Funny Video: Action Movie Phone Fail (aka iPhone vs. BlackBerry)

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2010 03:35 pm EDT

Ahhh yeah. College Humor. Gotta love when they make a funny with smartphones as their subject. Check out the video above if you have a couple minutes to kill and need a chuckle. Enjoy the clip!

Via: College Humor

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Funny Video: Action Movie Phone Fail (aka iPhone vs. BlackBerry)


ahahaha... what a great video. I am a blackberry addict, addicted to my bold 9700. But i must have a slider. lol

I watched it but I don't get it... Which phone was good and which one was bad... AND I'm watching on my laptop because I couldn't see it on my blackberry storm2...(which I love)

Hello Everyone!

I am a corporate trainer for AT&T. Just an FYI for everyone. U-Verse Mobile is only available for I-Phone and the New Blackberry Torch that launched today. Stay tuned for details, U-Verse Mobile will launch and be available on all AT&T Smartphones later in 2010!

hahaha that was a pretty funny video "can i bbm you right quick? if you want your girlfriend to live you will bbm with me" hahahaha aww good stuff.

Haha, I loved it. It's rare to get actual good humor, not stupid humor, with these types of claims of one phone being better than the other. That guy was a great actor, too! I'd love to see behind the scenes.