Funny: Woman falls into fountain at mall while texting

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jan 2011 02:04 pm EST

This one popped up a few days ago and I think its one that is worth seeing. We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but this video shows the danger involved in texting while walking. This woman at a Pennsylvania mall is apparently so oblivious while she looks at her phone that she walks right into the wall of a mall fountain, trips over it and ends up soaking wet. Afterwards, she simply gets up and strolls off like it never happened. I have to say if I ever get to this point I may consider not taking my BlackBerry out in public (or going out in public at all). Check out the full video above for a few laughs.

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Funny: Woman falls into fountain at mall while texting


I saw this and was like, WTF??!?! (my video response, if you see the video on youtube, is present, or maybe it's a mirror that I responded to, but I look for the one with the most views, ie. the original uploader)

I won't ever do that in public.

And this is the same type person who also texts while operating their 2 ton car. The only difference between this time and others is next time she'll be driving and kill a family.

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crackberry u guys need to have a lil like button cause two these comments really made my day thumbs up to Halifax Guy Draconianfire83 and Bla1ze

Hmm, I think it's time to upgrade your brain to dual-core running QNX, Lady! Clearly your current brain and OS can't handle multitasking...

I saw something like this before, a teenaged girl was walking and texting and fell into an open manhole. I kind of felt bad for her until I read that there were loads of warning signs all around that she just...ignored. Her parents were trying to sue the construction company, but I doubt it worked.

I text and walk but I still see everything around me.. I been to this mall and really the sound of the water and you notice it from far away... She must have been really into whatever was on her screen

... that there is no cure (or limit) for stupidity. No end of apps, disclaimers, or lawyers will ever account for a "brain fart"

It was just reported that she IS suing the mall and will be appearing on GMA this morning. She's suing for being made a mockery and security not sending anyone to see if she was ok.

If I were in charge of security at that mall I would have sent someone to throw her out of the building for being too immature and stupid to shop there. I hope her stupid phone is ruined.

I also heard this on the radio today. She's an idiot and to top it off I would even suggest she did it intensionally. Look at how she appears to lift her left leg right before taking the plunge. I mean really, who walks like that?

This loser is the one who should be sued. Of course her text was SO important!! This is a 13 year old in a 50 year old's body. More proof of that is that she was on the news saying "I was like, and he was like, and I was like" LOSER!! What a piece of junk and wanting to sue the mall proves that she is a bag of junk. If I were the manager of that mall I would sue her for polluting the water in the fountain.

The most hilarious part of the GMA interview, is her lawyer saying "We intend to hold all accountable parties responsible"

Uh, yhea dude, she's sitting right next to you.

Yet another case of people not wanting to be held responsible for their own actions. It's almost as if the woman thinks that by suing the mall, that it'll make her embarassment less so.

I think she should just take advantage of it, and start charging to do appearances at malls, and performing the "dumb twat can't pay attention while walking" skit.