The Funny Side Of Obama's BlackBerry Predicament!

By Bla1ze on 16 Jan 2009 12:09 am EST
The Funny Side Of Obama's BlackBerry Predicament!

Ronen over at BerryReview noticed this, but everyone knows of President Elect Obama's predicament with him wanting to keep his BlackBerry (who could blame him?) throughout his presidency. It just seems as though those pesky advisors of his are still going after him about getting rid of the device he loves so dear, even going so far as to try and force him to use some crazy Windows Mobile device. The NY Daily News reached out to some players in the advertising world and had them create some mock-up advertisements to show their support for the President of the United States being a BlackBerry user. Quite hilarious. Check em out!

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The Funny Side Of Obama's BlackBerry Predicament!


All of these ads are great. I don't think he should have to give up his Berry. If they're weren't secure then why would some of the biggest companies in the world use them?

There has to be a way to 'secure' his blackberry so that he is able to stay in contact with family and friends. They make concessions for everything else, they can definitely make a concession for this.

REALLY....I could have sworn his mother was white.....not sure how that works out to him being black. White mother, raised by his white grandmother, grew up in Hawaii......guess all that MAKES him black. Sad that when SOME people see him, they only see a color. Or, try to make him a color. He is this country's first BI-RACIAL president. And, probably NOT its' last. As to him keeping his Berry....It seems like he used it when he ran, and as a Senator and it was no big deal. I know the President is way beyond those as far as security goes, but it seem like it could be set up with some type of encryption program that would make it secure. I mean, he has to be able to talk on it, right??

Hmm lets see. Could it be the "One Drop Rule" that makes Barack Obama black? Maybe you should polish up on your history and read all about it.

It's so funny that people would always consider half white/ half black people black up until one was to hold the highest office in the nation. Now you want to take it back.

The history of this country tells us that Barack Obama is black. Get over it.

I think YOUR history needs a little re-do. It is actually the "64th" rule. If it was proven you had 1/64th black blood, you were not "pure". And, take what back exactly?? Is he NOT bi-racial?? Is he NOT just as white as he is black?? He was not adaopted by a white mother; she gave birth to him. So you reason that he got nothing from her?? by the way, I don't see what I need to get over. Everything I stated is fact. Seems like YOU have something to get over.

Didnt mean to start the whole racial thing once again . . . Yes I know he's mixed, but he's considered The First African American (Black) President. I'm Black so I embrace his blackness more than his whiteness and considering his wife is black that makes it even easier LoL but it was just a little pun . . . no racism intended . . . we are all one race . . .the Human Race, Luv Everbody

Aren't we all bi-racial to an extent? Caucasions, as myself, are not purely from one ethnicity. I am Swedish, Norwegian, German, and that's just to name a few. Perfectly stated, we are all one race... I do see one point though. It is about time that we have someone going into office that represents more than just one portion of society, as Obama does.

The presidential records bill was created in the 70's, and hasn't been updated since then. Maybe it is time for us to have a realistic president who is into technology and being connected with the outside world. How does it make sense, that El Presidente cannot have a smartphone, but every secret service agent around him can, as can all of his advisors and memebers of his cabinet? It is not like if he asked to borrow someone's cell phone, they are going to tell him 'no.' God, some of the people that run this country are too stupid for their own good.

Obama is not the first president with this problem. Besides the security issue, any electronic communication the president has is subject to FOIA and must be saved and never deleted. This is why President Bush chose not to even use email for personal use during his entire Presidency.

First off, I like #9 the best I think.

Second, the idea of switching the guy to a WINDOWS device as being more secure is just plain crazy.



Because someone doesn't want this joker in charge of the country doesn't make him a racist.

You though can be a moron for making a statement about a person you don't know and claim that they have ill feelings just because the new(bought)president is HALF black.

So i'll fill you in on why I would geive him my storm if I promised not to take office.

1. Claimed he visted 57 states and had one more before he was done campaining.

2. One person, two words, Bill Ayers

3. Wife is just now proud of "her" country but quickly points out that it has nothing to do with how well Sadam..opps I mean Barack... is doing.

4. Had Hollywood wrapped around his finger, and seriously I don't want Hollywood any where near politics!

5. Lets just say I can show or get my birth certificate in under an hour, yet he has yet to show a REAL one.

6. Chicago politician!

7. Oh and I guess because i'm racist be cause I find fault in the first African American (<-- NOT TRUE!) President. I bet poor Katie Courick would be so upset at me..... Maybe I can be one of Oberman's Worst person in the world!!!!!!

1. This is not a 'Barackism' when touring the nation, you will visit the 50 states. He must have been on a 58 state trip, and after visiting the 58th state, he would be done. Yes I know there are only 50, but it just means his schedule until he is done with his break. For example, while in Michigan, he toured like 6 cities in one state trip!

2. What of him

3. Thats logical. She is now in a position of power, she is now looked upon differently. And if it weren't for his books, they would still be paying off their college loans. Shes the first lady on the grandest stage, racism is a hard feeling to shake, its forever haunting. She must be feeling something much stronger than hatred by the country, and its called love.

4. Hollywood/media, loved him, whats wrong with that? If anything, we need hollywood involved. So many unimportant people try to do important things and have causes, maybe if they aligned themselves with the President, things would work better. Imagine children watching commercials endorsed by the president and a movie star to drink milk and be a respectable citizen.

5. Hes the pres, he doesn't have to answer to you.

6 -

7. Just....go to sleep man, and enjoy your BB

I kind of want to see Obama switch to a winmo device for 2 reasons:
1) Smartphone round robin: Presidential Edition
2) (in 4-8 years) Along with his state his farewell address, Obama will give a 'Back on the Crack and loving it article'

Why do you idiots come on here and twist things up about race and racism when this was just a fun and funny topic about a man and his blackberry.

Just for the record, it is "america" that has always considered a person that was mixed between white & Black races to be Black. They have always referred to that person as Black or African American, NEVER as White. Secondly for those who just hate that it is a Black man who is going to be President, or for whatever other reason, get over it, now you know how African Americans feel, 43 times in a row, he can't be any worse than your previous 43 White Presidents, so let him have his chance to run this country.

Take these bullshit discussions and comments off of a great website, there are other places to vent your hate or frustration. This was just a fun topic and you guys have turned it into something ugly.

I can say whatever I want where ever I want when ever I want. I am an American and have that right. You can not tell me what to do, or anything. So go get get bent you racists and have fun sucking the lolie pop of this socialist.....

Well i have owned the Curve 8320, and the Bold and must say that my AT&T Fuze running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro is not only way more customizable, but a much more powerful device. Blows the current selection of Berry's away.
Dont get me wrong. I really loved both of my Blackberry's, WinMo is just more powerful. Thats a fact fanboys. Open your minds.
Obama is a socialist. He is very dangerous to the USA. A large amount of people that voted for him made it to the polls for the first time in their lives because he was black, not because they know his politics. We are in the worst economic crisis of our generation, and today his little party in Washington D.C. whith all the hollywood performers will cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Way to focus on the economic problem Obama, spend money honoring yourself!! Doucher

Becuz he is Mr.Prez in exactly 2 days-if he were Paris Hilton going to jail, no1 would be bothering her about-omg!-shes doesnt no if she can take her bb w/her! Obama is an everyday person like us, except he'll be Mr. Prez now, and yea, he's going to want to still do his everyday things like most of us would! He is human. They wouldnt get me to give up my bb curve either!!

the goverment T1 computer software is really suit for blackberry os then the windows mobile os due to the security holes in the windows mobile os such as the the tiny fire wall

Here is a copy of the first Spam email received by President Obama on his Blackberry:


Dear Friend MR OBAMA,

I wish to approach you with a request that would be of immense benefit to both of us. The issue that I am presenting to you is a case of my husband who has an account with an outstanding balance of $480,000,000.00USD ($480 Million USD) that he earned at a company of name LEHMAN BROS and that he would appreciate to give to me. Actually he will soon not be with us in this world very much longer as he is very sick even as I have been giving him many special medicines and I know he will leave this money to me....

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