Fun Photo: Future Shop joins in on the RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK campaign

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Sep 2011 09:12 pm EDT

OK. So I can't say for 100% certain that CrackBerry's RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK initiative is what inspired Canada's Future Shop to put RIM Strikes Back, BBM 6 is here on the cover of their latest issue of Cellshop, but I'm going say it did. Think about it. RIM isn't in the consumer facing brand that the average person knows.... BlackBerry is. So for Future Shop to decide to put RIM strikes back vs. BlackBerry strikes back must mean it was a conscious decision. A decision in recognition of CrackBerry, BlackBerry and our RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK movement.

Or maybe I'm crazy and it's coincidence. Either way, I love it. PURE AWESOME Future Shop! #RIMPIRE

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Fun Photo: Future Shop joins in on the RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK campaign


Love it, as an insider to CellShop I can definitely say I've been watching people walk away with the new Bold and be very happy campers! As a huge crackberry fan I'm pumped to see RIM put out a great product that is 100% different from the Iphone and have the power to hold its own. Go berry go!

i dont really think 'rimpire strikes back' is the greatest campaign...since we all know what happened to the empire in the movie immediately after it.

Yeah but everyone knows had those movies been real the empire would have completely destroyed the rebels... Hardcore style. That's why its okay to use RIMpire strikes back