public opinion has played a large part in society. Ever watch your local news channel that goes after a company that has wronged a consumer, and the consumer can't get what they payed for? Then after the show airs, miraculously, the company makes right buy the customer? Same principle. How about years ago when Rogers was screwing their customers on data plans, and everyone sounded off in the forums, Rogers, weeks later, caved, and offered better plans. 0ver 90% of the comments relating to this post are of folks not happy with the pricing, hopefully RIM will pay attention. RIM needs to set a price point that is comparable to it's competitors. Atleast until they get back on their feet in the staes. We all assume that everyone reads blogs, and fully understands what they get from the various operating systems out there. However, that isnt the case.Crackberry probably has the most members out of all the blogs out there, and that number is only 3,000,000+. RIM sells 14 million units every 3 months. Lets say that between the other blogs, has 7 million visitors/members.(obviously a guesstament) So around 22% of the folks out there every 3 months have no clue about what are the pro or cons of a phone, they rely on sales associates which are mostly sporting Android or Apple. Those associates will tell them about those OS's, with all the cool apps, and that they can get a phone with dual core processors, bigger screens for much less than the new BB's. Alot of us know BB is a great phone because of data compression, which will save money over the long run because of data caps that are being impossed lately, or how we can go much longer on a single charge. However the biggest reason to go BB is the security. Who here doesnt do banking or pay bills on their BB? No way would I do that on Android or Apple! On the downside, the price point even for BB fans is way too high! Not only will BB have to worry about trying to win over Android/Apple fans, they will have issues retaining their bread and butter, US! Don't forget, all the new BB's (OS 7), is a one time gig. YOU CAN NOT UPGRADE TO QNX!!! Mike Lazaridis said it himself. QNX will be available on BB smartphones when they are able to supply dual coare processors on their phones. RIM has stated to investors that they expect to release the QNX OS smartphones in the first quarter of 2012. So, for US folks, you will be tied into an "obsolete" phone for 17 months if you sign a 2 year deal. RIM expects people to buy a phone that is not upgradeable (OS wise) for $ 299? i"m buying it, and alot of us will. However, for those people that are tired of the "bitching", you may not like it, but if we don"t say something, we will no longer have BB's available for us to buy. RIM just one day have to sell to countries where they do well, and cut us out. I feel people are morons for buying Android when they have to turn off their Bluetooth, WI-fi, GPS, just to get 8 hours of battery life. Or that they are ignorant to the fact that their security software takes 3rd place behind RIM and Apple! But face the facts, The phone that hauls butt, with all the cool apps is the phone that woos the ignorant, and even though RIM has pretty much caught up to the competition( in regard to specs), they will lose BB fans, and certainly not gain the Android/Apple fanboys! and that saddens me, I love BB, and i want to own one forever, but if they are no longer avaliable, then it;s a moot point to keep mum! Think about it!

I have a BOLD 9700 ,,,,, and think it is great.

I tried the NEW BOLD 9900 .... man that is FAST and SNAPPY.

To me i kind of expected the 9900 to be of this price range, because RIM is releasing other devices soon. BB's with a little lower specs. I think those would be at a lower price rate

Exactly! A Lexus isn't priced the same as a Camry or Corolla so why would someone expect a Bold 9900 to be priced similar to a Curve?

Good point! if all their (Lexus/ BOLDS) were priced at $299 upon release with a 2 year contract we would have been used to it by now. Can you imagine Lexus selling an IS250 for $30k for 3 plus years and then all of the sudden releasing a IS250 for $60k and add a touch screen GPS? I understand that the Bold 9900 is a true flagship as was the Bold 9000 but it is not ground breaking technology!

You're comparing a device with 4x the amount of storage, the 9900 will have only 8GB of storage (correct me if I am wrong). I don't care about Apple products, just had to make sure you kept the space in mind.

iPhone 4 (16GB) 199
Atrix 199
Inspire 99
Torch 199
These were the contract prices for some of AT&T's best phones over the last year. Now if there was a higher capacity Bold, maybe it would justify the price hike. At 8GB it should not be 299 (Really 350 out the door)

My point exactly! if they were to add the top/down swipe (like the Playbook) to add more real estate to the 9900, i'll pay $299 no problem :o)

Then buy something else then. Some of you folks on here will complain about anything. I was waiting on the BOLD...world edition...I'm buying it. You want a cheaper phone...buy a cheaper phone and leave it at that. Geez. All this hippity hoopla..."RIM is dying", "bye BB"..."RIM is sinking"...then jump off the freakin ship already...sheesh

Let's use some logic here. First, if the current Bold (9780) is $429.99 full price, why is it unreasonable that the new one with a touch screen, processer that's 2x faster, and 7.5 GB more internal storage would be $170.00 more? Secondly, the pricing for the BB's have always made it easy to pick one that's within your price range. With that in mind, let's not forget the new Curve will be launching soon so it'll be cheaper than the Bold. Finally, we all know other retailers (Wal-Mart, Best Buy Mobile, etc.) will have this device much cheaper. So why are people so concerned with the corporate pricing? If you really don't like the price shop around.

Oh and one last thing. I'm so sick of people threatening to switch platforms over every little issue they have with this phone. If you want to switch then just do it. For those of us who love BB, we'll continue to support it. Iphone/Android lovers seem so much more loyal than some of the so-called BlackBerry fans that are on here. If the iphone 5 launches at $450 after subsidy, you can bet their customer base will pay the price without complaints. If you're a supporter of BB, put your $ where your mouth is!

The price is not confirmed by T-Mo yet. But, considering your use of specs (2x processor, 7.5GB boost in storage) for an increase of $170. Will you be okay if the carriers use your same "logic" to price the QNX devices at a $170 ($470 on contract) premium in comparison to the Bold 9900 since I am assuming those models will have a higher spec processor and more storage (since the OS7 devices wont be upgradeable to QNX based software). Come on, after a while it becomes excessive.

Carriers have a right to price subidies at whatever they want to. That is besides the point I'm making. Customers have the option to choose not only what handset they want, but where they will buy their handsets. So the logical thing to do if you don't like a carrier's pricing at a retail store would be to either buy from an indirect dealer or choose a different model at a lower price point.

As much as some people hate to admit it, faster processors, higher resolution screens, NFC chips, more memory, add cost to the manufacturing process. So T-Mobile then has to buy them at a higher price from RIM, which means their customers will wind up paying more. Some larger retail companies like Wal-Mart are able to buy ultra-high quanties at a discount from RIM so they offer a bigger subsidy to their customers. The bottom line is you probably won't have to pay $599.99 or $399.99 for this device if you do your homework before you purchase. Corpotate retail locations aren't the only place you can buy a phone. But, maybe that's too logical for some people to grasp.

Guys, this isn't RIM's fault. They sell the handset to the carriers and they choose the price they want to subsidize it at.

Update: as i wrote before, there are a lot of people that don't follow blogs, and therefore are some times ignorant to making an informed choice when buying a phone. I also forgot to say factor in the people that do follow the blogs, however are still ignorant. ignorance differs from stupidity. Ignorance is when someone is not aware of information, and stupidity is when one has been made aware of info, however just doesnt get it. With that said, the point that Gregory Ryan and Abante were making is there are phones with higher specs than BB, that are selling for much less. The point that MNhockey made about Lexus/9900 or Camry/Curve i beleive was made in ingnorance. I say this because, Iphones, Galaxy S, Droid x, Droid incredible, EVO 3G/4G is what is selling, and for a $199 price point. Yeah, there are folks that want a cheap phone, so the Curve, which might price at maybe $129 will sell well with those folks, but the majority of phones that are selling are all the above mentioned phones. If that were the case, the BB Curve, would currently be the best selling BB, and there would be more people buying a BB. You people who make comments on here really need to read up on the facts. You are entitled to your opinion, however, will not help RIM in the long run. Facts are facts. I just told 4 people tonight about the 9900 release date, and price, and they all said, " for that, I should wait for the new Iphone, or an HTC Sensation. Once again, they have so many downfalls, but all people care about is how much phone can i get with the cool software and speed. Screw them, but we need them, if we want to be afforded BB's here in the US in the future. One more soild point about people who read blogs, but only read what they want to.... A guy posted in the forums..." IF AT&T doesn't get the 9900 by August 31st, I'm going to T-Mobile". Does anyone see my point about ignorance? For those that don't get it. If AT&T is given permission by the DOJ and the FCC, TMO will be AT&T as soon as March or April. So why would an informed person do that? His 9900 will most likely only get Edge!!!! Once again, i am nolt calling anyone stupid, I am just saying you should read up on things, and be properly informed. Heck, for all we know, all these leads on dates and price could be fake. My opinions were based on if this info is true. We will know soon enough.

1. my comparison to a Lexus/Camry was purely an off-the-cuff analogy to help explain to those bitching about the price point that not everything can be priced like an economy car.. 2. my comment wasn't made out of ignorance..I happen to be somewhat knowledgeable in portable electronics. Not to mention I can get a point across without having to type a small novel. I'm curious if you have submitted your last two posts to a publisher yet?

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of phone buyers are not looking to get the best of the best as far as specs goes. Trust me, I've been in the cell phone industry for almost 6 years now, and most customers don't even know what 3G vs 4G really means let alone any specs on processor speed, etc. So I think what BlackBerry is doing here is smart. They're offering several models that cover every possible need an "ignorant" customer may want (all touch screen, slider touch screen, no touch screen, combo touch/keyboard). RIM will be fine. Your assertion that "we might not have BB's to buy if they don't price it correctly is absurd. Let's not forget RIM still controls a rather large chunk of the smartphone pie in the U.S. If Windows Phone 7 only commands a 2-3% chunk and we can still get those, BB has nothing to worry about.

Myself and my new wife have been loyal to RIM for years and have been waiting for months and months now for this phone. My wife's contract recently ended with VZW and we decided to wait for this phone to come out, but if this price point is true then we are going to Android where the phone specs are so far ahead and better, for less money than this. Really sucks saying this, but that's just how it is, we are done waiting and need to get our phone bill consolidated. I hope very much this is a false story, I dont want to leave but it feels like they are practically pushing us out with this price while the other big two are rolling out the red carpet with so much more to offer on the other side.

Yea no way I'll pay this price for a phone that is spec'd lower than some of the dual core Android phones out there. Even the iPhone4 is cheaper with contract....this is just ridiculous and insulting. Really helping my switch to android easier I suppose...

Specs aren't everything. It's funny how some of the dual core Android phones you speak of still lag (Sensation)or have freeze ups (G2x). There's something to be said for optimized software that is tailor made for the hardware it's on. However you do have a point on the iPhone pricing. They need to align this pricing better with the iPhone.

my question is will i be able to keep my old $30 data only bis plan if i upgrade to this 4g blackberry? will they force me to change my plan? i pay $45 a month. $30 for bis and $15 for unlimited messaging and .45 cents a minute if i make any calls.

T-Mobile eh? Wonder if this will work on Mobilicity here in Canada? I'm using a BB 9700 with unlimited everything for $35 and I'd like to shred through even more data. Plus being able to have a mobile WiFi hotspot finally on a BB.

Haha wow 600 bucks omg.. that really hurts. I was going to buy it outright and operate it under WIND mobile bud looks like I'll wait for my company to release it. Definately going to be cheaper since we sell phones cheaper outright

since this isn't going to be an LTE device will it work on at&t's HSPA+ network or is it different frequencies like their 3G network?

$299 are you kidding me! I'm a hardcore and loyal BlackBerry fan but that is way too much. These phones are NOT worth that much money. Looks like I might actually buy the actual phone off contract then because for a 2yr plan to be stuck with that phone is wayyy too much and too long.

Man, it's sucks how bb increases the price of bold just because they are upgrading with the 2x processor and all, but if you think of it, iPhone had lots of major changes and yet there price range never changes... I really want the bb bold 9900 :( or is sticking to bold 9700 worth it?

I know I will be telling TMo that I am leaving if they won't upgrade me to the BB 9900. If they don't then iPhone 5 here I come. Had BB's for 7 years and I would pay the $299 and just sell my 9780.

WOW! No way I'd drop that much just to have a tiny touch screen... My husband and I got our 9780's for $99 buy one get one free, 2 phones for $99!
Also, does anyone know what's up with the T-Mo/AT&T deal? I'm dying for the Torch but don't want to buy it outright. I'm cheap lol