Further confirmation that 50% of Z10 sales are coming from Android and iOS owners

BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2013 10:30 am EST

We're sitting at just about a month since the BlackBerry Z10 was first released in the UK and Canada, and already it looks like the device is performing better than expected. The Canada launch has been 50% more successful than any previous launch as the Z10 is outselling both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Further confirmation today proves that sales are up and a large number of Z10 purchases are going to new customers and not current BlackBerry owners.

BGR has confirmed that half of the BlackBerry Z10 sales in Canada and one-third of sales in the UK are going to users coming from another platform. This means there are plenty of users that are ditching their iPhone or Android device in favor of BlackBerry 10. It's also noted that 50% of the Z10 pre-registrations in Canada were made by users who did not already own a BlackBerry phone. 

With the US launch still a few weeks off (no official date just yet) we'll see how well BlackBerry 10 performs in the states very soon. There is plenty of interest as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are all on board to carry the new devices and we expect to see good numbers in the US once BlackBerry 10 finally hit the streets.

Source: BGR 

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Further confirmation that 50% of Z10 sales are coming from Android and iOS owners


I am shocked they dared to write something positive about BlackBerry. Out of curiositys, is it "April Fools Day" somewhere around the world?

You beat me to it, I still won't read their biased articles and reviews. but still surprised any thing positive about BB came from them.

The BGR site was hacked!!!!

Just kidding ..... sales are definitely strong.
I know people. ( That is all I can say )

But you will see.


BGR posting good thing about BBRY !?
This is great, even the hater is admitting BB10 is the bomb, now let's drop the Q10 and Zw0 on US soil and obliterates all who stand in its way
Oh yes and bring the Z10 to BlackBerry lifestyle store in VietNam for 750$

NO no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , This can not be true. Thebiased and paid for media has said no one would switch. Yes it's true I dropped my SG3 for the Z10 but that doesn`t mean anything. NO one would give up their android for blackberry. Yes I dropped my old slow outdated SG3 for a faster better Z10 but no one will switch. Im so confussed.

Hopefully a decision maker from sprint will read this and offer the Z10 along with the Q series instead of losing customers to other US carriers that will offer the Z10!

I hold out a sliver of hope for this as well...but in the back of my mind, I am preparing myself to leave Sprint.

It would be interesting to see what percentage of these are returning BlackBerry 'ex-pats', and how long did they leave the platform for. It would help illustrate how robust the appeal to other platform users is.

There is a huge difference between: "I tried using an iPhone for a few months, but I couldn't get used to it... So I came back" and "I have been using an iPhone for 3 years, but felt the Z10 was worth the leap"...

My thoughts exactly!

I would love to see the number of new Z10 users who have *never* used BlackBerry before, switching from Andr*id or iPh*ne!

That would be the true litmus test of Z10's success in my eyes...

Yeah, BB King is already taken. (Not 'hip' enough to be creative director, or maybe he has no time. He's playing in Nanaimo March 5!)

While this is good news, I still have some doubts than about how good the numbers really as in terms of overall sales.

@CrackBerry Kevin, do you have any previous sales information for BB launches in Canada? If sales are as good as they are wanting us to beleive, this is a pretty dramatic swing for BlackBerry in a very short period of time.

I'ma long time Android user & I should have my new Z10 this week ;-) the Don't know if I'll stay but I'm super excited to give it a try :-)

I was literally about to post this in the forums...

"Early reviewers — including us here at BGR — worried that while BlackBerry 10 showed great promise and the Z10 was a terrific early effort, the new operating system didn’t offer any compelling differentiation that might draw users away from the iPhone and Android smartphones. If early performance in these two key markets is any indication, however, BlackBerry’s new platform may be a bigger draw than we expected." - BGR

Are media outlets finally eating crow? at least BGR is admiting they may have written off BBRY too soon.

They are backtracking!! :) Gellar dumped all over the Z10 and even posted misinformation about it: He said the iPhone had a higher res screen (it doesn't) and that the Z10 only supported polling gmail at 15 minute intervals at best.

But all of a sudden they are saying they thought it was a "terrific start"?

(In the meantime he said the new iPad with the 128GB SSD was 'revolutionary' even though the only thing that was changed from the previous iPad was an increase in the ssd size and nothing else.

When the iPhone 5 came out he actually posed it with Rolex watches to illustrate that iPhone 5 was the king of phones: a Rolex amongst the Casios that are all other phones.

awesome newws.

Wow, who slipped some BB appreciation into the BGR's water supply. Great news and cannot wait to be part of the BB10 wave here in the states.

I may only have 6 friends : ) but all of them have switched to the Z10 from the iPhone and Android....minus one who couldn't wait, got an iPhone 5 and now regrets the decision but we exiled him to Antarctica!!

GO BBRY!!! Keep rolling out good products!!

BlackBerry by choice!!!!!

Typical BGR post: Blah, blah, blah... RIM is dead, BlackBerry sucks! Blah, blah, blah... Apple is great! I love iPhone! Yada, yada yada...

BGR would have to issue a huge "mea culpa" and then explain how they're not going to fall into that same trap again before I give them a stitch of credit for reporting legitimate news.

If it wasn't corroborated elsewhere, I'd just figure the BGR had screwed up and didn't have their numbers right. As it is, they're bound to get it right once in a while.

I believed it even me I am ready to switch from my Iphone 4s to BBZ10. I didn't upgrade to Iphone 5 because nothing change beside the screen size gets longer. I'm ready to switch any time soon the US available.


I think I read somewhere that a guy got it from his mother's cousin's great grand-daddy's third wife's younger brother, twice removed, that the Mayans saw this day coming. End of the world indeed. I'm selling all my stuff. lol

Big name app developers better be taking note. A lot of their (former) users are looking for their apps in BBWorld. If the incumbent is MIA, they might just find a substitute that works as well (or better). First mover advantage is up for grabs!

This is good news but the momentum needs to keep going. As one poster mentioned they may be returning back to BB from IOS or Android but the point is they came back. But I would be curious to see that number as well.

Now the second key is of those people switching, how many people was BB able to retain? Some may have ended up returning the devices.

I'm likely going to switch back from Android to Blackberry. Really miss the great email and messaging capabilities of Blackberry and universal search...

Funny, but let's not beat BGR up too much. People make mistakes, and yes, for a while life in the BlackBerry world was looking a little dismal with a few misteps. Lazaridis made the right move to step down with Balsillie and hand-picked Thorsten to lead the way forward. We're in a much, much better place because of it. We BB fans kept the faith and we have been rewarded with a great OS and two sweet looking phones. More to come too! This is exciting :)

BGR in the past has used the "Set 'em Up; Knock 'em Down" routine when it's come to BlackBerry. Not completely convinced they're doing the same thing here but I wouldn't put it past them.

Wait for it... Wait for it... ;)

I agree. Its just a matter of time before the "10 reasons never to purchase any BlackBerry device made now or at any point in the future" article arrives.

But seriously, you're bang on with their 'roller coaster' of selective reporting.

Although I enjoy using my SGN II, I still want BlackBerry to succeed, so that those nay sayers would forever keep eating humble pie...

Good, and thanks. Competition is good and healthy for everyone. Look what it did for Apple and Google and now BlackBerry 2.0. Innovation is fostered through strong competition. As a result, we have these amazing hand-held devices that do everything for us. Love it! Hope iOS 7 is much, much improved as they're falling behind a bit.

heh I thought I was alone in this. I traded my Galaxy S3 for a Z10. I'm waiting for it to arrive though but still, for all that I've read, I know this device will not let me down!

I picked up my new Z10 yesterday from Rogers (Yaa!), I bought outright one that had been returned by someone who picked it up on launch day (to save me some $$). During the long software update ( just released) I had a good chat with the Rogers sales rep. He said they have had a fair number of returns, but all from previous legacy BB users. So perhaps this talk of iPhone and Android refugees making up about half of the purchasers of the Z10 is really due to the fact that they are the users most open to a touchscreen phone, and the Q10 will be the one for the "loyalists"... I think they need to get it out very soon after the Z10 in the US in particular, or the bears will start roaring again once high return rates start being rumored...

Good point you make. Indeed, this is not the device for the typical BlackBerry user. The Q10 is. The returns may be because they tried the Z10 but now want to wait for the keyboard based Q10. Interesting.

They rehash what RIM has semi-officially said and claim it's from their "inside sources" in an attempt to stay relevant.

Don't give BGR the page hits.

The data is factual, and numbers never lie.

So even if BBRY threw something their way, it would only be to report it - the numbers.

Win for BBRY on both.

agree with Marc_Paradise. BGR is never the first to break anything,

Every z10 sale is a sale that doesn't go to 'droid or iOS. Im sure they were happy when BB only had BBOS on the market.

Its rather hard to write such bias review of the Z10 and then suddenly tout themselves as "worried" the OS did not offer any compelling differences to draw people away from IOS and Android.
Now that it seems that they have seen some credible information saying people from IOS and Android are shifting back to Blackberry, BGR has to tow the line as not to seem completely insane in their Apple fanaticism as to loose what shred of creditability they have tech writing.
The funny thing is I have seen a few BGR articles that have been positive towards Blackberry but the notable thing about those articles is that Geller did not write them.
I dislike how I have to go to BGR to even read the article but I at least enjoy the fact the even their own article comment posts about how unbalanced Blackberry articles are always follow Geller's articles

I would say the best way to not perpetuate unbalanced writing would be not to even go to BGR.

Blackberry! I'm deeply disappointed by the way you are pushing Z10 in India.
Just 75 to 100 phones for each dealer? Plus no display of phone?

You broke thousands of hearts of BB fans like me.........
You definitely have tough time in India................
Wake up before it is too late...........

My New Dear Beloved BB fanboys.. This isn't a rumours, in fact Z10 reach over 1100$ - 1400$ in Blackberry Nation (Indonesia) before it's official launch and sold out ! How a Remarkable ! Finally Blackberry 10 Come Out and Play in our land..

I have owned every generation of iPhone, about 6 android phones and ive now switched to BBZ10 and i love it, its so fluid and never fails or glitches.

" the Z10 is outselling both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. "

Considering the market share the iPhone 5 and S3 purportedly have, if the Z10 is outselling both of these phones, then either Blackberry is selling a lot of Z10's or more likely, sales of iPhone 5 and S3 have collapsed. Could BB re capture 25% of the smart phone market?