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Add stickers, smileys, and text styles to your messages with FunText

By Alicia Erlich on 23 Apr 2014 12:09 pm EDT

No matter which medium we use to communicate, be it social networking, text or email, emoticons are a quick and easy way to express how we feel without the need to write it out. Unless you're the original founder of Greendale Community College, we are all familiar with turning text into those extra flourishes to express how we feel.

This native BlackBerry 10 app is rewrite and update of the legacy version of the same name only this time it brings additional functionality. It allows you to generate text in unique styles or choose from amongst the pre-populated database compiled with pre-populated smileys, characters, and text embellishments, to add some flourish to your personal or public messages. For sticker fans, there is a pack included of 40 custom stickers to share from within this application to not only BBM, but text, email, and any other method via the BlackBerry framework.

First thing you will notice is the updated layout and interface which mimics the feeling of writing with pen and paper even going so far as to displaying ink spots on the screen as you type. Simply type into the text box and your text style generates in the space below as a form of whacky word art. By using the slider, you can choose from among twelve different styles or select your own style from the Unicode keyboard with hundreds of original characters. After your text is entered, there is the option to include the aforementioned smileys or characters and the ability to create and insert your own.

Once your messages is complete, all that you have to do is tap on the share button and your transformed characters and emoticons are unleashed upon whomever you wish to share them with. You can even keep the ones you like by marking them as a favorite to save for future messages.

There are two additional features users will enjoy. The first, though only English language is supported, is that the application will analyze your mood as you type and adapts the user interface accordingly and proposes. If you were to type in sad or happy, a new colorful emoticon matching that emotions appears on the paper. The second, is that it is also a picture editor / meme generator as you can load your images within the application and overlay custom text in different colors to save and share.

Two versions are currently available, a free limited feature version and the premium for $.99. Those who currently own the full BBOS version will be upgraded for FREE. This fanciful application supports most legacy devices and all BlackBerry 10 handsets. While this application may not be for everyone, the developer updates his applications regularly and you can test drive the free version (for BlackBerry 10 devices only) to see what it's like.

More information/Purchase FunText
More information/Download FunText Free



I wanted to comment but I have to first read



Hahaha, you guys coming up with news ways daily.

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Well played.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.


Very well played!

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 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

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Very creative. That is how you make a "first" post. Nicely done!

@ Quickie and DrMike, take note.

Blackberry always.....

the resurrection 2

But blackberry is a tool not a toy! Pffft. Double standards methinks.


The screenshot has a guy poking boobs... I think I like this app already

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HAHA...I didn't notice that!


This is something that Typic+ does well for me..

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Why does it have a release date from 2012? On BlackBerry 10?

Poetry in Motion


Anybody know if there is full Emoji compatibility or if BlackBerry 10 will eventually be fully supported?