Full Rogers pricing details for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and Torch 9810

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2011 12:56 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810 and BlackBerry Torch 9860 all headed to Rogers soon many folks are wondering how much, exactly the new devices will cost them. Rogers has thus far confirmed the contract pricing for all three devices but given the fact many folks are starting to move away from contracted devices these days we managed to get our hands on the full range of pricing details for you all. You can head on past the break to see pricing for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and BlackBerry Torch 9860.

Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9810 Pricing
Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9860 Pricing

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Full Rogers pricing details for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and Torch 9810


Well then... $549 isn't that bad at all - certainly less than the $600+ speculation floating around in the forums and elsewhere on the web/SM ... Now if only Rogers stores actually sold these units contract-free, it would be nice. It seems the JV Rogers stores aren't too keen on selling any phone at full price.

Now as for the dates ....

You just need to PUSH them, tell them you know the pricing is in their computer, and ask to speak to the district manager if they refuse to sell you off contract

they will change their tune and sell you the device.

Hoping Telus is the same price also. But Telus is not listing the 9850-60 and that's the one I want... Can I buy from Rogers and activate with Telus account?

If Telus decided to not to support the device, then they will not push the service books for it. Your SIM or your BIS will not work on Telus if they decided not to support it. So, be careful.

ok thanks for the warning.

Then its time to break contract with Telus and get 6gig plan with Rogers (yikes, can't believe I said that...moved away from Rogers 2 years ago cause of too many overcharges etc)

They can do that? What about people who want to get service from Telus, but bring an unlocked "unsupported phone" from another network? They make them buy another phone? Craziness!

Not to be a negative ned, but $249.99 is way out of line for 2011. And when it shows up on your bill as a Upgrade, it would look alot like

$299.99+ $35(admin fee)+ $39 (tax@13%) = $373 on your next phone bill.. and then you send your rebate in for -$50

Answer: Those that are smart enough to defer the payment of the phone for 30+ days with no interest fees :o)...

Logic says: Money today is worth much more than that same amount tomorrow!

60 days if you order the phone and charge it to your phones account on the day after your current billing cycle closes :o)

FYI: Credit cards charge interest after the grace period, unless you're referring to a new card with a no-interest offer for X amount of months. If that's the case, You win :o)

All rogers upgrades go on the next bill, not paid in store, you don't have a choice... One of the many reasons I'm not a rogers customer!

If they launched a White 9810 at the same time as the Black 9900 I would have a VERY VERY hard time picking which device was coming home with me

Oh god please let this be true! 549 would be a dream as i was worried these phones run me up 600-700+ after taxes! I was thinking about the 9900 at first but now im really confused between all 3 devices.

so just a quick question for you guys once QNX comes out next year what happens to the bold 9900 OS? Can you upgrade the OS to QNX or not possible making this phone strapped to OS7?

I asked about that @ #BB7FanNight. And it sounds like none of the OS7 phones will get the upgrade to QNX. They were pretty tight lipped about it. From what I understand all the QNX phones will be dual core.

well then wtf....why even make these phones if in a year you wont be able to upgrade them? Oh I know its cause RIM's in the shits and need to move out something quick...another reason why RIM pisses me off...just another way to screw over its loyal customers I think

+1 on most of your comment.

These are just very nice lay over devices. Put out something in 2011 just to get something out.

9860 - not QNX compatible, no NFC, no mobile hotspot. I've got this already, its my 9550. Not as quick or as nice as this but not worth the 3 yr upgrade commitment on.

I'll hold out and see what next year brings. Hopefully not OS7.1 or OS8. Looking for QNX.

It's just another way for RIM to screw over its customers get a product out on market after 3months of "marketing" it with its so called "liquid graphics" BS and well next year your phone is going to be obsolete and wont be able to handle the new OS total money grab this just another way for them to try and survive above water until QNX comes out...but who knows how it will actually be...

You must be the type of person that likes to run his/her mouth even though you know nothing.

Would you rather RIM have nothing available for another year or so? If you're so loyal, then you would know RIM screwed up their timing and they confessed to that. Get over yourself.

I am bugged out how most of you seem to be "okay" with that price???? It's 2011 nobody's pays that much for a phone.

Too expensive. I hope this pricing is only from rogers. Even an iphone4 costs about $80 less. Not a very good price for the bold. $199.99 would have made more sense.

the ip4 was released over a year ago...

This will drop in price fast. I'm guessing a back to school promo / labor day weekend sale with at least another $50 off.

On T-Mo I get to spread the payments (for the full price of the device) over a 21 month period with no interest or set up fees. I am fine with that, $23-$25 added to my bill every month for 21 months is a no-brainer. I pay $49.99 for their unlimited value plus plan (Unlimited voice,text/picture mail/data -first 2GB at high speeds-), making it $75 for 21 months is still great. ATT customers pay much more than that on their iPhone plans :o)

No it isn't unless it's subsidized under a plan...

iPhone 4 32 GB is $749 NEW
ALL NEW Bold 9900 is $549 NEW

If you don't believe me bend over and try not to cough, Steve Jobs is on his way over, he loves the economically immature.

Not a fair comparison to justify the cost of the Bold 9900... Try again...

iPhone4 that you're mentioning has 4X the amount of storage, Has more real estate (screen size), Front facing camera which has the ability to facetime with iPod,Mac PC and Laptops and it has a built in iPod (if I may). Those features alone (without counting the app store that most users perceive as valuable) justify the $200 price difference between the Bold Touch 9900 and the iPhone 4 in question.

PS: I have been a Blackberry user for 4 years. The truth is the truth, comparing the iPhone 4 to a 9900 is not fair. Those two phones shouldn't be in the same conversation. 2 complely different phones (physical & specs) for 2 completely different types of customers!

So what it has an Ipod how is that different from a media player on your phone? I'm sure OS7 will support playlists as well.

I see your points, but the screen real estate cannot be compared either, since iphone doesn't have a physical keyboard. I agree with your other points tho, still not a 200$ difference in value imo.

You and I are making the same points. lol, the two phones are Apples to Oranges and shouldn't be compared! Regardless of price.

As I said in the message that you replied to " Those two phones shouldn't be in the same conversation. 2 complely different phones (physical & specs) for 2 completely different types of customers! "

SOME people dont want to pay a lot for a phone, but people like myself, who do everything from chat, im, email, browsing, tethering, browsing, and calls on my phone invest in a quality handset. not too excited with QNX as ive never even seen it on a device other than the pb and its a tablet, soo still waiting to see how it runs on a phone. os7 is personally the best os for me. i love that i can go to home screen, type a name and call, bbm, fb message, tweet, text then right there. and you pay full price for a device off contract and with rogers, 549 with a 3 year full service warranty is worth it.

No kidding, these are costly. This is the early adopter price for those of us that have to be the first on the block with a new device. Have patience and you will see a much better price around the holidays and you will get better perspective to see if these devices actually live up to their pre-release hype.

I too use my phone (Tour) for IM, chat, phone, etc and don't know how much added value this new crop will bring me in real day to day usage to justify this cost. If it had a front facing camera and QNX (I want the ability to use Android apps) I'd have a different view.

Rogers tends to price their phone about $50 more then Bell/Telus on average... or at least the 5 or 6 I've compared. (iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry just to cover the bases) based on a 3 yr contract.

$549 straight up is a decent price. Especially for those that want to eventually leave Robbers but still want the 9900 right away.

It could be that since I am from the states I just don't know how things are done in Canada. But for a BB to cost that much is unacceptable..there are too many phones on the market that are better the iphone alone is cheaper than that.

do a quick ebay search (for completed auctions too) for a ongoing price on Blackbbery 9700, 9780 and 9800. I just sold my 1 year old Torch for $300. Also do a search for a latest Android like Thunderbolt or Inspire or Atrix, you will understand where Blackberry stands in the US market

The US has the population base (9 x the pop. of Canada) to be able to sell the phone cheaper. That's why we cant get that great of a deal like the 2 for 1 phones and the like. At $249 - $199 that is pretty reasonable for us.

As I don't need the phone right out of the gate I'm waiting until November to get the Torch 2 from Telus. The price, if they are starting at $199, should be down to $149 or $99 by that time.

I'm not sure what part of the US you live in or what carrier you have but our prices aren't too different. The iPhone is a year old & its still $199 on contract for the 16GB & $299 for the 32GB plus most high end phones that are coming out now are at least $199 on contract so these prices are about right!!

no wifi calling on the 9860, or omission?

Also, what's this about no uma / wi-fi calling until fall via firmware update? If that's all carriers and not just robbers, that's a deal breaker for me and I'll stick with my 9700 until it dies.

I think the 9860 is being released later , not no SKU for it, so presumably they expect wifi calling out of the box with that devices firmware

Shouldn't half the mem on the 9860 be more than a $25 price diff, and both the 98XX devices don't have NFC like the 9900. Weird pricing structures.

$549 is a very fair price for the phone outright, i was thinking around $650 atleast. I'll be at Rogers the first day its available!

All Rogers phones are service locked to Rogers - $549 is the full purchase price of the unit itself. Rogers charges a $50 unlocking fee but I believe you must have an account with them. One method is to just purchase the phone outright from a Rogers store and unlock it through one of the many unlocking service websites.

Does anyone know if the 9930 will have the ability to make calls over wifi or is that going to be limited to the GSM phones? I'm very interested in this feature due to the poor reception I have at home - calling over wifi would be the tipping point for me to step up and buy a BB7 phone.

The full purchase price seem right. The contract price however seems very high, and is higher that any Rogers Android phone or the 16GB iPhone 4.

549 is a good price for a non contract phone. Not sure what the complaining is about. Thats on par with most of the phones i have purchased retail. Hell a 32 gb Iphone hit me for over 700 with taxes

The off contract price is pretty decent but that 3 year contract price is Ridiculous... When will the big 3 switch to 2 years like the rest of the world...

Luckily corporate accounts are 2 year contracts though.

I just don't see the excitement for a phone that will be obsolete by the end of the first quarter next year when the QNX phones come out. RIM should have brought out a hardware platform that is QNX upgradable since they changed the hardware anyway for these interim phones.

Fair enough, but some of us buy phones for what they are now, not what they could have offered in the future. I'm picking up one of these the first day I possibly can, because I don't need a QNX phone, BBOS7 gives me everything I need. And pretty much want too.

And who knows what kind of device they'll launch with QNX at first. No guarantee, for instance, that the first QNX phone will be a Bold 9000/9900 format phone. That's the only format that interests me in a phone, and there's a new sexy version that I can get my hands on in a week. Hence: Excitement. And a slightly empty wallet for a month or two.

os 7 has been in development since the end of the os6 testing cycle....in other words long before QNX was even a possibility (ie acquired by RIM).

they just didnt want to rush to roll this (should have been out end of May) after the rap they got on the initial buggy os6 on AT&T's 9800 Torch and the infamous PlayBook launch.

All prices shown should be before taxes. Taxes will vary based on the province or territory that you purchase the device.

Oh, and I think the outright purchase cost is reasonable compared to other devices. I understand the sticker shock, but that's the trade-off if you don't want to be locked into a contract (i.e. guaranteed revenue for the carrier).

I just asked a local dealer about a hardware upgrade, and I was a bit surprised at the cost. Given the upcoming QNX OS buzz, I might just forgo the HUP "discount" and just pay for the device outright. That way, if the QNX OS makes it way out by the end of 2012, then I can use my HUP discount.

not trying to sound like a noob but i don't this whole QNX thing.... can someone explain what is it and what's the problem with it?...

549.99 is a phenomenal outright purchase price for the bold 9900... but 249.99 on a three year voice and data plan is just ridiculous... common Rogers, stop trailing behind and waiting for other carriers to drop their prices. You used to be at the forefront... now you just trail behind. Please go back to the days where you used to lead the market. Ted must be rolling in his grave right now.

HTC Evo 3D - 149.99 3yr, 549.99 outright
Samung Galaxy S Infuse 149.99 3yr, 549.99 outright
Sony Xperia Arc - 49.99 3yr, 549.99 outright
Sony Xperia Play 49.99 3yr, 549.99 outright
Sony Xperia X10 - 19.99 3yr, 549.99 outright
Samsung Nexus S - 49.99 3yr, 499.99 outright
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate - 49.99 3yr - 549.99 outright
APPLE IPHONE 3 GS 8GB - 99.00 3yr - 549.99 outright
APPLE IPHONE 4 16GB - 159.00 - 649.00 outrighgt
BLACKBERRY BOLD 9780 - 49.99 3yr - 574.99 outright
BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800 - 99.99 3yr - 624.99 outright

Common Rogers, how can you possibly justify $249.99.

It's a new device, and early adopters will pay more. How could they justify to their stockholders NOT charging $249.99 if the market will bear the price?

Some of you might as well stop whining about the rising contract pricing. Telecoms are going to be cutting subsidies in the future. Subsidies are only there to lure feature phone users into data packages, once enough customers make the switch the subsidies will start ending.

It would be a dream to bring that Torch 9860 (Storm 3 as I will forever call it :D) Home for $524.99. The tax, etc will add up to around $600 but you know, way better than an ugly IPhone.