Fun Video: Checking out the BBM For ALL van in Miami!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2013 06:21 pm EST

This past Friday while in Miami I finally had a chance to check out one of the BBM For All vans that has been rolling around and spreading the word that BBM is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Be sure to watch the video above to get a good look at the BBM van and related happy fun times that occur if you also get the chance to visit one of these in person. Avid readers of CrackBerry will remember Khalid, who earlier this year at BlackBerry Live gave us an awesome tour of the then-black BlackBerry 10 Keep Moving van. His team and the van have been making regular appearances in South Beach, though for our walk through they were good enough to meet us in Wynwood. The van gets attention - even while the guys were setting up for our walk through, a car driving by stopped and a loyal BB user pulled out his old Bold and professed his love for BBM and wantingness to upgrade to a Q10.

With the BBM van things have changed up a bit. The blacked-out paint job has been swapped out for white and emoticons. The interior of the van no longer hosts demos - rather they're all done outside, where there's a giant BB mounted on the side, where you can play a fun emoticon game (which I rocked!). Games aside, the real goal here is to get people loading up BBM onto their iPhones and Android devices and to share the love from there (tweet about it, etc.) to their followers. 

Enough writing. Watch the video! Thanks to Khalid for giving us a look. Hopefully we'll see all the BBM vans in the US make their way to Las Vegas in January for CES2014. With a whole bunch of smartphone users converging on the Las Vegas Convention Center, it would be prime for getting loads of people signed up.



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Fun Video: Checking out the BBM For ALL van in Miami!


I need them to bring Voice/Video or I just won't be able to get anyone to move. There is little earned value to BBM5 (which is what cross BBM is at the moment) when compared to whatsapp.

But When BB10 hits ther other platforms... anyone still not using it will get a "I pitty the fool not using BBM"!

I would be ecstatic to see the BBM FOR ALL van!
I would so bust out a skateboard and ride behind it holding onto the bumper with my Q10 raised high.

Keep The Faith

Khalild sounds like he is from the islands. I would really like Blackberry to sign Tessanne Chin as the new super creative director. :)

I like how he seems very passionate about BBM. Good job.

After Adam's "Dumb Things Kevin DiD this Year Post", I kinda want to hire Khalid to be a regular writer / video guy on CB. 

I think for 2014 we should definitely add some fresh blood to CB's homepage. So if you're reading this and love BB, know everything about it, can write well, have written before, are good on video, etc. etc., then get a hold of me / adam and let us know!

Maybe CrackBerry should scale back its operations and staff until the future of BlackBerry, the company and brand, is on firmer financial and market penetration. It'll be a difficult year ahead for the new management team at BlackBerry.

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I would still recommend Tessanne, but don't think that is going to happen.

Having said that, I would like to get a female perspective for once. Would be nice to have a woman involved with the podcasts and give a different point of view than the norm (no offense meant ... just thinking it would be nice to get a different and fresh viewpoint). And perhaps she will keep you guys in line too. :)

I like the Van approach, getting out in the wild, spreading the word. Waterloo should, and maybe will be doing more of this.

I agree that it's a good marketing concept. I do wonder a bit about the intentions of this project. The fact that BBM was available for other platforms was already known in N.A., Major Member states of the EU as well as other markets. I mean, if I'm speaking honestly, the initiative could have been more broad than just to focus on cross-platform BBM offering. This, of course, assumes that BlackBerry is not intending to focus on software for the long term. If members of CB and BlackBerry owners know one thing of sure, is that other mobile platform operators know very little about the OS10 ecosyem...knowing about the ecosystem first is more important and should have been emphasized in tandem with this initiative. Not to mention that, as a user, I perceive more value with BBM (channels and messaging) when it is operated within the BB10 platform. Tricky scenario.

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Damn! Miami is my town! where the heck were these vans!? Well as to BBM making headway, it's still not to par. I've thrown it at all my friends and family, with some really aggressive and needless sell points, but to no avail yet other than my loyal GF, but she maintains Whatsapp. They all stated that Whatapp has more emoticons and allows for multiple selections at once when sending pics,etc... while BBM does not have these functions. It also does not allow for a comment to be sent with the attachments. Furthermore, BBM seems to be taking up more battery on the Android devices when open. BBM is definitely faster though, very noticeably faster, and the BlackBerry channels is a good nitch. They also said it was easier to invite new contacts from within Whatsapp, I guess due to it using existing internal contact info using phone numbers. I love BBM and find it definitely faster and easier than Whatsapp, but it crashes my Q10 now and then when I'm using it and my screen screen turns off. I'm not too concerned as 10.2 from TMOBILE should be out soon and I expect this issue should go away.

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Th only thing that attracted me to the post is 'khalid'
Because my name is khalid too :)

C001230B6 New wallpapers for your BB10 device

Damn I live in Miami, but I didn't know they were around! Too late on the info CB. Good to see BlackBerry making the rounds showing BBM to the public.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

Damn I was in Fort Lauderdale yesterday...they need a list of cities that they are touring!

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is this van still in MIA? i live like 4 hours north... maybe i should drop by but i bet all that swag is gone..

Kevin, snowbirding already? ;) cheeky bastard ;) lol.

All joking aside BlackBerry NEEDS to update BBM for all with Channels, VOIP over BBM, and Video Chat and Screen Sharing BEFORE, long before Las Vegas.

Common BlackBerry get this update in people's hands before Christmas and ensure a smooth non issue roll-out this time!!

Why before Xmas?:
Many will be getting BlackBerry's for Christmas,
LG and Samsung will be shipping devices or updates to Android with BBM pre-installed (having the update ready makes the end user experience complete and much better strengthening the brand)
Christmas is the PERFECT Time to have BBM Video ready to rock and roll.

BONUS for BlackBerry:
Have official BB10.2.1 ship with the following shortcuts:
Bten = BB10
10.2 = BB10.2
BB/bb = BlackBerry (proper case sensitive)
^ these may seem needless to some, but again it's ALL ABOUT CONSUMER EXPERIENCE, with the added bonus of brand name recognition being reinstalled and reinforced. Apple does it in OSX and iOS when typing ios! As it stands by default on BB10 only the company name is done! Y?

Someone please put this forward to BlackBerry because this is very small but big things begin with small beginnings and BlackBerry is small again fresh and renewed so they need to reinforce the brand as a positive experience on ALL fronts from typing to the end to end solution.

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This is very cool, however, they should post location information so people can actually go visit them. I spent an hour last Thursday looking for them in South Beach after Kevin's tweet, but I couldn't find them. That was very disappointed...

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YES! Love the effort!
@Supa_Fly1 Agree about BlackBerry NEEDS to update BBM for all with Channels, VOIP over BBM, and Video Chat and Screen Sharing sooner rather than later. Looking forward to it!

Y is BBM not for Windows? They chase IS and Android so much they look thirsty to fit in. Bbm4All should be for all

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I agree...BBM needs to be available on ALL devices. I have Skype on my work laptop, my tablet and my Q10...why not BBM? All the 'd' and 'r' niceties in the world don't matter if the basic need is satisfied by someone else.

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