Recreate those nonsensical MadLib stories of your childhood with Fun-E Lib for BlackBerry 10

Looking for a way to relive those hours of childhood memories playing MadLibs? Fun-E Lib brings the classic game to BlackBerry 10.

By Alicia Erlich on 2 Apr 2013 01:37 pm EDT

If there is one childhood game we all remember it is Mad Libs. That classic word replacement craze was an afterschool activity my friends and I shared and giggled over for hours. For those wanting to relive those days or just pass the time there is Fun-E Lib by mgdotnet. The popular theme developer offers his own witty take on on the game that is entertaining and enjoyable for people of all ages. 

Fun-E Lib is simple, quick, and perfect for those stressful times where a laugh is needed such as waiting in line, doing the laundry, or just commuting on the train to and from work. As with the original, the purpose is to provide words, terms, phrases, or numbers in the blank spaces to complete one of the various stories.

The passage itself is already written but key words and phrases are omitted and then replaced with your selections to create a silly and nonsensical tale. While there are only twenty three different stories included (that vary in length), the possibilities are endless as the stories are all reusable.

This way you can play each of them over and over again with friends and family and get a fresh laugh each and every time.  

Once a story is chosen, you are asked to provide the missing words based on the parts of speech. Whether it asks for a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, a number, or a person's name, you must enter in all the blanks to proceed. What you may not realize is how hard it is to come up with a missing word.

There are so many in the English language and being asked to think of one on the spot is a challenge. However, for those of us requiring a little bit of help knowing the difference between an adverb and an adjective or for kids needing some help with their grammar, there is a convenient how to guide that explains each of the different meanings with examples.

The only things I would like to see is a way to save your progress and the ability to share the completed story via email or to your friends and followers. Even with these faults, it is a fun and straightforward game for everyone. It does what it sets out to do being the simple game that it is while also improving grammar and word skills.

I admit to taking a peek to help me every now and then as well. Fun-E Lib is $0.99 and the developer plans on adding more stories to the application soon.

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Recreate those nonsensical MadLib stories of your childhood with Fun-E Lib for BlackBerry 10


This is perfect for a phone like the Blackberry Z10. Something like a Bank of America app, where you can deposit checks (like on all other platforms), that would be just nonsense...

Use the browser. It's fast and provides a better range of services. It's not rocket science.

Sure you can and you can do a whole lot more. Time to expand the horizons. You can do it.

In your comments, you talk with authority like you really know your stuff. The sad part is that you're wrong. You can't deposit checks by going to BofA on the browser, and I'm well aware of the history of apps (and Saunders' role at BB - from your other comment).

Are you mad that blackberry isn't developing banking Apps? Pretty sure it's not up to them. Call your banking institution and ask them if they are planning on releasing it for this platform.

I'm getting by with my banks mobile website

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Those 100,000 apps that we're so boasting of, 99% of them are "pathetic" in quality. There are barely 20-30 useful apps. I own a Z10 i go thru the list of newly added apps everyday, looking at them i feel like questioning Alec Saunders who claims to believe in quality than quantity. The point here isn't to debate about who makes the apps, its just frustrating to see such useless cr"Apps" all over BB World.

Best way for never ever having the apps you want on BB10 is posting like you do. You should blame it on your bank or on devs who don't want to code for BB, not on those who do. Meanwhile we'll keep building the community and trying to spread the word that this is the best platform... if we succeed perhaps you will once have your apps. If we don't you will have to be an iphone or droid user and you will miss your Z10

You're missing my point here again... Go to the newly added apps just look at them may be ? if Alec isn't the one to blame for approving those apps into BB World, then who else is ? Again I'm aware that the numbers do count however giving quantity a priority over the quality won't get us anywhere. Its still somehow Blackberry's responsibility bringing those missing apps to us. We've been loyal enough putting up with them for so many years, that said BB has done very well with BB10 OS but they really need to consider the quality of apps being delivered everyday :)

Just Saying,
Team Blackberry :)

Yes you can do that on any browser but I think you would agree that native apps provides a better experience and not those android ports. Blackberry should do all it can to court including paying for app development themselves to stay relevant in the mobile space, do you actually think that BB can continue to live off android ports, bbm, browser, email, phone w/o native apps for the bb10? you sir are wrong. I can do email, phone and browser on any mobile phone these days.

As much as like bb10 and the z10 if you can't do much with other than gaming and for a product that's targeted to be productive its less productive than an iphone or android device it's pretty much just a piece of glass/plastic. At least on iOS and Android I can be productive and game at the same time.

Just saying.

I think you guys are also missing the point of what is all about. I'm sorry you don't find my game useful or fun. Both are all ok with me. However, you cant get mad at cb, at the developer, for even alec Saunders. If you are mad about not having your favorites on the Z10 then do us all a favor and buy an android or the I phone. supports all developers from theme devs to app devs. So thank you Alicia for supporting my app and the rest of BlackBerry developers.

Posted via CB10

Keep up the great work, keep these gun apps coming. You others who gripe don't get it. Not every app is made for you. Get off your high horse. My bank of America app isn't here whiny banter is getting rather annoying in my opinion. My bank of Montreal app is on BlackBerry OS 6 but not on BlackBerry 10. I wait patiently... sit tight whiners and wait. It will come, just bark at your bank and not here...jeesh

Posted via CB10

Never mind the usual cast of characters. The glass half full crowd seem to be disturbed by the fact that developers are supporting BB. It doesn't fit with their view of the universe. The vast majority of crackberry fans are 100 percent behind you and you buds. Keep up the righteous work, my friend.

Well said and to the point. This phone is still fairly new and is growing in popularity quickly.
Patience is a virtue. Blah blah blah.

Hang in there. They will all be on board soon enough.

BlackBerry rocks. Z10 Swag.

Posted via CB10

Its a great device i "LOVE" my Z10 but my point wasn't to bash on the developer or this app in particular. If you've seen newly added apps list in BB World, you'll feel my frustration.

If your point wan't to bash the developer then don't post comments like you did on blog posts. This isn't the place to share your frustration, that's what the CrackBerry forums are for. I wan't more apps on BB10 just like everyone else. But if I don't have anything to contribute to the blog's subject I won't post anything.

As for the game it's super fun and I recommend it to anyone that has a Z10. Support indie devs as well Team BlackBerry!

I share that frustration and I'm sure more people that owns the z10 care to admit themselves. Where are these quality apps that will make me more productive just as the iPhone or Android did? I mean I can't join my weekly video conference call on my z10 because Polycom software is not available, can't login to my corporate intranet because is not available and can't do other shit but I can do email and respond faster than a speeding bullet - that I like in particular, I can type OK or Great by simply typing one letter.

Just saying.

@camera531 and @trance boy

I agree there are a lot if apps that I would never use. There stupid. I also feel that I already have more apps then I need, some of them I've downloaded and haven't even run yet...but that's me.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Apps are becoming more like necessary PC software than just "games" and "glorified websites". Would you buy a PC that couldn't install Office or Photoshop or Netflix? Apps are becoming central to the smartphone experience, just like software is central to a computer. My point is that their importance shouldn't be minimized, and getting the big name and other important apps (banking apps, etc.) should be Saunders' and Blackberry's TOP priority. Not for me...for the success of BB10.

You seem to present a rather confused view of App development and integration. I might suggest you read a bit of background material on its history and why Apps came about. It's a harbinger of the future and where this aspect of mobile computing is likely to end up. On another note, Alex Saunders is in charge of indie development. He is not involved in courting the larger software houses.

Madlibs always made me giggle...

And to all you I need this <insert app>. Do yourself a favor, email the company you want an app for and see what they say...that's what 'normal' people do.

I'm mad at being mad for a missing /lib/ folder I thought was deleted. :P

Those complaining about a lack of an app from a certain company or developer, E-MAIL THAT COMPANY/DEVELOPER!!! But don't bash or post the same god damn sh!t all over this post because you can't think to do such a simple damn thing. Don't blame the developer either. Don't be a jerk.