Full Live BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Sep 2010 08:00 pm EDT

Following up with our DevCon Keynote Live Blog and BlackBerry PlayBook announcement teaser video, here is the full BlackBerry PlayBook announcement. This is the magic folks... the 15 minutes where RIM gets their mojo back. I AM EXCITED.

The BlackBerry PlayBook with new BlackBerry Tablet OS ushers in a whack load of new stuff to the world of BlackBerry. Awesome new hardware and an operating system that has legs for the future. Being christened as the first professional tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook looks like it has what it takes to be awesome for consumers as well and will offer an awesome gaming and video experience. Watch the full unveiling of the BlackBerry PlayBook by RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis above!!

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Full Live BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement Video!


We actually just launched a NEW Playbook for 2011 in our company

Business run on Plans, playbooks are implementation of those plans as well as how to apply those plans, it is good business

if i were making a presentation and excited about a new product that's new territory for me, I would make the error too :).

Give me a break...you focus on one slip of the tongue from Mike L. I can imagine the perfect job you do!!

Great day for RIM...only critics focus on the anal mistakes!

lol, yep, I heard it too.

But I will say this... "Playbook"... that's a pretty good name they came up with for this. For once, RIM impresses me on something and it's as simple as a name/terminology association for a new device.

There will be a few out there that won't "get it", but for most people, they should know what a playbook is. If you don't, you're an idiot. lol

a bit harsh but still funny :P not everyone knows it's a theatrical book or something people use in NFL or basketball.

It's a good name, I'm just relieved they weren't going the way of putting the pad in there.

NICE!!! Cool stuff RIM..... I`ll take it as an excuse for the crappy phones you`ve been releasing lately ;) but im seriously proud of the effort you put into this :)

I too am going to excuse the recent craptastic phone releases since they seem to have been focusing their energy and resources on this new device.

It's looking really good so far. Honestly can't wait to test this thing out. Hopefully it lives up to the video presentation.

I get your gist, but you are being to harsh. I got the torch and the more I use it the more I love it. Ya, no fancy screen blah blah blah. These are all things you take for granted after a week or two. Ya it would be nice to have it, but honestly do I care? No.

In sum I'd rate it as a great phone. I think too many people have been sucked in by nerd apple fan boy bloggers.

In a nutshell what's the difference between RIM and Apple. The best thing about the iPhone 4 is probably game playing apps. The best thing about Torch is universal search. Figure out who you are. I'm definitely the latter.

And if you are the former, well RIM's got a Playbook for you! :-)

Could this be a little more awkward. It's like a skit but gone bad...lol. I'm just looking at the PlayBook and trying to ignore the bad presentation. I cannot wait!

Everytime I think I am going to Android RIM pulls me back in. All that is needed now is the release date and price so I can get one.

I hadn't had this sensantion of awe for a long time.
Yes, it's marketing mojo! It made me feel RIM is hot, RIM is alive!

OK, I thought it was all still smoke and mirrors, because we still haven't seen a RIM smart-phone that would nix the competition, and yet we're being sold a new business tablet.

But I just got the meaning of "Blackberry amplified". The guys at RIM are going in totally the other direction. Instead of cramming all the goodies into a small factor device, they put great features onto a medium factor (?)hand held device and link the two, so the tablet amplifies the experience from the phone and compensates it's limitations with webkit browsing, dual HD camera, processing power and storage.
Pretty clever!

RIM: You complete me!

lol, it's more along the lines of using this new device to distract you from the fact that the current BBOS is still lacking big time. What would be amazing is if this new QNX OS could be ported down to the new "refresh" BB models and run without issues. Also, along with that, to bring about the use of the internal media memory for use as app storage memory like what's being anticipated of happening on the Playbook. Now that would impress me.

That probably won't happen, but QNX is definitely the future of RIM phone and the future looks bright :-)

congratulations to RIM and to the CB community for this amazing product, I love it already, just wana impress my impressions here though ( **** you Ipad ) Long live blackberry :)

lol @ the camera man who blocks your view at around the 9 min mark :P

I love the torch, I love OS 6 and I love tablet with the new QNX OS and the style. I think RIM are doing quite well to be honest.

Talk about putting 2 clumsy speakers in front of tones of people and announcing a FUN product and killing it.

Luckily this is a great product, because these guys suck the wind out of the SALE (yes sale),

Im being cautiously optimistic (particularly after Torch let down) but the playbook sounds really good so far. Did anyone else notice that during the 2nd half when QNX was being described, it was specifically said that QNX was going to be compatible with practically everything that is out- HTML5, Flash 10.1, Adobe Air, etc. Could this be a dig at Apple's refusal to deal with Flash?

I can see ads that point out all the things this can do that and iPad can't. Have a guy saying "Is that in your Playbook?" Yes Sir! The guy with the iPad looks slowly at the floor haha! ;-)

Let the Playbook come out. Show everyone the QNX OS. After the OS settles on the Playbook they will hopefully start putting it on BB's and the transformation of RIM and BB will be complete and awesome. Can't wait for the Playbook. Hopefully I can afford one.

So did anyone actually see a working PlayBook? I believe that the device that Mike is holding might actually be a mockup...

I just stashed half a grand cash away for this!! I will say that this Playbook has a d*** good chance of throwing RIM straight back on top.

lol...1GHz of RAM

So the playbook fits well in my book. We use plays to map out our everyday goals. And also I just wanted to say... I felt like i was there amongst all those people. What great energy i feel... This is the way to go and I will be picking up one this Holiday if not... January 2011

My next purchase! - I can't wait for this. I'm never leaving Blackberry. This is going to make my Bold experience even better. I can't wait. Full hardware video acceleration. Dual Core, Tethering, Dual HD cameras out of the box! Can you imagine Blackberry Messenger on a 7 inch screen. F the android evo- I'd rather have the actual Facebook website instead of an app- by far! all with Blackberry instant notifications - i WANTTTTTTTTTTTTT

I cannot say that I am going to jump on this as soon as it comes out, because just like the iPad, I can't really figure out what need in my life this would address. I'm not going to just get it solely because it's the latest "thing". It's a very interesting piece of technology, and seems like a fantastic step forward in mobile device/gizmo operating systems, and looks like it could be used for a lot of good things.

I'm curious though, from how he described the OS, it sounds like it is another derivative of Unix, especially as he was mentioning POSIX, which is also on unix based systems. If this is the case, then he's really not kidding about the security aspects, and the stability aspects of the OS. I really am not sure about the iPad or iPod or iPhone OS, as I know very little about them, but at least the current OSX is based on another version of a Unix Kernel, which should make it very stable and reliable. It's interesting that things are going in this direction. Isn't Android also based on some form of Linux or other open source OS? If this ends up doing well, I wonder if they will end up putting this OS onto future Blackberries? If so, imagine the potential? They are already just little PC's, that would just make them more powerful. Very interesting...

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...What's In Your Playbook? Like some has already stated,...RIM has hit a homerun with this latest release. The Playbook is an excellent companion to the BB smartphone no doubt. However, I will not be an early adopter though,...because the second release of any product is always the release you will really want,...as in, the BMW 325is a sweet car,...but it has no comparison to an ///M3!

So, c'mon RIM,..show us your Playbook and we'll show you ours.

I want that,...in 4G version!

...Have Bold - and Playbook - Will Travel~

This is just to huge for words. I'm confident with that dual coreinside i can handel about anything... its a computer a straight computer... i'm not sure what apple going to do about this... but all i know is i want a price.

This is just to huge for words. I'm confident with that dual coreinside i can handel about anything... its a computer a straight computer... i'm not sure what apple going to do about this... but all i know is i want a price.

Did He had a dummy playbook not the real thing?, he never touch the screen or use it, it was always on never went black or anything he just look at it a few times and to finish no playbook available to try or a hands on...i hope that there are no problems on manufactured or something like that but it looks a sketchy for me....