Full Qwerty BlackBerrys to get SureType in OS 5.0

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2009 03:17 pm EDT

Now THIS is neat. It seems a new feature has popped up in OS for the BlackBerry Bold.... SureType! SureType is RIM's predictive text feature, normally featured on BlackBerry Smartphones that have the SureType keyboard (two letters per key). I guess RIM's software engineers finally decided there's no good reason why you can't turn on predictive text on a device that features a full qwerty keyboard. I like it! I wonder if this can push us into 75+ WPM (with accuracy!) typing speed range. Or, maybe it'll cause more pain than it helps and slow you down. At least it should help improve with typing in real english (vs. bb slang). Big thanks to modicusi for whipping this video up for us!

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Full Qwerty BlackBerrys to get SureType in OS 5.0


with the addition of suretype it looks to not change a thing since the person typing still spelled out every word anyway or maybe i missed something.

When using suretype once you see the word you want you can press enter and it will complete the word and leave a space so you can start typing the next word. Might not be a big deal on small words but will definitely save time on typing some of the longer ones.

That is exactly what I thought, also! I have never had a phone with SureType, but judging by the video it just causes a lot of extra work! Must be more to it than what we see here.

Keyboards in different countries have altered keyboard set ups. Some of the letters are in different places depending on where in the world you are.

There are three basic type of keypads:

QWERTY - for english people
QWERTZ - for germans (here the "Y" and the "Z" are exchanged)
AZERTY - for french people (you can imagine how crazy is that... :) )

With a full keyboard, it didn't look all that helpful? BB might as well include it, but I don't see it as a big deal. No?

I came from a Pearl to an 8900, and while I really liked SureType, I'm not sure how useful it will be with a full QWERTY device. I must be missing something.

It just helps you type faster and makes it easier to fix typos. Not AS helpfull as wot StueType keybard like the Perl, but I use it all the time in the Storm; very helpfull.

I have to echo an earlier comment about suretype. It is definitely one of the few things I miss from my Pearl. Love a full QWERTY keyboard, but the predictive type was nice. For those who haven't used Suretype before, it sure speeds up the typing process. Will be nice to have it back. And yes, for those who not used it, there will be an option to turn it off (there is on all other Suretype devices).

It's one of the innovations of OS 4.7. With the Storm you can have predictive text no matter what keybard format you use. Why would this feature NOT be added to OS 5.0?

hmm.. this might actually be useful.. ive been trying to type in "real" english.. no more computer slang like da or dat

iTap (Motorola's word completion) was for sure something I missed when I made the switch. But having a full keyboard really eliminated the need for SureType because we have Spell check lol.
I haven't really used SureType, but I'm sure the addition will be a good one...who knows?

I'm on the fence about this one.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Now all of the people on the forum that tried to tell me predictive text with a full qwerty keyboard was pointless can start trying to remove their feet from their mouths. BB Tour and OS 5.0, here I come!

Hopefully they have it for the Tour. I haven't given up my Pearl because I love the SureType. It's great however I do want a Tour. I guess we have to wait and see!

This is fine if you have the smaller keyboard, but on a full QWERTY keyboard it would only slow me down. Rather annoying, but if you have the option of turning it off or on, then no sweat. Any extra features to keep everyone happy is fine with me.

There are threads on .110 in the forums going back to April. It's amazing that some OS's seem to get leaked so quickly and others seem to take their time. My guess is that .110 is closely guarded by RIM.

I have predictive typing on my Moto Q Global and have turned it off. I find it actually slows my typing since you have to stop and make a selection thus taking your finger off the keyboard.

whole point of a querty keyboard is so you can type like a computer! the auto text function is much more useful than predicted text!
i wont be using this!

I have predictive typing on my Moto Q Global and have turned it off. I find that it actually slows my typing since I'm constantly being interrupted to check the choice offered thus breaking the flow of my typing.

Though I'm excited for and all about new features being opened up and introduced, this doesn't excite me. I can type out a full sentence quicker than it took him to type out a sentence that wasn't even really english in this video.

I know you're gonna say he was only using one finger, and my reply is, I too, could use only one finger and still have typed it up quicker. Not exciting.

I find that SureType makes it more confusing when typing, and slows typing down. I rather type without using this feature. I'm sure there's a lot of BB users who agree with me, but then again, there's a lot who probably will find this feature useful.

not to be negative but i found suretype to be a pita on the storm. doubt it will be anymore useful on a qwerty phone. thats just my 2 cents.

I spend more time correcting SureType's dumb guesses at what I'm trying to type than I do actually composing anything. SureType has to be one of the worst tech inventions ever devised.

After a year a half on the Pearl, I can say with some certainty that I effing DESPISE Suretype. I was so looking forward to ditching it forever, and now this? Why god why? I hope it can be turned off, or it's a new iPhone for me..

I think it has been made clear that SureType CAN be turned off. The question is, whether RIM will have it on by default? Also, will there be an option to have the feature uninstalled (like voice dialing)?

I think there should be a poll on this topic. Seems like an even split. I for one am dead set against its use. Autotext and spellcheck are far more useful.

I'm sure that those who don't want the Suretype will be able to turn it off. When I had the 7100i I had the option of turning it off. I did like the feature but sometimes I did turn it off. I think it would be a great addition for those who want the words they are typing correctly right away without using spellcheck. It will be just another option. I look foward to it on the Tour (at least I hope it will be on the Tour).

I had this with my old Motorola Q9M. It used a lot of memory and slowed the phone down. I trust the BB version is a lot better.

I love SureType. I can't imagine not having it on my BB. I've typed on the Curve and Bold, and I can definitely type twice as fast with less keystrokes.

I love my Pearl, and Suretype!

I have a problem with SureType on my BB9700. Basically this option just disappeared? I type in two languages (English/German) and it is very handy for German as it predicts the 'Umlaut' letters. Does anyone know how to get the predictive text option back? I have tried battery pull and it worked initially, but now not even that brings this option back. Anyone?