FunnyorDie takes on BlackBerry

with a little help from Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2013 10:12 am EST

Video site FunnyorDie actually posted this one on November 4th, but given all the news surrounding $1 Billion being invested into BlackBerry a new CEO stepping in, it slipped past our radar until this morning.

Featuring Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall fame, it's a satirical look at "the last BlackBerry employee"... melting down. It's dumb humor, but it's good for a laugh. Plus, you know, I know a lot of BlackBerry employees and they all have thick skin and are as tough as nails (they wouldn't take offense to something like this but rather join in for the laugh). So watch it. Chuckle. And carry on.

Keep up the fight #TEAMBLACKBERRY. 

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FunnyorDie takes on BlackBerry


Sadly, still a better effort than blackberry's real marketing department....

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Im with you. Dumb video. Should have never been posted on cb, gives it too much credit

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With the exception of the part where he tells America not to "be a bitch about it", I didn't really find it funny either...

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You guy serious?! Lighten up, this is probably one of the first times BlackBerry has been made fun of but you can clearly see they're really making fun of how BlackBerry is portrayed within the media. This is freakin hilarious, stop being such Debbie Downers and laugh for what it is.

"Freaking hilarious"? You probably love Jackass movies too. I was actually hoping for a good laugh, especially from Dave Foley, but this was just lame.

Yes, the whole BlackBerry situation is ripe for some witty humour, but this wasn't it.

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Yah, I think everyone is really eager to seem like they have a sense of humor and not seem like they are offended by this, but honestly, no matter what phone company this would have been directed toward, it really wasn't funny at all... Sorry...

Mildly amusing til that point, which was actually funny. The rest - not funny. Someone should have just crushed the rest of the routine :-D.

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Hahaha... hilarious. Hopefully we can look back at this when we are back at the top of our game and have a serious laugh lol....

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Hope Prem and the board are happy they made that "Strategic directions" announcement. They could be in business for the next 100 years and people will still be saying "I thought BlackBerry went out of business".

Dave's still got it! Less offensive when a Canadian jokes about it. It's their birth right.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Ya I think it's lame , just the way he did could have been funny with someone else or had he more character or different


I liked the "tell us what you want America, don't be such a bitch about it"
....but the rest was kinda dumb. They could have done a better job, it's not like they don't have a lot of available material with everything that's going on with BlackBerry

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I agree that it was not funny, but crude and sick? That, to be polite, a bit of an overreaction.

Hilarious. Hopefully we don't see the real version of that on YouTube anytime soon.

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Totally unfunny and a waste of everyone's time.

Maybe if you're 14 you might crack a smile, but for anyone older than that it is seriously moronic.

haters will laugh. I guess its easy to kick when down. some what ironic in this day and age of anti-bullt campaigns, at what point will it fall out of fashion to hack and kick at BB?

Wonder what the few thousand or so families effected by lay-offs think of this video. Kind of classless really


We can't wrap Blackberry in bubble wrap before they go out to play, so yes, they will be made fun of. I laughed, and I'm no hater, I've paid the price to be a BB fanatic. At the end of the day, BB10 is a solid platform, and the naysayers are slowly taking the time to have a look at the platform and change their minds about it, not as fast as we'd like, but BB is going to have to retreat to the business market they came from and take some time to regroup.

Ah, Dave Foley, Canada's very own David Spade. Funny - yes - but not necessarily roaring, LOL funny.

Not really funny. Saw this last week. I just didn't think there was any good humour in it. Was kind if a waste if time.

BB Proud

I'm looking forward to watching. (in class at the moment) I can imagine Foley's take on this whole thing now.

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Sophomoric humor at best. As someone else mentioned, the video plays upon the stale perception non-BB users have about BlackBerry. Nothing clever or witty happening here. Zzzzz...

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Wow, I'm saddened by the fact that Crackberry has turned into a site based on trolling for comments and search engine positioning. Type in "funny or die blackberry" and this worthless post about a worthless video beats the actually funny or die site. Good job crackberry. I guess. :-(

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Wow...I vote DIE! Cause that wasn't much stuff to make fun of and this was what they produced, don't quit you day job.

Is it too much to ask to be funny?

*Laughing heavily*

Oh... it's good. That's funny.

*Sighs while wiping a tear from the laughter*

It's funny because it's true.

Not again! You people keep making me start my conspiracy theory drive all over again everytime I almost forget about the damn box :P

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He could of done so much more than that? I Usually like him, but he has lost his edge for sure.

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Hahaha "You want keyboard, you don't want keyboards, you want'em small, you want them smaller? C'mon just fucking tell us what you want! Don't be such a bitch about it America uh?!" That's the point: We've all become so damn fickle a biz brand like BlackBerry couldn't figure out much....

Me?! I keep movin'!

Meh. It was alright. Negative attention is better than no attention at all.

BB's gotta work on their perception so videos like this will be irrelevant soon.

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Well, I have to say that was really not funny. Not because its a satire on BlackBerry, it just wasnt funny.

That was TOO FUNNAY!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it if you cannot take humour for once in your lives.

I don't find it this video funny, but BlackBerry and the blackberry nation of followers should take time to look at all humor, sarcasm and critique to keep their own perspective on why they are so crazy loyal to the bitter end. We are the solution to BlackBerry woes! Keep 70 million followers happy and you have a sustainable company...

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I think BlackBerry's marketing campaign should be built around well heeled, successful looking people with BlackBerry in hand asking if others aspire to be 'one of the 1%' - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

Funny... thumbs up :D sometimes you have to just step back and know that the media blows things out of portion. This just makes fun of them.

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I didn't think that was very funny. Maybe it's just my sense of humor.

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