Full QWERTY BlackBerry N-Series shows off for the camera

BlackBerry N-Series
By Adam Zeis on 24 Dec 2012 07:28 am EST

While we've seen more than our fair share of photos of the full-touch BlackBerry Z10, the full QWERTY N-Series model has eluded the camera for quite some time. We've seen some photos here and there, but today we have a great shot that show off the device in full glory. It's not the most hi-res image we'll see, but it does give us an awesome look regardless. Here you can see the straightened out Bold 9900-esque keyboard as well as the longer touchscreen. While this may or may not be dubbed the BlackBerry X10, we're more than ready to get our hands on one. What you you think? Will it be keyboard or all-touch for you? Sound off in the comments. Thanks @quicksilv3r

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Full QWERTY BlackBerry N-Series shows off for the camera


hey Bla1ze is it just me or does it look like there is a metallic band surround the frame of the device ala 9900???

I would be much more interested if it was this curved kb "BlackBerry TK Victory" design..

But this straight one just isn't doing it for me. They also need to shrink the giant logo at the top. I don't see many people (including myself) beyond the remaining BB holdouts clamoring for this design.

Just as an example of the lay person's take on BB10, they noted it as something "that favors a hard keyboard and an easy-to-use productivity tool for calls, email and texting." If millions of people are currently getting important work and play stuff done on millions of full touch iPhones and Androids, even new Windows phones...obviously a keyboard isn't critical anymore. And I used to love Palm and BB keyboards, but I wouldn't trade screen real estate for one now. If Apple execs and Google execs can be productive with iPhones and Androids, I think the BB claim to "business tool" is overplayed now. Honestly, any modern smartphone can get business work done. If anything, iPhones and Androids do that plus a better selection of play stuff than Windows phones. Where is BB going to make an impact now on the large number of people that migrated away from BB being a good business tool?
I honestly hope they do well, but I can't see people who left flocking back to BB. And certainly die hard iPhone and Android users aren't going to switch easily.
Perhaps obvious questions about the BB quandary...we shall see.

That said, I wish they had used the mock design in the link above. Looks much more appealing to me.

The screen size is perfect!

If I was to change one thing it would be to move the screen a bit up (which would allow the keys to be curved like my bold 9900). But, I will settle for the phone as photographed.

I'm sure the pics don't do justice but agreed the screen seems nice. The back of the device tho, man i think it needs a makeover.

I agree, ditch the BlackBerry logo and move that above the ear piece. This has always irritated me about BlackBerry phones. All of their phones could squeeze in more vertical real estate if they bothered to move/shrink the emblem.

Kinda disappointed in the screen size. keep in mind there is a good size bezel around it, so the screen isn't nearly as big as the picture suggests. I was hoping it would look a lot closer to that white mock up one of the readers did a few months back.
keyboard is curious, too. I would think that they would just slap the old Bold 9900 keyboard on it, as I feel like that was the best keyboard in mobile.
I believe this is just a developer device. It lacks too much pizzaz. Regardless, I'll still be picking one up when they launch. Gotta have that BB keyboard!

I completely agree. I love my 9900 but there wasted potential space around the blackberry logo and ear speaker. They could have moved the Blackberry logo to the bottom front part like on the Z10 and moved up the screen a bit. It seems like there is barely any bezel under the screen to peek or homescreen gesture. I dunno, i'm assuming this is the devC because of the blurred out barcode on the lower front so it will not be the final ediion. Moving the screen up they could have put an extra row of buttons maybe? Perhaps a send/end key or a trackpad:).

"Perhaps a send/end key or a trackpad" You clearly haven't played with a Dev Alpha BlackBerry 10. Send/End and trackpad despite using them for so long, will not be missed after using BlackBerry 10!!!

I agree that the screen looks to be more than ample, and the keyboard very useable. I do note that for those regions where the keyboard will be shown in multi-charecter (language font like JPN or THA fonts) that it tends to make the keyboard "look" more cramped.. but that is, to me at least, only a visual element and not a practical issue.

What I'm still stumped by is do I want to forgo and let go from a QWERTY keyboard model to a touch-only model, or will I really need/use a hard keyboard.

That's kind of why I choose the Torch slider model as it gave me, at that point in time, a good balance between the larger screen, but also possibility to have a hard keyboard as well.

I've always chosen keyboards in part because I hate smearing my dirty paw prints all over a beautiful screen. Looks like the exclusion of trackpad & menu buttons will force me to do that so can't believe I'm saying it but I'm leaning toward at least trying all touch

Agreed I'm having trouble deciding between the two. Now if I can get a CDMA slider through VZW, I know what I'll choose....

Unless they eventually offer a horizontal slider, it'll have to be a Z10 for me. Cannot for the life of me see enjoying games and videos on that chopped screen. I chose the 9810 so I could have the best of both worlds.

I just hope that typing on BlackBerry glass with the auto suggest will be as easy, and as awesome as it looks. Typing on iPhone and Androids (less so Android) at work is just painful for me.

I was undecided about going full touch or not after 9000-9700-9900. But this baby just calls out to me. I don't even mind the straight keyboard, this device just whispers 'let's get out there, go places, get tons of work done, make you some money doing that and afterwards, have a bit of fun'. Very, very good looking device. My new phone! Hope they get this over to us in The Netherlands quickly. We love us the berries here!

I like it and I think it will look great in full high res photos. Also, why is this guy always wearing gloves?

Going to make it a tough choice. I am on the fence between the new BB's and getting a Nexus. Based on Google's crappy customer service I think I will be waiting a little past Jan. 30th

I believe the lower portion of the frame will be cut off. It is noted in documentation that developers should focus content toward the top portion for qwerty devices.

I'll be looking for that documentation shortly. Personally I'll probably go for the z10 but I'm curious how the smaller screen will be handled. I had always envisioned the small screen being a movable window to a slightly scaled down version of the larger screen.

I believe that the full touch keyboard will be amazingly easy to use and I will get used to it within 1 month as my eyes bleed happiness staring at a huge crystal clear screen. I just don't see wanting the X10 after an incredible Z10 experience. But then again.....I do own the 9850 AND the 9930.

*Who am I fooling?!? I WILL own both!! I...must...own...both!!!

Device looking great! My only concern is navigation. I know the screen size is now on 'roids, but I often use my trackpad on 9900 as my mouse for the playbook (I know I can use the touch screen too) but something just feels sooo right using the trackpad to navigate (at least on the playbook). PS I know we've all been in situation where we needed that tactile feel. Am I the only one going to miss the trackpad:( (I know it won't be needed anymore 'cause of the awesome flow experience :) )

I'm with you! I believe that the Blackberry experience includes the trackpad. I will dearly miss it. :(
I know that flow is great but that way I will have to stretch my thumb too far away from the keyboard using the new user interface.

This pic eases my mind. I was a little apprehensive that the keyboard version would lag significantly behind the Z10 in terms of release dates. Thorsten's statement that the keyboard phone would be released weeks after the Z10 I think are definitely true now.

design seems to lack form.
i hope this is not the final version.
looks like a 9900 with hasty updates.
maybe this is the alpa version.

I kind of like the smiley face keyboard , its ergo friendly end has a smile to it.
But what I would love the most is a 3.75 inch minimum screen. Then it would have best of both worlds.
BB10 should be launched with an updated new Bloomberg App and the CNBC App and then get one host from each to promote the phone !

BB10 qwerky is back ...Yes !!!!! and I am buying the platinium BES Plan.

And yes I will buy both the BB10 Touch for the large screen real estate and unique keyboard and will have the Qwerky on my side 100% Hyper-connection !

Gotta have a great camera to be successful. These days with cheap tablets around most people need a phone that is great as a phone, great camera and have great messaging features. The old Bold's (9900) camera was awful. Made me switch to iOS. Look forward to coming back, if....

You do realize this is only the first phone released of the series right? Series being the key word, which implies more than one. Do you think that RIM will only release two phones FOREVER and call it a day? This is RIM we're talking about after all...

I am a 9810 Torch guy myself but I am confident we'll see a BB10 version one day. The 9810 is almost the perfect phone for me (it could be a tad wider and a tad taller and I'd be ecstatic). I'd even go for a landscape slider version...

Yes, I do realize that there is a very good chance of a Torch like model being released EVENTUALLY.

Would you care to wait?

I love my Torch. My Bold was ok until I got the best of both qwerty and touch; and now I would hate to go back. I would also hate to wait for whenever the Torch10 may be released.

Landscape slider would not do it for my as I wouldn't want to rotate it around in my hand constantly.

Tad wider, tad taller, much better camera, and BB10 on my Torch10 and I am one happy camper.

Ya, I'm going to wait...it's going to be hard to do but I want what I want and won't settle.

Look, I wasn't trying to be a dick, but just hoping you can dig deep and get some will power also. Because now that we've both had a near perfect form factor using a Torch, we want a similar (albeit better) experience. I think we'll get our wish and the wait will be worth it.

Having a predictive keyboard while on touch and a real keyboard when needed is the PERFECT combination in my mind. It makes my mouth water thinking about it...

In that case you are probably depriving yourself of at least 18 months of bb10 then as after this are cheaper models and then an updated touch-only so the earliest a slider might show up now is well into 2014.

big screen and keyboard, that is what i like! (about my torch)
best of two worlds!
I definitely would want them to develop a Torch10

I certainly want to be able to continue using a trackpad but for BB10 those days are gone. Currently using a Torch 9860 and have been forcing myself to reduce my reliance on the pad and have been pretty successful. Since BB10 is optimized for full touch screen I'm sure I'll be fine.

This is a very nice looking phone though I can't tear myself away from the larger screen of the Z10. I've been happy with the Full Touch experience on my 9860 so that's the way I'm gonna go.

I don't mean to play advocate and this certainly has no grounds to my concepts, but is everyone really seriously happy with this revised Bold 99XX look? Yes, I know it's unofficial, but we all know this is what it will end up looking like! RIM has made strides to take their OS forward, this they have realised so why not make a better effort to draft a fresh, new, and exciting device design rather than basing the *X10* design on the template of the 99XX?
For the first time I will openly admit disappointment. Z10 already pre-registered. No need to battle me for the die-hards out their...I'm the DigitalHomeBoy - TK Designs, I'm as die-hard as they "normally" get!

I totally agree, they need to move on. Maybe that's the plan to force everyone over to full touch screen.

I first saw this "leak" on n4bb and my initial reaction is it's futt bucking ugly and resembles a phone that took a hit of crystal meth. Maybe when the device is awake I might get a different impression, but right now, not so much.

The device has a particular purpose which is to appeal to those who still want the iconic bold design and it does that just right and unlike your drawings they go with designs that can actually be built and used.

To what part of my comment to where I say "and this certainly has no grounds to my concepts" was incomprehensible to you @Skeevecr- Whose to say that what was designed by me cannot be built and used? How the f*** are you going to dismiss usability on a concept design that doesn't stretch far from home? The designs were done with a grounded sense and don't stray far from what's already out there. Let me guess though, you read the ridiculous "unfeasible" article by N4BB where he deconstructs a concept design?!?

"Iconic Bold" - Changing the shell wouldn't make people less hesitant to upgrade. Everyone looks for the BlackBerry name and logo and despite a straight keyboard, it still shows some offspring resemblance. The device design would only take seconds to grasp. It's the OS that they will have to adjust to.

I don't actually visit the N4BB site since anything good on there would be linked on this site too and have reached my own conclusions about your designs which are pretty enough to attract people's attention without having to go to the bother of considering ergonomics or technical feasibility like real designs.

Oh, well excuse me mister "bloody I know it all" again when it comes to this conclusion as if the goal was about completing a pretty picture. If you bothered to read the write-up and if you stopped pretending to go off like you know everything about mobiles and their design construction you could see AGAIN that these aren't concepts designed 10 years from now. Now, if you could stopped being a daft prick and stop with this notion as if both ergonomics or technical feasibility weren't considered that would be great. Other than that, I hope choke on your holiday dinner :)

I'm coming from a HP VEER and I must say that I have to go all in on the Z10, besides I'm receiving my training for all touch via my PlayBook.

Might be swayed if I could see more of it in action and in some hi-res photos

Looks quite decent IMO. The keys appear to be even a tad larger compared to the 9900 keyboard. That never is a bad thing! Screen size appears to be around 3.0", which is another good thing.
Those silver lines on the keyboard seem to have a better quality.

I am curious about the screen resolution:
Will they keep 720x720 as announced or will they buff it up to 768x768 to better match the Z10 device?

No they'll keep it at 720x720 because as they stated the first bb10 l series phone will be (I can't remember the other screen resolution for the life of me,) 12** x 768 and later they will all be 12** x 720. Stupid but it is what it is

This bold style 9900 looks good. In my opinion this should have been the phone RIM should have released first. This will sell instantly no doubt about it. But its a tough choice between the Z10 and this. The typing experience offered by Z10 and X10 would show some variations. I see RIM owning 2013 with these products. Release this in Nigeria and Its gameover!

I had and android device and returned it. I had an iphone and returned it. Why? Because I hated the touch only navigation. Went back to my 9810. I really love the trackpad and qwerty combo and not sure I can adjust to a world without them. I do use touch for something and agree it can be faster but when you use your phone as a work device for email all day and actually have to respond and type email....well nothing is better than trackpad and qwerty. I like the screen size of the Z10 and the keyboard on the x10 but not sure I can pull the trigger on either one. Will need to play with them for a while. Or might wait (and pray) for a slider.

Hmmm... would prefer a larger Torch like slider powered by BB10 - just saying

Torch os6/Playbook from day one

no I dont think that a camera... my bold 9930 has that same window. i think its for the light sensor

Dude! Are you serious? That absolutely *IS* a camera! IF that were just a mere light sensor, it wouldn't be visible at all in such a crummy photo. If you examine and compare carefully enough, you can clearly see the lens apparatus by how similar it looks to cameras on other mobile devices. A light sensor does NOT need a lens! Clean your granny glasses, fool!

This is just a teaser.....just be patient, some of you are just too pushy :) uummm can you NOT see a camera on the front?

looks like those other fake pictures with a gloved hand holding it now just blown up..l hope this is not what they have in mind..one star for effort

well, this was much awaited! Today we have so many options for touch devices, but I personally am a qwerty fan and this is hopefully gonna rock the qwerty smartphone market. <3

With no trackpad and the other buttons, a smiley keyboard would look silly. This looks great. Slightly bigger keys and less of a chin than 9900.

I'll be sticking with the Z10/L though.

Looks awesome! Unmistakably Blackberry! I'll definitely get the qwerty version. I just hope the screen is at least a 3.1". The backside they showed the other day looked pretty cheap; hopefully it doesn't come off that way in real life.

The back of it reminds me of the weave pattern on the battery cover of the 9900 and it would not surprise me at all if this looked a lot nicer in person as the l-series leaks looked a lot worse early on.

Really torn but I think I will go with the Z10 and try a touch for a couple of years. Worse case - I can't type. ;-)

I'm in the same boat. I feel really really bad to say it. But it just doesn't look right..ugh blackberry has grown.

I've had my galaxy S2 for a year and couple months. I am anxiously waiting for this to come out, and go back to Blackberry!

Posted by Oakrock6 Monday, Dec 24, 2012 9 min ago
I pains me to say this, but it just doesn't look "right".

Sadly I agree - I look at the bold 9900 and I want it. I look at this and I feel total confusion. The design is not quite 'right' - I couldn't have put it better. Unfortunately.

Looks TOO much like Blackberries out now, which is why the Z10 is undoubtedly the flagship phone. I just think this phone should be a bit taller...more screen space. Keyboard fans will care about Internet and email and I think they need more screen space. And for those who still want the trackpad...there's nothing your thumb can't do on the screen that the trackpad couldn't. And we are talking BB10 "gestures" so trackpad had to go anyway

"there's nothing your thumb can't do on the screen that the trackpad couldn't."

The trackpad works with gloves. I do lots of cos-play and I always find it amusing when everyone els has to take their gloves off to use their dumb phones when I just use the trackpad.

Also because with the trackpad(and buttons) you can move your thumb In a half inch any direction (even less actually) and have complete and total control of the os.

Not a big deal, but they are fragmenting the line a bit with visual que's if this pic and the back is the pic they showed the other day.
The Z10 will have the BlackBerry logo on the bottom like the PlayBook and the BlackBerry symbol in the middle on the back like the PlayBook.
But the X10 will put the BlackBerry symbol on the top and the BlackBerry symbol toward the higher end on the back like BlackBerry's past. They should keep these design elements the same and not fragment the line like this. Just my opinion.

screen size looks nice, just hoping the keyboard will be as good as if you were typing on the 9900, you still need that blackberry qwerty experience that makes the keyboard really great

Guys, a few things.

1. I have the 9900 right now, and design wise it's brilliant. This on the other hand I hate. I've been waiting for these BB10 devices and the fully touch device looks really really good. I've been praying that this device is only the Dev Alpha C and that RIM will really improve the design.

2. Concerning this device - the bottom on the photograph is pixilated or seems to be to me at least. So possible things that could be hiding underneath: Blackberry logo (I doubt it, we have one up top), Dev Alpha C name (I really hope so; seems to be the right sort of length and height) or finally again supporting the Dev Alpha C a possible bar code.

Does anyone have any similar feelings? I really think that this device is going to be the "make it or break it" device for blackberry. RIM has to nail the design on this device, software with BB10 I think it will give iPhone and Android a good run for their money.

RIM - don't let this be the final product, nail the design, BB10 all the way!!!

I hope is this not the x10 that will come out. If it is I be sticking with my 9900 and pick up the z10. I think the 9900 is more sexier then the x10.

I love my Bold 9930. The only real negative thing is the camera. My Bold 9650 took better close up pictures than this one. Anyway, this one doesn't look much different than the 9900/9930 series. I'd like to know how much bigger the screen is than the current ones. I'd thought i would never say it but I might be switching to the full touch screen version.

For the first time, I'm going with a full touch....Z10!! I just can't pass up on the beautiful large screen!!!

QWERTY For Sure ... that's Blackberry like American Pie!! Touch screen is Apple. If you want an Apple but an iToy. BB - was made for typing emails and business functions.

The reasoning behind this decision is obvious if you think about it for a second, people know they can make a good qwerty device and their real challenge is to convince people the same is true for an all touch, so they launch that one first so that the new devices won't be dismissed as more of the same from rim.

It depends on the size of X10. The days of wanting to downsize cell phones is gone. Iphone users start with a slim trim machine and put on a big bumper. Consumers seem to like the size of the galaxy. It seems to me that this model is the same length as a 9900 but just slightly wider . Only current users with an expired contract who NEED to have a keyboard will be attracted. I would say that many current BB9900 owners are basically satisfied with their phones and the thrill of a better OS would not be enough to make the switch.

I still am quite annoyed with myself that I unknowingly purchased a "orphan" BB9900. If they are just going to clone the BB9900 they had better put in a much better battery. Definitely if this is the X10 then I would be getting the Z10.

Some folks do not like the new back. I say a non-slip soft back is a big improvement to prevent dropping.

+10! I have seen the preview photos showing the new Z10, the 99xx and the new X10. IF the new X10 is not sporting the 3.5 screen shown in the TK Victory previews, I am unsure if its even worth giving up my bold for an over glorified 99XX in a different "wrapper" sporting a different keyboard. My personal direction lies in the TK edition. QWERTY with a touch screen that meets the needs of the everyday user. The 3.5 is the "bullseye" with a 4.2" being the touch model and a 3.0" being less than ideal when it comes to the screen area. I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the X10 (N series) phones with the anticipated hopes of the slightly larger(taller)screen. The raised "bumps" on the TK model were also very appealing to me when gripping the device. I understand RIM's desire to appease the "All touch" masses, but try not to leave the QWERTY loyalists behind while on the endeavour.

This flat, non-staggered keyboard is going to be much harder to type quickly compared to my old 9930. letters should not be lined up like that.

Ugh. I stayed with BB for the typing and navigation experience. I suffered with all of BB's short-comings, only because of these things. Now they will be gone. Time to switch to the darkside?

Looks way too much like my 9900. To me that suggests that this was a late addition to the line up and they are using the existing design to release it with the Z10.

The screen @ 720x720 is perfect but if it is going to remain the top notch Bold, then they will surely need to add a lot of goodies to this (as compared to the Z10) . Also I hope they retain the back of the 9900...it is very classy.

Rather than being a late addition, it is more likely that the design is intentionally like a 9900 due to the hardcore fans of that device being the target audience for this one.

As far as the back of this one it could be a classier version of the 9900's back with the same weave style being reused for the whole thing.

I don't get it. Why can't the exterior dimensions be the same as the full touchscreen device?? If it was just as tall as the L series, the screen would be that much bigger AND we have the keyboard. Or even better, make the exterior dimensions the same as the L series, then they can include the physical pick up and hang up buttons and maybe even the trackpad so selecting text wouldn't be retarded like it always is on touchscreens... Why is it the screen is already hindered by the keyboard they have to further enhance this problem by making the exterior dimensions smaller as well?? Just so it'll be similar to the current Bold??

Using l series dimensions would tend to lead to a top-heavy device due to a screen weighing more than the keyboard which would make it less comfortable to type on.

So we are able to give a car near 50/50 weight distribution but will struggle with a phone. L series size with my 9900 keyboard and trackpad.

This will be a fail without it. This is my 5th BB handset, i need that trackpad

+1000 on the automobile relation. The newest Batmobile is 70/30 and is said to actually drive well (it was in Toronto). I'm sure if a phone could be 70/30 we'd all adjust because it's what we all end up doing!

The screen on the X looks good. However, I feel that there still some real estate left to accommodate the 9900 keyboard with the screen a tad longer. Oh well, I think that is the final hardware so there's nothing RIM could do about it. I'm going for the Z.


The honest truth is there's a very limited amount of change one can make from the already established keyboard. Forget esthetics at this point. Phones today will either be flat and rectangular or rectangular with 3/8 hard keyboard and 5/8 screen. It's what the device can do that's important. So far, we all like the L-series (Z10), not because it looks similar to all the other touch screen phones; but because we've seen what it does. Once we know how the N-series (X10) operates, we can then be able to judge. Remember, not everyone wants to play tetris or some fruity games on their phones. That's why RIM should continue to have the QWERTY keyboard even if the majority will clearly opt for the touchscreen version. I'm sure RIM will adjust production according to demand and if demand is very low, they may just phase Old Faithful out. Which I hope doesn't happen.

Lol@fruity games. I guess you're right, as I'm not much of a gamer anyway, and I'm one who needs the QWERTY device. I just posted a comment about my disappointment with the design and gave the examples of my favorite concepts, but I will end up getting one of them, no matter.

Whats funny is that this imaged "leaked" in the forums a month or two ago but no one took it as serious, probably because the resolution was much smaller, like 250x250 or even smaller. Now that there is a bigger photo, everyone takes notice. Hilarious!

Can't wait for my X10 though!! Gonna be sweet!!

I totally agree with you. I love that design! When I first saw it, plus the fact that it was white, I thought, that's it, I'm getting this baby. It's so crisp, lean and classy looking. I'm a bit deflated with the look of this one,too.

Not at all impressed by it, I was expecting something more like the TK VICTORY. I was hoping for a bigger screen to see pics/videos in landscape mode. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

Most of those concept designs are rubbish as they ignore technical and ergonomic realities since they only have to exist as a rendered image.

This device is clearly intended to be more of a data entry workhorse for those who need one, so there will be some compromises in other areas and people simply need to work out which device suits them best that's all.

If you were beside me I'd already have bitch slapped you with an iPhone and Nokia, f'n jerkoff. Who the hell are you to call any creative rubbish? What makes you think that technical and ergonomics don't play roles in these product designs. Maybe if you take your head out of your ass and start to look forward to possibilities rather limiting and restricting your thoughts to only present-day technology you might just see clearer.

Well done, you have added trying to be an internet tough guy to posting pretty picture online, good for you.

If your designs do take into account technical and ergonomic considerations, they don't do it too heavily and as far as looking forward to possibilities, wouldn't possibilities in a design be more interesting if they were closer to being achievable?

And you have added to being a f'n internet dick going about as if you know more than everyone. Why don't you try writing an original comment rather than scroll about and reply comment on everyone else's thought. Who are you to even try to knock designs. What, because the simple design isn't something you grasp you think it's not possible. With over 1 million hits in views I'd say it's more than interesting and about being achievable...I would say it could be a matter of time just like everything else.

In order of favorite concepts:




I'm actually disappointed with those that we've seen today. I know the black one is the original that was initially leaked a while back, but I was really excited to see these concepts, and was hoping to get a white version. I guess I'll be choosing between the 2 of the QWERTY devices we've seen today.

Wow, I hadn't seen the TK Justice concept, it looks amazing! Just like I would have envisioned a BB10 Bold to look!!! Too bad RIM is screwing it up with the current look.

I'm quite disappointed on the screen size. The keyboard isn't a big deal to me cause it'll eventually grow on me and i'll get use to it. But the screen size is far too small. I guess i might just stick with the Full Touch screen now. Or wait and see how this phone looks in person...

Well .... I will need to try both of them before I decide which one to go with. I like the physical keyboard, but I also like the larger screen. This is going to be hard.

I think the above pic doesnt do it justice, but hopefully the phone will have a more expensive looking finish to it, it looks plastic all the way around and behind. but liking screen size

When these leaks first came out someone noted that the great blackberry keyboards (the 9900/9930 and originally the 9000) had some curve and slant to them aiding in use. Even the 9800 and 9810 have some of this. I looked back I had never seen that until I read that - now I can't "un-see" it on the new phone. I can't wait until some folks get to use the new QWERTY and advise how it compares.

Would love to see an all blacked out version of this qwerty bb10. Just like the new black porsche Porsche 9981. Very clean/stealth look.

Now if each key were touch-sensitive so that the physical keyboard could mimic the "flicking" of suggested words from the touch-screen version... Ooofff !

With the NEW platform and BB trying to stay relevant I was hoping for more differentiation from what currently exists, the 99xx! And still with all that useless space at the top, gosh! If this image is anything to go by, it seems all the design efforts went into the L-series!!

harryfang it does not change much and look alike the Bold. pls make the design more sexy and fasion:) this is what i expected.... but u have a new platform so i like it .

Is this for real? This looks terrible. It looks very outdated. The very rounded corners make it look dinosaur. The white lines in between the rows of keys are too straight. The abrupt way the bottom horizontal edge of the screen meets the top of the keys look very rough. It looks like an unfinished product.

When I was searching for images of BlackBerry 10, I saw this white beauty and thought this was the most gorgeous keyboard phone design I've ever seen. The curved keyboard. The placement of the BlackBerry logo that separates the screen and keyboard is brilliant. Do the people at RIM realize that THIS design is sleek and modern?? THIS should be the design of the N series.

The straight keyboard has really grown on me. After having the Curve 8900, Torch 9800, and now the Bold 9900, I don't think I'll be giving up the keyboard anytime soon. Very sleek-looking phone!

This could get me back from windows phone...

Nothing looks more elegant and pimp and baller then a blackberry. This one is no exception.

This is a great idea to release a full touch screen with a QWERTY. Very nice and looks nice too. Now to deside which one to buy when BB10 gets released, the full touch or this version. Both look sexy.

I don't think this design will work. It's top heavy, which will be mighty uncomfortable to type on for a long period of time. There needs to be more empty space below the keyboard.

It is too short to be top heavy ... I am sure that it will be balanced. Minor changes from the current BB9900.

Really once the Z10 comes out I think the sales of the X 10 will not be as expected. Users under 35 in particular will not buy the typewriter model. I bet the sales will be 2/3's touch 1/3 type.

It looks like they just took out the middle row (of end call, scroll 'wheel', etc), now is that considered INNOVATION? Wow this is will fail, we need something NEW rimm. Hear us you need to sell this device to more than just crackberry fans but the general population and the 9900 did not cut it. People are [unnecessarily] obsessed with big screens and if you send out a qwerty you need to also increase the screen size and do something rad. Check out DigitalHomeBoy if your R&D department cant come up with anything, years late. For some reason he hasnt been hired which is astounding. Please for the love of god release a phone worth buying so I can jump back on. At least it looks like you are developing an OS that isnt 3-4 years behind the market (which has a multiple of 10 for the smartphone industry)

/end rant

find that BB has a big advantage in the smartphone market. The fact they stuck to the physical keyboard through the whole fad market upturn and down, improving and fine-tuning it, will definitely help the company growth. Yes, I am probably going to get the Z10 but that will be in addition to the N Series as my primary.
Another major advantage I find with BB is the quality in the hardware sense far surpasses ANY phone out there. The iPhone is DOA when dropped, the Droid is in the ICU while my BB Bold is alive and kicking after almost 2 years of use and abuse. Even the critics know that!
Look at the percentage of people with BBs using a SKIN for their phones- maybe 1 out of 10. Try that with the iPhone! 9 out of 10 have a case - one thicker than the next! For them its not just a convenience- its essential!
Blackberry has a huge advantage with serious phone users- (as opposed to players). Businessmen and women that rely on quality and security- would never entertain fad items as a primary phone - no matter how many apps!
That's why I hope that Blackberry doesn't put the emphisys solely on the app expansion. (Yes its integral for the market at large that care more about "the fun than the facts", but not for the serious players).
One more point to all of those faint at heart about the market penetration- when I sit down with business partners and friends- 70 percent of them have a Blackberry on their belt!

That circle on the top right of the screen is a camera, the photos to low res to see the sensers.

im a lil bit disappointed with the screen size, i thought they would make it larger...if this is real they have to think about photo users or photographers as well. idk im just saying they need to make what ppl wants and make it easy!

Everyone says its to small, this phone has 3.1" screen that's almost an iPhone 4S with a keyboard. That's good. This is coming from a current iPhone 5 user soon to be bb10 user.

The issue is the lack of screen size for the browser not for texting or e-mails. The X10 could have been bigger. Larger smartphones are here to stay.

I LOVE MY 9900, SO SEEING THIS I AM NOT IMPRESSED!Just sayin,RIM really needs to quit putting the name on the screen! It just taking up precious screen real estate.Better yet you could just pay DigitalHomeBoy, both of his prototypes left this design in the dust.

Question - do we know the screen size ? Is that measured up and down or diagonally ?

The idea is to add to the BB base not just to lose fewer users. Anyone who is so attached to their physical keyboard is unlikely to replace their phone unless it is broken.

The issue is I gather the square format for the screen ...can't add height without out width. OK, but the BB could be wider and taller by .5 of an inch?

Anyway ... the slider model should be awesome and would have been a better seller than this new X10.

Great reporting! CNBC numbskulls are saying that today's jump in share price is because of this picture....TWO DAYS AFTER IT WAS POSTED
I'm starting to wonder if "journalism" isn't beating out physical education as the new college major for people who really aren't smart enough to be in college.

I will stick with my 9900 until I learn if this is better or not. The biggest things for me are precise selection without the trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, battery life and application support (Google Maps, Netflix, Skype, WiFi calling, banking...all the stuff missing from BBOS because of the platform change).

OMG!!! this is UGLY, i don't think I want to upgrade coming from bold 9930. The leak image is a FAIL to me. It needs a wider, taller screen. I hope RIM will not put this in productions.

I think I will wait to upgrade until I see the new phone , but I am an avid believer in BB . Why should I be forced to use a touch screen just because Apple and Droid don't think keyboards are necessary ? Why should I be forced to use a HEAVY two - handed Apple or Droid just because others think the masses need all the apps and games on their phones that pretty much do nothing but drain their wallets and phone batteries. . I recently had a young kid who is a Droid user tell me that I had a "sweet" phone . I had no previous contact with this person . I like my phone because it is lightweight has a keyboard a long lasting battery and doesn't look like something you give your 5 year old to play games on . If you need more pull out your tablet or ultra-book.

Don't mean to be a downer but I think that looks really ugly. The straight square keys makes this look more like a child's toy than a modern smartphone. What gives?

I sure as hell hope this isn't the final design!

Disappointing... The physical keyboard needs its space and place (of course) and I feel satisfied to note the outstanding and erection-supporting Bold-buttons, but (there´s always a "but") I hate the waste of space above... The logo/name should be dislodged there and replaced at the bottom... The screen could be heightened up to the speaker resp. camera/LED... There´s no need for an oversized frame anymore...

I am following BB10 for more than a year now and I must say I'm a little disappointed with the design of the first two phones.
It is supposed to be the renewal of RIM but here a see just:

One phone being a blackberry Iphone (Z10 device), I would prefer that blackberry takes a more innovative approach to make the brand shine and be unique. I know that it's hard to be really different with the already existing touchscreen phones, but take for example the design of john anastasiadis : http://s3images.coroflot.com/user_files/individual_files/original_134802...

I would love to see this for the new Z10 this cutting edge design is much more NEW and can easily be distinguished.

For the second part I am not so happy about the N-serie design (yet we don't know if it is just the alpha version or the finished design). I think it is just to similar to the Bold 9900. Yes the cruved keyboard, the trackpad, and the "first row" buttons beneath the screen are gone to enlarge the screen, but a part of that it is not that NEW.
I would like more edgy design like this one (yes it's again a anastasiadis design) :


I would love to have this phone in black but maybe with the enlarged screen of the photo of the N-serie.

I really hope that the new designs will be mind blowing and not to similar with what we already have on the market.

Now don't let me be misunderstood, I love Blackberry and would love to be in the first row to see RIM rising out of the ashes like the phoenix. That's why I would like even more NEW things, on the software side we are fully satisfied but on the design side it's not that NEW, a bit disappointing.

I still can't believe this will be the final design. It looks like something an electrician or your cable guy will pull out to type on. Not something a stylish CEO would use in public.
God I hope it's not the final design.

A lot of people on my twitter in particular, and just tech friends in general are hating on this design. Most people believe RIM should completely vacate there old looks which brought them to there current situation in the US Market. I believe on the other hand that this design is rock solid, keeping that old iconic 9000 look will always be a plus for RIM. I could be wrong but I'm hoping I'm not.