Funny: Windows/Mac Commercials go BlackBerry/iPhone parody thanks to Riz

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2010 01:28 pm EST

It looks like Riz, the artist behind Ping Me Baby, is back at it with these funny iPhone vs. BlackBerry parodies. The two videos seen here poke some fun at iPhone on both the application and hardware fronts. Stuff like this always makes me chuckle a bit. Word is there are more on the way too so be on the lookout. Got to love Riz for sticking to his guns and being all about BlackBerry. For now all I want to know is where I can get that sweet jacket :-)



Nice! Just get the QNX OS on the berry, and I'll sell my iP4.

I also don't buy into this marketing bullsh*t. But it is true, there are a lot of stupid apps for iOS


OMG the funnest Commercial ever :)) hahah i laugh so hard "i have one million apps like this and counting:)


While not BB related, TMO is also taking a stab at ATT and Apple with a Mac parody.


The first one was awesome, the second one had great content but I didn't feel like the iPhone was being a very good actor there...


Now that's funny......"the most awesome booger flickin' app ever"


Over 1 million stupid apps and counting. Lmao!


No offense but, this "video commercial" parody is stupid as the million apps they've mention on it.


The commercial is so true!! Keep up the good stuff, Riz!!


It was funny, I thought it was kinda bold on BB side to make fun of another at&t exclusive phone, I'm not a fan of the ipohone or at&t an I love the torch an BB phones in general . if tmobile had gotten ahold the torch first it would have been a lot better phone. It would made a good addition to their attacks on at&t.

Just Me

So incredibly lame it's actually funny.