Make someone's day in the UK with Funky Pigeon now available for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 9 Apr 2013 04:24 am EDT

Are you looking to send someone a card but can't be bothered to go to the shops and pick one? BlackBerry 10 now has a solution for you in the form of which have brought there application to the platform.

There is no easier way to send someone a greetings card, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or even just to say thank you. The app is a piece of cake to use and will guide you through the whole process from selecting a design and making it unique to then paying for it - all from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

You will need to sign up for a account but that only takes a minute.

Full features of the app include:

  • Order one or more cards in a single transaction.
  • Log in to your Funky Pigeon account and view/update your account details and address book, add Prepay to your account, view your shopping basket, order history, order status.
  • If you have not previously registered you can create an account, which you can also use to log in to the web :)
  • Top up and use your Prepay credit to complete your transaction and take advantage of our Prepay free credits.
  • Search function (Helps you cut the fat and get the card you really want)
  • Promotion codes (Don’t you just love those deals)
  • Gifting (Chocolates, stamps and gift cards)
  • Extended range (Now more that 1000 cards and counting)
  • Favorites Section (Found a card you like? Add it to your favorites and easily find it through the app or website) design and user journey in keeping with our new phone apps (Fingers crossed you like it)

I think this app will be huge on BlackBerry 10. I for one will be using it as I'm not allowed away from my desk very often!

More information/Download Funky Pigeon for BlackBerry 10

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Louis Belshaw

Why does your link always lead to 'unavailable for this device' so we have to manually search for it every time anyway... :/

Posted via CB10

James Richardson

Links work fine for me. Are you doing it from a Z10 or PC/Mac?


I think for us on these older os's ( Verizon! ), there's a lot we miss and can't access.

Posted via Zeppelin


UK Only according to BlackBerry World. I suspect that might be the reason some links don't work for the rest of us ....

So this app is unavailable in Canada at this time.


It is region restricted.

Instead of saying, "Not available for this Device", it should say, "Not available for this country"

Posted via CB10


Never used it, but I think I will now they've made an app!

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Louis Belshaw

Also it's not there for me in app world..

Posted via CB10


Looks like fun. :)

Posted via Zeppelin


Yeah have same problem with link not working. On Verizon Os 10.09.422. Anybody got a leak? LOL.

I miss those days. :(

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Aha great app!
Will be using this for all occasions

Posted via CB10


Womp never mind just tried to download it and it seems to be unavailable on my app world ( z10)

Posted via CB10


unavailable for this device.. :|

i cant dowload for my Z10 :|

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Monica Buruato

Yup, says "unavailable for this device" on my Z10. :/


I'm on version and it's showing as unavailable for me as well.

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I wonder if the app is restricted regionally?

Could explain why a lot of people are seeing unavailable for their device

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Says unavailable for this device on my z. I have att.

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Works fine for me on my Z1010, I think it's a UK only app?

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On my Telus network unavailable atm. Maybe it's doing it by regions?


Its UK only look at the supported countries.


Great to have this app, and i will use them instead of from now on! Btw this will be a UK only app I imagine.

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Brilliant, I am running out of room so fast,

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Downloaded native #loveit

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Yeah, not available in South Africa either...

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device